Saturday, January 30, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at reading for 31Jan2016: my Heart is represented by the 3 of Wands and drifting up and changing suits, the Feather of Truth settles on being incarnated today as the 9 of Cups. 5Today’s deck is *The Archeon Tarot* by Timothy Lantz. I have waxed poetic over this deck elsewhere, so I’ll skip it here. Suffice it to say, a GREAT reading deck.) I’m feeling good but unremarkable today, and as a consequence, I have received a draw of the same ilk – good but unremarkable. My Heart is feeling Virtuous, and the 3 is sitting in Binah in the Tree of Life, having arrived via Fire. In astrology he is the Sun in the 2nd decan of Aries (whoa! Fella!!) “The Threes are connected to Binah, Understanding. The untouched energies of the Two's have met the 3, the number of synthesis and harmony. They're no longer solitudes; they face up to their meanings and surroundings.” Here in the 3 “the powerful fire understands its responsibility.” (Raven [& a bit of me].) If I had one (and perhaps I do,) today has the perfect preconditions to begin a “Work” or a project, or to go ahead with a plan. (Should I dust off that old “World Domination” file??)
 This tendency can only be aided by the Feather of Truth today, the 9 of Cups. “Happiness” is reclining in Yesod in the Tree of Life, having arrived on the Water. In astrology it is Jupiter in the 2nd decan of Pisces. (A happy fish!) “With Yesod - reflection and imagination - inside of the perfect harmony of the Nine, the Nine of Cups has returned to the middle column of the Tree of Life, enlightened by the beauty of Tiphareth that resides above and just one step from Malkuth as its root and origin, the completion of the journey.” I believe that for myself today this may be seen as a sign that my happiness is indeed to be found in the pursuance of my “plans;” said “plans,” or course, are the further “mapped-out-as-best-as-possible” trans-existential and trans-emotional adventures along the road on my Journey on the Path, the Red Road. I can deeply grok that! I’m not a happy camper these days, and haven’t been for some years now, unless I am actively involved in planning out and/or participating in my own growth and evolution, and my study and use of the Tarot. I do not regret my life nor my career choices of the past, but I finally feel that I have found what I am supposed to be doing. That’s a good feeling, and it DOES lead to a profound & calm happiness within the heart. (This is the kind of reading that is easy to interpret and welcome to have, although if you give it to a client they are going to feel cheated and/or fobbed off with a throwaway bromide. Ha! They don’t want to appreciate that goodness is simplicity and is brief, for the most part; regardless of what they have paid, surely it will have bought some complexity and a long-winded story?? LOL.) Keeping that Happiness in Heart, I wish us ALL full enjoyment of the blessing of the Cosmos today!   

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 30Jan2016: my Heart is in the 7 of Cups and the Feather of Truth is blazing in the 8 of Wands. (Today’s deck is *The Mary-El Tarot* by Marie White. This is a GORGEOUS deck, and professionally manufactured, as well, by Schiffer. There is an accompanying book (NOT a LWB) called “The Mary-El Tarot: Landscapes of the Abyss” by same. I don’t know why I don’t use this deck more often – because it is ungainly?? (The cards are the size of the Thoth Giant deck, if that connects for you.) Whatever, the art is Superb! And her meditations on the Arcana in the accompanying book are anything but standard or dull – she has put together experience & deep thought with her art and the result is a tour de force. IF you don’t already have this deck, you really should consider getting it, it is simply beautifully usable and will rapidly become a favorite, perhaps even your deck of choice!) Today’s draw is certainly interesting, given the deck. My Heart, the 7 of Cups, is markedly different than the usual depiction, n’est-ce pas ? So, you’re going to have to banish the image of me in a flowered skirt & spangled headband, too much eyeliner and chewing and smacking and popping gum while I drawl out, “yeayah, watch out fer illusion, make good choices, eh, girlie?” and you momentarily suspect, totally beside the point, that I might even be running a string of girls out of the back of the shop. No, Ms. White gives us the Black Wolf, the Wild wolf, the unconscious aspect of our abilities and potentials. I suspect this card has personal significance for the author/artist, because wow! she DOES go ON about it . . . yet all highly insightful & relevant, just not your daily Cheerios, at all. I really like this, THIS, card for my Heart today, I’m feeling a bit like loving myself, especially the wilder, more remote reaches of me that usually prefer absolute solitude. In the ongoing evolution of integration, I am gathering all the me-s I can find in order to bring us to consensus and blending – you can’t be a “split” Magus, you’re inviting not only the depression and desolation of failure but the possible critical disaster of a deformed success. The Wolf’s bones are simple enough: he sits in Netzach in the Tree of Life, arriving by Water. In astrology he is Venus in the 3rd decan of Scorpio. “In its best aspects, the Seven of Cups is a warning to recognize the delusion, the disguises, to get rid of the intoxicating feelings and face up (to) the facts. Netzach is not only anarchy, but creativity - so the realization of the bad can lead to something good when used with care.” (Raven) Gracias, oh pájaro negro de la sabiduría ! So it seems that in contemplating an exposed illusion of mine I can both dispose of it AND draw out of it some useful information for the future. Well, that’s heartening, at least. IF I’m going to feed my illusions to the jaws of the Wolf, then I prefer that he eat with appetite and HASTE. Ha!
Covering the Wolf’s back today as the Feather of Truth is the 8 of Wands, aka Swiftness. About the only thing “swift” in Ms. White’s depiction are the phoenix tails whipping around in the dancing flames of the lion’s mane. I think the illustration is brilliant, btw. “Now, at the end you rest, sleep and your Metatron carries you home.” (Ms. White) The Victory is DONE, I (we) have conquered the “beast within,” and we now profit from the sleep of the Victorious in the arms of the Beasts (our Metatrons) who carry us under the canopy of Nuit, the night sky and Mother of All. This card in particular is about having the trust in yourself to unveil a Truth, either hidden or forgotten, and to bring it in to the light and meld it into the Whole. Wow, what a great echo to the 7, eh, George? (George? Dammit, George, wake up!)  First, discard the FEAR which HAD governed a relationship with the Unconscious in the past, then venture in and find the specific Truth, and then allow the “transformer” you have just created to carry you along as a new aide on the Journey. Brilliant tactic . . . if you can realize it. Naturally, being my Aries/Dragon self, I see no problem here, just a touch of embarrassment that apparently I’ve let even more illusions hang out somewhere forgotten in the memory palace, and I just cleaned the place! {{Sigh}}, a homebody’s work is never done . . . LOL. I find the depiction of the 8 of Wands particularly inspired, and perhaps that is just the card speaking to Me, but I would venture to say it appeals to a LOT of Fire sign people. Shit, look at it! It’s “the cool side” of Fire.  Well, I like the way this morning’s reading has shaped up & shipped out. The Wolf and the Lion – it sounds like the title to a multivolume historical romance or something of that ilk, but in truth it is a Powerful combination, an unlikely alliance of forces meant to “pull up some damn strength in you, boy!” Not only that, but drag those recalcitrant parasitic illusions which remain out of the castle and let them die in the full light of day. Torches! Pitchforks! Arm yourselves!! LOL . . . I’ll finish up with a quick look at the 8’s bones: he’s in Hod in the Tree of Life, arriving through Fire. In astrology, he’s Mercury in the 1st decan of Sagittarius. “With the Eight of Wands the element of Fire enters Hod, the realm of intellect and logic, ruled by Mercury - thus an area much to its delight . . .  (it) can stand for sudden realizations, quick brainwaves, it can tell that the solution for a problem is already there or soon to come. It also reminds us that the spirit needs freedom to fly for otherwise it won't work at its best.” (Raven) You know, one of these days I’m actually going to meet Raven, and he’ll probably say to me, “Hey, knock it off, man. It bugs.” Until then, however . . . .  Today’s message is simple and straightforward – “get back to your interior work, and don’t worry, you ARE completely equipped for the plumbing job you’ll be doing today.” Which is good; any man worth his salt will tell you he can only be as good as his tools. (Please, it’s too early to extend that analogy, leave it in peace. I know, I know, “it’s cocktail hour SOMEWHERE in the world!” Nevertheless . . . Thanks.) I am content to leave it there for now and simply wait for “more to be revealed.” I wish for us ALL a good day bathing in the currents of the Universe and enjoying the blessings of the Cosmos! Namaste.   

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 29Jan2016: as my Heart today stands XII the Hanged Man and as for the Feather of Truth it is blazing forth comfortably from the heart of XIX the Sun. (Today’s deck is *The Thoth Tarot* by A. Crowley & Lady F. Harris. An odd aberration of the Tarot from a foggy island in the far north, it has little to do with Tarot & is the work of a madman. But if you have an empty afternoon, amuse yourself. Do be aware, that as a rarity it may be hard to find, and it has an unsavory reputation.) (GRIN. This and the RWS, that’s the game in Tarot Town.) I’m looking at this and I’m thinking, “I can either make this a great big fuckin’ deal or I can make it just a daily read, which do I want?” I’m opting for somewhere in between, I think. I am truly surprised to see “Sacrifice” figuring so prominently in my heart today: that has stronger echoes of yesterday than anything I have planned for today. Let’s take a closer look: XII the Hanged Man - XII – He’s on the Path of Mem, 23 in the Tree of Life. Astrologically, he is Uranus as neutralization and inversion & Neptune as the spirit of sacrifice, the 12th house as a symbol for metamorphosis through isolation and knowledge. Moving from Geburah to Hob by way of Water, and his number, 12, is symbolic of the Zodiac. “The Hanged Man is a symbol for the turning points in life, showing up as a need to stop and assess a situation. We're hanging in the air until we find a new view of the things around us, a proper way to rearrange or restart. But the Hanged Man is a 'silent' card - there's no pressing need for change. No big change is waltzing towards us - we can peacefully keep on hanging and complaining. The Hanged Man just shows that we're just 'hanging', he requires a new viewpoint, and sometimes a lot of patience.” (Raven) Thank you, ‘oiseau de sagesse’ !  I’ve never had any particular problem with the idea of sacrifice, & by that I mean self-sacrifice, any more than I have of Death, which is as near to non-existent as it can be. They hold no fright factors for me. My only caveat is that I have to find it to be worth the sacrifice, not be told that it is worth the sacrifice. I’m Doubting Thomas’s grandfather, Shlieml ben-Doubt; If I can prove it to my own satisfaction, then I believe it. (Of course, we’re not talking about the general illusion of reality and the foolishness of choices amongst Nothing, which is a much higher realm of the same reality.) I’m not sure why my Heart shall be filled with the spirit of sacrifice today, but I’m okay with it, as far as I know: I find it much harder to receive than to give, like the majority of people. Graceful gratitude is a practiced virtue, and while I’m good at it and do mean it when I express it, it IS an art, and one learns an art of that genre. This is all about me giving of myself today, in whatever way I am asked to give, which I suspect will be largely emotional/psychic from a handful of friends. We are all “intercalated” at this point in someone’s arrival on the Path and it’s rather spectacularly clumsy opening. Bet we ARE hoping he made it, indeed; we knew the moment had arrived, and now he can move on, after he gathers his scrambled eggs brains back together and reinserts them in his skull.
 Staring straight at me as the Feather of Truth in today’s action is XIX the Sun, the Glory of Arrival, of Accomplishment, of Apotheosis. (Quick, put on some Lully and listen to Louis XIV peacock his way down la Gallérie des Glaces . . . :) His bones are quite simply crystalline clear: XIX - The Sun, is on the Path of Resh, 30 in the Tree of Life. The Sun in the 5th House stands for the joy of life, creativity and charisma. On the axis between Hod & Yesod, he is of course the Primary of Fire. (Not to be confused with the Ace of Wands, which is the Seed [or Root] of Fire.) His number 19 is the higher of the Wheel, but also of the Magus. If I’m to believe the cards, spending this day in the spirit of my drawn Heart card, self-sacrifice, can and WILL result in the realization of a great accomplishment and healing, and I believe I already know where it is heading. It is heading towards announcing to me that my work in the emotionally filthy basements & attics of my memory palace was work well-done and may now be considered accomplished, such as they ever are accomplished in that sense. I can feel this; I can feel this burgeoning in my soul, this small but rightful and well-earned satisfaction with a hard job well done, and the fruits of my labor at ready hand for consideration and consummation. Hurrah for me! (“Okay, party’s over, back to work!” “Yes sir, Mr. Scrooge. Did your cousin Mr. Grinch arrive for the holidays?”) I don’t do self-congratulations well; I have the singular taste of considering bathing in my own accomplishments a bit vulgar. “Do it, enjoy your smile & your moment, and move on, life is short and there are things to do, places to go and people to meet!” (In my more twisted moments, I change that to places to go, things to see and people to do, but not today.)I find Crowley’s Sun simply “éblouissant,” a French word meaning “blindingly brilliant with elegance, power and beauty,” sort of . . kind of . . but exactly. French is squirmy, hard to nail down; which is why it is perfect for international diplomacy and soft porn films (not that I have EVER seen any of the latter; my own sense of moral outrage would forbid it. Cough, cough. Hypocrisy is an acquired taste, like smoking and unreliable people. Harmful tastes.) I believe people often perceive the Sun in his most ferocious attire, the Desert Maker, and he really isn’t that tyrannical; when you look at the Universe, he’s small-fry, actually. One voice, one vote, amongst megabillions of others larger, more impressive, older, brighter, mare varied, more “vivid” and as expressions of divine Will of unutterable beauty, all of them. I believe they live, you know, certainly not in any way we can ever comprehend, but I feel they are citizens of their own society that has organized itself out their around their intelligences. My pipedreams, of course, but why not? My opium is just as good as NASA’s. So I welcome XIX? All of Him, ALL of his Solar Magnificence, to light my interior and bathe me in radiance and contentment of accomplishment. Please, Enter. I pray that we ALL benefit from the many blessings of the Cosmos today!   

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 28Jan2016 : today my Heart is in the 8 of Pentacles and the Feather of Truth is playing Hide & Seek with some friends in the 7 of Wands. (Today’s deck is the *Deviant Moon Tarot: Borderless Edition* by Patrick Valenza. It is a classic deck now, but at one time was considered too outré to be useful! I love the deck, but it rarely comes to hand thus I almost never use it. Last night, however, a visitor saw it and inquired about it, which brought it to mind. So, Patrick, here’s some breathing space. A wonderful deck, btw, [VERY easy intuitive flow,] everyone should try to grab a copy.) My Heart today is in the hands of relentless & perfectionist Industry! That’s okay by me; I have things to do today, at-home projects that require “industry.” (I have high hopes for one do-it-yourself, I’ll post it separately.) Also, the card is a strong reminder that I need to keep “honing my game,” making it sharper and sharper to deal with surrounding and uprising situations and currents. For example, one of those young men I spoke to you about the other day, one having difficulties on his Path, has ended up hospitalized and under observation, “bizarre & self-harmful behavior,” I imagine, as he was taken because of irrational, erratic behavior. A group of friends, myself included, had tried to reach out to him, to help him re-find his footing, but he had already jumped the rails. My fervent hope is that he can refind them after this hopefully brief hiatus from reasoning ability. Stay industrious, Mark, ply your trade (Tarot, the Path, the Journey), pay attention to your work; perfection is not attainable yet, but “right next to it” is. Don’t let your dedication to your self-illuminating work slide; there are demonstrable dangers in “backsliding,” to use an odious christian term. My poor friend had opened the floodgates and was submerged and then subsumed by the tsunami of strangeness that rolled over him; he’s a left-brain kind of guy, rational & reasoning, works in IT, etc., but when he decided to try the “other” reality he did too much, too soon, and overdosed. Let’s take a quick look at the bones of what it takes to work here: aka Prudence, he is in Hod in the Tree of Life, arriving from the Earth. In astrology he’s the Sun in the 1st decan of Virgo. “For the Eight of Disks, the entering of Hod means a new beginning. The Disks have learned the lesson that Saturn has taught in the disastrous Seven, that everything needs time and consideration. Now here within Hod, the area of logic, the Eight of Disks develop prudence and patience.” (Raven) Well said, bird.  The only down note here is that one (me!) must be careful to not let Prudence & Patience add the third P, Perfectionism, to the makeup; it makes for a miserable human being. Wanting to “turn out superior product” is good, even desirable, but Perfection is unattainable, and MUST be recognized as such, at least under the limitations with which we now work, i.e.; matter, materialization, physicality. We need the light of the Feather of Truth here, and luckily she’s nearby, playing in a field with the 7 of Wands. Firstly, a glance at her bones: aka Valor, she sits in Netzach in the Tree of Life, having arrived on a tongue of Fire. In astrology she is Mars in the 3rd decan of Leo. “The Seven of Wands is entering Netzach - the depths of creativity and anarchy standing under the number of destiny. And like for all the Seven's, the leaving of the beautiful Tiphareth comes like the fall from paradise. But Fire is a fighter, and though the element seems to be burning down, it will struggle to survive.” (Raven) So the Seven of Wands talks of a situation where I have to face up to forces stronger than myself, situations that at first sight seem hopeless, yet I will have to use all that I've learned to conquer. That sounds both mundane & extra-mundane. Summon my patience & fortitude to not fly apart when reading Japanese instructions on how to assemble my new Tarot table, as well as assembling my psychic know-how to help my friend(s) combat what is, for him, not a blessing but a nightmare. I feel partly responsible, as well, as he came to me for his 1st-ever reading, at one point I gifted him a pack of cards, and gave further readings after that, but I didn’t see this coming. To be fair to myself, there were no indications of outside elements, and he dragged in a few of which I knew nothing that are real doozies and completely blew what the cards had told him out of the water. That was natural; he had entirely changed the dynamic without preparation, warning or work. Nevertheless; part of me is a Healer, and he is my friend, and I feel the need to help him, if I can. So there is that. And if my Feather of Truth is gamboling with the 7 of Wands, all the better – she is victory after a trying ordeal, and that is what I most sincerely hope is the outcome for my friend. Keep this in mind, I pray all the harder that we may ALL profit from the blessings of the Cosmos today!    

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Scales of Ma’at for 27Jan2016: my Heart card for today is XVIII the Moon and the Feather of Truth is to be found in the XVII the Star. (Today’s deck is *The Hermetic Tarot* by Godfrey Dowson [& S. Kaplan.] This is one of my all-time-favorite! decks. I originally obtained it hoping it would teach me more about the symbology behind various aspects of the Tarot, and boy! has it. This deck is heavily stuffed with GD symbols & structure and yet overlaid with even more gnostic meanings and inferences. If you would like a deck, beginners & advanced alike, that will ALWAYS be teaching you to reach beyond the cards for the concepts, this is it! And please don’t be dismayed by the B & W artwork, if it was in color we wouldn’t see one-half of what is necessary to see!) Lest you think that I unwrapped this deck and just drew two stuck-together cards for today’s draw (Grin), let me assure you this deck has been well-used for years, so the cards fell like this. My Heart today is XVIII the Moon; (Romeo: “Lady, by yonder blessed moon I swear, That tips with silver all these fruit-tree tops-“ Juliet, “O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon, That monthly changes in her circled orb, Lest that thy love prove likewise variable.” Romeo and Juliet. Act II, s. 2.) I suppose it is only appropriate that it is a mystery to me why my Heart would be Lunar today, as it is a day of medical appointments, but there you have it. My mind is going to be far, far away with my heart, perhaps, or my heart, not needed in the corridors of Medicine today, will be set free to roam on its own and find random leftover pools of my emotions to discover, explore, and discard. Let’s look at her bones, at any rate: XVIII - The Moon, on the Path of Qoph, 29 in the Tree of Life. The Moon is in Scorpio (dark knowledge: soul-depths). On the Zodiac she is Pisces, and in the T of L runs from Netzach to Malkuth, riding on Water. “The Moon will lead us into the blackest depths of our soul, into the world of the subconscious, where there are no more words, just images and notions. It represents a journey into the darkest night, a look behind our own face.” (Raven) Bring it on, Raven, at least it sounds like an interesting way to pass the time in those interminable waiting rooms! On the other hand, please don’t drag me so far down into the pools of pity and sentimental-self-indulgence that I make a public spectacle of myself, crying at thin air! Ha! But I don’t think the Moon is going to do that today; as a matter of fact, I feel rather empowered by her, as she is being escorted be her only-slightly-younger sister, XVII the Star, in other words Hope, and Valhalla knows, we ALL like Hope!  The Truth is Hope, in a way; it is the Hope that “The Machinery” has a Reason, and that Reason operates for the “Ultimate Good.” It is what we ALL believe, (unless we are deeply ill &/or unbalanced.) It is what we all HOPE is true (substitute the word “know” for the foolhardy & the enlightened.) I know that today, my small hopes are on the continuation of a good recovery in my leg and that the doctors are going to reassure me of this today. My Larger hopes are entwined with worries as well, because I worry about my young friends and their struggles on their own Paths, and sometimes it breaks my heart as I make my choices to speak or stay silent. But there is ALWAYS Hope that they will find a Way through the Path that will lead them safely out the other side of the labyrinth they are currently traversing. Let’s take a glance at Hope’s bones (not to be indelicate!): XVII - The Star, on the Path of Heh, 28, in the Tree of Life. She is Jupiter in Aquarius, a symbol for long-sightedness and confidence. She is also Venus in Pisces standing for the desire for the inscrutable. Put THAT in your pipe & smoke it! She tiptoes from Chokmah to Tiphareth on Air. She is about “the sensitive understanding of cosmic coherence, the intuition that everything is in balance and harmony. It is related to the Adjustment (the cross sum of 17 is 8), but while the Adjustment keeps the balance deliberately, the Star keeps it with feeling.” (Raven) With feeling. FEELING! Justice with Feeling! Imagine that! (Don’t imagine the negative aspects of that, that won’t suit my feel-good vibe here at all! Grin.)  (One thing I have avoided here in this reading is giving a rundown of the symbology on the cards. You don’t want to read a Daily Draw that runs 22 pages, & I don’t want to write it!!) There’s a line in *The Devil Wears Prada* that I love, even though spoken in character by the ever-divine Meryl Streep as ice-queen Miranda Priestley, “I had hope. My God. I live on it.” I liked the line because it rings true, especially for me. I LIVE on Hope: Hope that my life has meaning, that I am loved, that I can become my “enlightened man,” that the vast, vast treasures of love & feeling & emotion that I harbor in this heart are meant for distribution, for the gods’ sake!, to a universe that needs them. I live on hope that we live, that we love, that we survive. I live on the hope that one day I shall reunite with the Divine and all shall once again be limitless ecstasy. I live on the Hope that Joy is real and that We mean something. I cry, I CRY for us most of the time, you know, but Hope refuses to die, Hope lives on. She rides for us into the very maw of Chaos itself, and promises, with a smile, to return with Victory. She breaks my Heart, this Feather of Truth; I love her. Shining like the beacon she is, for all of us each and every day we fight through the mists to see the mountain beyond. May ALL of us live in the many blessings of the Cosmos today!  

Monday, January 25, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 26Jan2016: my Heart is represented by the Knight of Discs and standing in for the Feather of Truth today is the 9 of Cups. (Today’s deck is the *Kazanlár Tarot* by Prof. Emil Kazanlár. The Professor is an acquaintance who lives in Budapest, exiled from Iran long, long ago. He is a master tarologue and deeply knowledgeable about many of the disciplines that are usually bundled together, such as Alchemy, Numerology, Gnosticism, the Kabbalah, the Tarot, Sufism, the Essene tradition, etc. He’s a knowledgeable guy. I met him by chance, he suggested we trade decks, and I ended up with two of his, the other being circular in form and a bit different in intent. He’s used a very Bohemian, Austro-Hungarian theme on his cards, a kind of “At the court of Maria-Theresa” look, and it works, it’s okay, if traditional. However, the cards are PACKED with symbology written on the sides & within, so it REALLY helps if you know the shorthand for the aforementioned disciplines. A WONDERFUL deck, if you can read it. Not designed for beginners but easily used nonetheless. Difficult to find, I imagine.) Wow, I’m just exhausted today, and it is only 06:45!! I have these bouts of fatigue as the anesthesia wears off after general surgery, (an unpleasant process that can take 2 to 5 months, I’m told), so for the moment I’m just really enjoying the shit out of the days when I feel something like my old energy level is back on track. Like yesterday; yesterday was great, felt great, had a lot of visitors who DIDN’T drive me to exhaustion, read several chapters in a new Tarot book that arrived, and participated in an intervention during the evening. Whew! BUT, the important point was that the day didn’t just crush me. My energy was sailing and in good form. Which brings me to today, the Knight of Discs. A quick look at his bones reveals: The Prince of the Chariot of the Earth, he abides in Tiphareth in the Tree of Life. Astrologically, he’s astride 21° Aries to 20° Taurus, and he is from the Air above the Earth of Assiah. Let’s just (mistakenly) nail him down quickly, shall we? Solidity, cleverness, & can be phlegmatic.  This is an alright guy, and it COULD be me today, IF I don’t ‘get out and push this muthahfukkin’ car up that hill and then the next and the next and then the next after that.’ What if I just took a day off from  . . . (dumdahdum-Tum!) the Work? And make a pre-emptive jump for the Feather of Truth today, the 9 of Cups, “Happiness”? Yeah, yeah, I could do that, yeah . . . whispers the little gangster in my head; and he’s right, I COULD do that, and do it even “with the blessings of the cards” because they CAN be read that way. But I would be a lying, cheating bastard if I did that, wouldn’t’ I. Bad snake! Bad snakeman!!! Why? Because I’m kicking over a really priceless quality of that knight if I do that – he has a direct connection to the Ayn Soph. The What??you ask. You should know this, & here’s a Wiki entry to refresh you: “Ein Sof, or Ayn Sof (/eɪn sɒf/, Hebrew: אין סוף), in Kabbalah, is understood as God prior to his self-manifestation in the production of any spiritual realm, probably derived from Ibn Gabirol's term, "the Endless One" (she-en lo tiklah). Ein Sof may be translated as "no end", "unending", "there is no end", or infinity. It was first used by Azriel ben Menahem, who, sharing the Neoplatonic belief that God can have no desire, thought, word, or action, emphasized by it the negation of any attribute. Of the Ein Sof, nothing ("Ein") can be grasped ("Sof"-limitation). It is the origin of the Ohr Ein Sof, the "Infinite Light" of paradoxical divine self-knowledge, nullified within the Ein Sof prior to creation. In Lurianic Kabbalah, the first act of creation, the Tzimtzum self "withdrawal" of God to create an "empty space", takes place from there. In Hasidism, the Tzimtzum is only illusionary concealment of the Ohr Ein Sof, giving rise to monistic pantheism. Consequently, Hasidism focuses on the Atzmus divine essence, rooted higher within the Godhead than the Ein Sof, which is limited to infinitude, and reflected in the essence (Etzem) of the Torah and the soul.” (Now, my question here would be, How are you “limited to infinitude”?? Huh, smart guy? But it is a Wikigimmick, and thus by nature idiotically mute when engaged.) The point of all this is that the Knight of Coins is Well-connected, don’t brush him aside, listen to him. Just as you would listen to the Truth if the Truth were telling you that the meaning to Life is to “Party! Be Happy! Get drunk, take drugs, it’s all fine!” This has a siren call for all human beings, from 9 to 99. We may party in different ways, but we each DO have a party style that makes us happy. The Knight here isn’t an errand boy, he IS the message. So brighten up and put on a better face for the day, Mark, it isn’t that lugubrious and you can spare a little of your legendary charm to make the day more appetizing. Happiness is where you find it, and its bone structure looks like this: 9 of Cups, in Yesod in the Tree of Life arriving by Water. Astrologically he’s Jupiter in the 2nd decan of Pisces. He’s all about reflection & imagination, and keeping beautiful harmony in Tiphareth. He’s everything you want your gay boyfriend to be, just not on fire in bed. Like all gay guys, he can be a bit vain, so watch out for that.  All in all, this is a GOOD draw for today, wouldn’t you say so? Two happy-ish figures doing their “thing,” and generally having a good time doing it. This speaks well to me; Mark, hike up “your face” a bit today and enjoy! No stress or crap slicks on the Road, no need to REALLY crank the energy up, but do just a bit, so that you can take maximum profit from the joys of today. Okay, will do. I wish you ALL the many happy and extraordinary blessings offered by the Cosmos today!    

Friday, January 22, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 23Jan2016: today my Heart is represented by the 7 of Pentacles and the Feather of Truth is to be found in XI Justice (ha! note the CORRECT numbering! LOL – my little cause célèbre). (Today’s deck is the *Tarot* by Alexander Daniloff, 2012. Beautiful, beautiful images, somewhat reminiscent of the Sola-Busca Tarot in the pips suits. IF you can find a deck, a real addition for collectors, and not too shabby with which to do readings, either! Thumbs up.)  Okay, let’s dive in and read; I have a terrible back ached this morning and although I’m waiting for the belladonna and morphia to kick in, I want to move on and get to work. My heart today is the 7 of Pentacles, and I always think of this as Patience, or Waiting for the Harvest. The Thoth deck calls it Failure, but I don’t agree – in every depiction of this Arcanum, the figure is shown WAITING, patiently or impatiently, before some sort of ripening something, be it plant or symbolic growth. The bones of this 7 are simple enough: it sits in Netzach in the Tree of Life, arriving via the Element Earth. Astrologically, it is Saturn in the 3rd decan of Taurus (thus Crowley’s insistence on Failure?? He sees it as “. . . falling into Netzach, the fields of anarchy and destiny, and losing the harmonious peace of Tiphareth. . .” a radical fall from paradise into the abysses of fate.) Well, one can see it that way if one insists; I could believe in that, too, IF it were applied in a “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” kind of way. But it isn’t, it is just thrown at you as Failure, “there! Eat THAT!” and I couldn’t disagree more strongly. Patience will usually win out over short-term frustration & hasty action in the long run, anyway, pal. (Don’t make me take a stick and apply it to your quivering buttocks, just agree with me.) “The hope within the card is the hand of Saturn, the father of time, who reminds us to wait for a chance instead of quickly jumping after any vague promise, to silently watch and reflect and get deeper insights into the coherences, until the time will come when a real chance shows up.” (Raven) Elegantly put, black bird of happy omen. This draw may have a lot to do with guests we had last night, two young men who came by to discuss personal growth, insights & stumbling blocks, and for one of whom, at least, I have read the cards several times – he really takes them to heart and what they say to him. Both were carrying on about the evils in the world and the difficulty of communicating honestly and “without parasites,” meaning the “infections” we host thanks to Society, such as “consumerism” and “social distraction.” While dwelling intensely on the problem, they weren’t dwelling AT ALL on answers, and I became a little short with them, and basically told them to knock it off, quit caring what others think, and do the right thing(s) regardless. I have little patience with shillyshallying and emotional “vapors.” I’ve got your salts for you right here, Aunt Betty! A good sniff of “Get Up Off Your Ass And Participate In The Truth.” Harrumph! Our patient farmer is meeting one of the goddesses today, casting a sidelong glance at her, XI Justice. I’m old, Old, OLD pals with Justice, she and I have hung out together in more seedy dives than I would care to mention. I like Justice; I like Karma (especially others’, not so much mine, unless it’s good – LOL, c’mon, let’s be honest, right?) The redressment of wrong and injustice is dear to my heart, even if I tend to give the impression that I’m fairly cold-hearted about it, meaning pitiless. “I’m not pitiless, Mona, fer chris’ sake!” But I DO have a finely honed sense of what is Unjust, and a burning need to correct it, which can get me in deep shit from time to time. However, today, I think Justice is addressing my Heart’s minor chaffing under the weight of patience, and she is telling him, “It is only just that you wait for results. The natural course of things is fertilization, growth & then manifestation. So cool your jets, the right thing will arrive at the right time for the right reason; you trying to rush or hasten it is only going to result in malformation.” She has clean bones, does the Lady Justice: on the Path of Lamed, 22, in the Tree of Life, she is Venus in Libra with a clear aspect to Saturn. Her Path is between Geburah and Tiphareth, on which she travels by means of Air. She combines the High Priestess and the Magician. Both are connected - true, conscious action results from realization & wisdom is based on action. The principle of activity completes itself with the passivity of inner reflection, the adjustment being the balance in between. The card tells one to be righteous in all aspects of life, to ignore, suppress or prefer none if need be. Only when we have an objective view of all and accept them, can we can find inner balance and silence. Justice stands for uncompromising honesty & the realization of cause and effect. Karma. (Raven would tell you at this point that it wasn't Crowley who reversed Trumps VIII and XI, Justice and Strength. Hmm, “on verra.”)  So, wait for the young men to “grow up,” in the specific, and in the general, Patience is generally the prerequisite of Justice, so, Mark my friend, remember to keep Patience in your Heart when regarding your “crops” because it is only with time, illusion though that might be, that Justice can, and WILL, prevail. Well! Yes, ma’am, I hear you, okay, I’ll back off a bit. And with that under my arm, I can proceed with the rest of my day. Let’s ALL hope that today brings us all of the blessings of the Cosmos!  

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to a “modified” Scales of Ma’at daily reading for 22Jan2016: representing my Heart is the card Confession, and the Feather of Truth is showing as Defiance. Okay, “. . .‘splain, Lucy!” Today I am using for the first time the *Symbolon* deck, by Peter Orban, Ingrid Zinnel & Thea Weller. What is a symbolon? Symbolon is the Greek word that Aristophanes used. Although the definition is questionable, his meaning at the time was two halves of a whole, neither one being complete until they are reunited. While it is a 78-card “Tarot,” it isn’t. It is called, by its authors, “a game of remembrance.” (It is also highly and deeply astrological in content and purpose.) What it is designed to do is to invoke things, i.e. secrets or things you don’t wish to face, that you have cached in your subconscious & unconscious, to bring them to the Light so that you can wrestle them down PUBLICLY (this is apparently important to their system), and come to a healing resolution.  Okay, this is sounding very Jungian psychotherapeutic psychobabble to me, not that I haven’t used it profitably before! but I’m not sure how this is going to work as a “Tarot-like device.” We shall see. So, since I couldn’t really ask for the theoretical abstracts of my Heart & the Feather of Truth, I asked from what meditation I would profit today and what healing work could be done today upon any damage I may still carry. So, 1) the damage I’m “hiding,” and 2) the Truth within it to set me free. I thought that that was as close as I could get this morning to melding the two systems together. I was STUNNED by the response. My 1st card is Confession. Astrologically, it is both Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Capricorn.  So, this is what I’ve hidden, is it? What I’ve skritched around in the dirt in an abandoned cemetery in order to bury it in the moldy ground, all the while the spittle dribbling from my lips? Well, not really, I’ve never REALLY hidden it, but it IS damnedly appropriate! Let’s see, let’s hazard a guess and assume this card represents my loss of faith in christianity due to being one of the countless victims of priestly, or “religious,” abuse during my early years. I never really buried this, actually, but I have NEVER advertised the fact either, nor sought to profit from it by suing either an individual or an organization. And frankly, as far as I’m concerned, this matter was settled a long time ago, to my satisfaction, in my head. And I DON’T think I’m carrying around some poisonous seed of resentment that needs to be aired out about it, I have reached equilibrium with that part of my life. Nevertheless, the card asks me to dredge it up and look at it yet again, and to reason out why it may still be a blockage for me or a hindrance to my progress on the Path. In order to keep faith with the process, I’ll do it, but I think it rather rudimentary and pointless; been there, done that. What could possibly be more interesting is the 2nd card, Defiance. Astrologically, this is Cancer & the Moon and Aries & Mars; natural pair-ups but really dynamite packed together, i.e. defiance with a capital D. Which was, I suppose to a certain extent, my reaction at the time to being handled and sodomized. Naturally, I was NOT an adult and couldn’t mount a successful defense, but I DO remember being very defiant about it; but ah! There’s a secret to that. Part of my “guilt” in that particularly vile setup was that I wondered if I had somehow “attracted it” or caused it myself. I was just becoming aware of the homosexual side of my nature, of equal & sometimes surpassing strength to my heterosexual side. Was feeling “maybe gay” and being curious about other guys directly responsible for my being violated? I didn’t know, I wasn’t sure . . . but by god, I was MAD and yes, defiant, and exerted myself to the point that I wrested some control back from the priest(s) involved and stopped their predations upon me. So that WAS my Truth at the time, and looking back, I can’t say I regret anything about the way that decision formed in my head and was implemented in order to stop a hateful situation from continuing. Looking at these two cards now, “in the light of day” (decades & light years later,) simply affirms my own Will, fledgling thought it was at the time. They recall a piece of shame which I carried, wrongly, for quite a few years and which changed forever my relationship with the divine. For that last bit, however, I can only be grateful, as my spiritual life has blossomed enormously over the years due to my need to jettison christianity and seek out true belief and divinity. I’ve ended up in a rather comfortable place, spiritual-beliefs-speaking, one that happens to dovetail quite elegantly & nicely with Tarot and my need to continue the Journey. So, there we have it – the Symbolon draw for today. My conclusion is that these will by Dynamite! “plumper” cards, as in when I draw an I-Ching card/hexagram to supplement a short draw, or cast a rune with the card reading. I let my Intuition guide it, and this Symbolon deck can fit the “supplement” role quite accurately and inspirationally, I think. I cannot see myself using the deck alone to draw a reading for anyone about anything – it has too much of a “let’s swim in the bad vibes of the past in order to learn” negative teaching ethic to it for me. The cards themselves are beautiful, it should be noted. LOL, “damned by faint praise,” eh? Well, let’s get on with it, shall we? I wish for ALL of us to enjoy the many and varied blessings of the Cosmos today!    

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 21Jan2016: as my Heart card today I’ve pulled VI the Lovers and batting for the Feather of Truth is VIII Strength. (The CORRECT numbering! Harrumph!) (Today’s deck is AGAIN the *Tarot of the Spirit* by those Eakins girls, Pamela & Joyce. I REALLY like these cards – I have NO opinion about the accompanying [too expensive] Kabbalah literature that goes with it [although I own it, I have yet to crack it open,] and the GBFLWB [Great Big Fat Little White Book] that is supplementary to the deck is basic Kabbalistic material, anyway.  I’m focused on the cards, which I find VERY evocative. How terribly symbolic of the Tarot world; throw €140 worth of books on a dusty shelf but passionately use a €15 deck of cards. Ha! Now if that isn’t faith in one’s Intuition, I don’t know what is! Well, “mebbe jes’ a lil’ bit o’ book lernin’, too.”) It’s an All-Majors morning, which is always a kind of odd thing for me. It is being given great big glorious-sounding themes as your subjects, but no fill-in, no backstory. I have come to really like the Court and the minors – they put meat on those great big airy bones of the Majors. (Thus, Majors-only decks don’t do it for me.) Don’t get me wrong – I can juggle my archetypes with the best of them, loving them at the same time, but they are a little difficult to persuade to get down and rock the dancefloor with me. Tea & scones, thank you. Ah well, nobody rocks a dancefloor like the Queen of Cups anyway. Back on track – VI the Lovers; yeah, my Heart is full of Choice today, so says the card. I’ve been getting a lot of this lately, and I’m a bit mystified – what choice? (I have already established to my own satisfaction that the card is not referencing any present or future interpersonal relationship.) I’ve already made the Big ones: if we are talking about my physical, corporeal life, then my choices are quite clear, if somewhat difficult to understand; any other aspects of my life, such as spiritual and/or mental, are ALWAYS full of choice, for the Underworld’s sake!! That’s also called growth, Mark. I feel as if I have made and am making a continual series of good choices to keep my spiritual and intellectual “lives” on track. SO-o-o, if this is about a “Mystery Choice” in my life, it must be JUST arriving or soon-to-come. “More shall be revealed.” Grin. Quick glance at the bones: VI - The Lovers – On the Path of Zain in the Tree of Life? They are Venus and Mars & on a higher level the Sun and Moon - as the combination of the contrasts. Of course in the Zodiac the card is Gemini, and back on the ToL travels from Binah to Tiphareth in its Element, the Air. “The Lovers are one of the most complex cards in the Major Arcana, standing for the love in common and the alchemy of the universe. The card also represents a decision, the farewell to a former way of life and the full acceptance of love uncompromising.” (Raven) Ahh, the wisdom of the black bird. He’s right, of course, but it applies on an even bigger scale, as well, universal. And today my choosing (or choosy?) Heart runs smack up against the rather formidable VIII, Strength. As long as we are looking at bones: The Daughter of the Flaming Sword, of the sign Leo, and associated to Capricorn. “The strength card is one of self-control, willpower, strength of character and maintaining nerves of steel in any difficult situations. It is a card that represents mastery of an awkward situation and the overcoming of any negative thoughts, instincts or obstacles. In order to move forward you will need a huge amount of drive and determination and as long as you can accept this, then you will be able to succeed . . . Try to think of the strength card in terms of fire.” ( That is as good a little summation of a powerful card as any, and much better than most. I like the Strength card, always have, because I can grok it, I can feel it true deep inside of me. I’m BIG on Inner Strength, and as either cause or result I have a good deal of it, to be honest. And naturally it isn’t about the exterior show of strength – about which I don’t worry, as I have a rather “gentle giant” appearance anyway. But the Feather of Truth today is perhaps telling me that Strength will be needed to make the Mystery Choice, a prospect which fills me not with curiosity exactly, it sounds a bit ominous, but with something more like a wary foresight. I’m not big on waiting for the other shoe to drop, it just makes me irritable and then choleric, which I don’t like. I’m a “give me the bad news first, Sergeant!” kind of guy. Let me know it, deal with it, and get it out of the way so that I may enjoy life in untainted splendor. Another good simile is the anticipation of punishment, which can be far worse than the actual punishment itself. Whatever the case or rhyme or reason, my amity for the card is undimmed – I know I can count on “her” as I have met her in her residence within me. So today I have a serving of Mystery and Affirmation of Strength on my plate – and I’m a choosy bastard, so I hope they are to my taste. I can always MAKE them to my taste, but that rather misses the point, doesn’t it? Learn today, Mark, don’t flex around and strut, you don’t have the energy today, dude. Whatever is in the Pipe for me today, I can always positively hope that I will handle it with as much grace, finesse and bonhomie as I am capable of summoning. May the Cosmos bless us ALL today!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 20Jan2016 : for my Heart card I have drawn the 1 of Earth (Ace of Pentacles) and representing the Feather of Truth today is the 7 of Water (Cups). (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of the Spirit* by Joyce & Pamela Eakins. Slick, professionally done, playing card size, & now the important part, wonderful art. I LIKE these cards. I don’t know if I’m going to like the IMMENSE reference book that applies to the deck, nor the wildly expensive 3-volume work on the Kabbalah & Tarot by Ms. Pamela that ties in, but I DO like the cards. I’ll probably like the books, too, even while not applying them particularly to this deck. “Yeah, it’s tough, gals, but it’s just the way I ride.” The LWB is cute & like its entire genre. The BIG book is the one to have, if you’re the type who HAS to have the book that goes with the deck. [With me, it just depends.] But by all means, the cards, being self-sufficient, may be used, & ENJOYED, alone.) Today is the first day of the rest of y. . . oh, wait, not that bromide, hold on . . . I’m starting more physical rehab today, to “improve the product.” Amongst other things, this also symbolizes my return to the walking, talking, outside world, from which I have been on vacation since my return home. Abso-fucking-lutely perfect for the occasion, for my Heart today I draw “Get busy & manifest!” the Ace of Pentacles, or in this deck, the One of Earth (a bit pretentious, a crippled name like that, non? Let’s be sure & just have a hissy fit about it! LOL.) Do you ever feel a bit imposed upon, as if someone has just laid a Duty on your shoulders without your permission, when you draw an Ace? They are always like, “Boy, you’ve got some REALLY BIG SHOES to fill here, sonny!!” It isn’t that I’m not capable, I’m perfectly capable, but let’s get a few things straight, buster – I’m nobody’s “sonny,” and it is up to ME what I do with the gift of an Ace of Pentacles, so fuck off. Of course part of that misdirected “You Should” is the gods-forsaken “critical voice” that is never entirely killed in your head, no matter how much you try (unless you go insane to forget it, then it has cost you too much.) You know, if you are anything like me, there’s only one thing to say to that parasite: Fuck Off. And thusly, I shall liberate myself to use that damn Ace any way I choose. Thank you very much! It's pretty basic: Ace of Disks, the Root of the Powers of Earth, sitting in Kether in the Tree of Life, arriving by way of, of course, Earth. In astrology it is ALL the earth signs. “The Ace of Disks represents the entity of the element Earth, the beginning of Assiah, the material world of making. It stands for the pureness of the element, and also for its seed, the first little sprout that later becomes a tree. So the Ace of Disks can stand for the beginning of a material subject, this can be a physical project or a material value, which could mean the urge to material creation or the chance for material gain. But, the Disks not only represent plain materials, but the entire world of Assiah, the actual, physical earth of daily life, and the actual, physical body of the human being . . . And in this context, the Ace of Disks tells us that something will be created, something will begin.” (Raven) And today it can begin by regarding from where the Feather of Truth is vibrating its message today, the 7 of Water (Cups). Ms. Eakins is “right on” with her interpretation of the 7, Insight. It still has a certain soupçon of “lost in the choices of illusion,” but I haven’t really seen this card that way since my 3rd wife got the last of my innocence in the divorce settlement. (LOL.) For Ms. Eakins, this 7 is all about “The empty space of the soul must be filled.” (LWB) We could get a MUCH bigger descriptor out of her from her book, but let’s not. I think if we “meld” all of our ideas about the card together, we arrive at something approximating the Feather of Truth. “What’s that, Grandpa?” “Pay attention, you little turd, . . .” The addictions & habits have never been about the booze and the drugs, the “illusions,” or the failed relationships, or the shitty subterfuges pulled on oneself; it has always been and will always be about the endless, soul-born need for Love. We will do ANYTHING to try and fill that hole, and I do mean ANYTHING, from worshipping a mad tyrant to shoving forgetfulness up our arms with a needle, to self-lobotomizing in a million & one different ways. “ ‘Cause I need the love, man!” Worst jonesing you’ll ever do, trust me. So, that’s where my Truth is shining today, through the mists generated by the shit of illusion, kind of like a giant neon “Jesus Saves” sign atop a giant pile of trash. Grin. (“Oh Poppa, I don’t wanna die on this mountain!” overheard at the Binding of Isaac . . . .) Me either. So, remembering that after all, I’m a fairly good guy, and I don’t need to judge myself, I can dive in and enjoy my Insight as the gift of Love that it is. After all, it isn’t the diamond that is flawed; it is our inability to perceive all of it at once, all the facets of it, which causes distortion and Need. I think I’m gonna let that go, n’est-ce pas ? It is an ongoing process, of course, you never “let it go” and dusting your hands, you’re done. Uh huh, it doesn’t work like that; but one can remain true to one’s “vow” to root it out every time it is spotted. IT has sexy but basic bones: 7 of Water/Cups sits in Netzach in the Tree of Life. In astrology “she” is Venus in the 3rd decan of Scorpio. “The Waters of Delusion, the Clouds of Intoxication,” yeah, been there, done that. No, thanks.  So the Feather today poses NO problems – good, “I didn’t wanna have to get all Vin Diesel on its ass” . . .LOLOL. Here’s hoping we ALL have a day full of the blessings of the Cosmos!   

Good morning and Welcome! To my 2-card daily Scales of Ma’at reading for 19Jan2016: XIX the Sun is my Heart card this morning and representing the Feather of Truth I drew the 10 of Discs. (Today’s deck is *The Deva Tarot Deck* by Herta Drnec & Roberta Lanphere. It’s an odd fellow, fished from the deepest & darkest waters of Tarot Poland via the Internet. The cards are large & ungainly, the art is simplistic, and the cardstock has a definite “Behold the glories of Soviet Cooperative Effort In Turning Out 3rd-World Quality Goods!” – feeling to it. It comes in a large colorful box that reminds one of nothing so much as a muffin carry-all or something of that ilk. And yet . . . and YET . . .  there is a kind of primitive charm to it, like a ramshackle cottage lost in the forest somewhere. It is hard to explain, but I like the deck – kind-of-sort-of-maybe.) Well, this is an unexpectedly sunny and mostly positive read, something I must admit I wasn’t “expecting” this morning. I spent “une nuit blanche” (“a white night” = no sleep) last night, primarily because I was up late with a guest who, when he did depart, simply left me keyed up and ready to continue the, or any, conversation. Ha! So I’m a bit gritty ‘round the edges this morning, although I’m not grumpy, down in the dumps or depressed – just “subdued.”  But No-o-o-! say the cards. Today you are going to feel Solar! Superior & Sunlit! Burning through the Bullshit to Shine Your Truth Upon the Cosmos! Well, okay, if you say so. Mind you, it IS the middle of January, its cold outside & gray, I have no REAL reason to go out into the “gloaming, gathering, grim-dark gloominess” and thus no real need to “go Solar” today, but mayhaps it is a reminder to be solar for myself, as well. I need the light to thrive, too, and I mustn’t forget my own care & feeding in my delight in hosting others at my table. “Yeah, pally, that’s it, yeah, that’s it, pally!” I don’t know if that IS it, but it will do for now until a better explanation replaces it this morning, or a better rationalization . . . Ha!  As for construction, well, it is simplistically solar:  XIX the Sun, on the Path of Resh, 30, in the Tree of Life? Astrologically, the Sun is in House 5 standing for the joy of life, creativity and persuasive power. The axis he walks is between Hod and Yesod, and of Course! His Element is Fire. “The Sun is the symbol of life and light, for the power that always is generously given without reducing itself.” (Raven) This, of course, is untrue. The sun is using its nuclear fuel and in a mere 4 billion years will be “out of gas”, and in 7.5 billion years the Earth will be subsumed into the swollen-to-the-size-of-the-earth’s-orbit sun. But hey, I doubt we’ll be reading decks of Tarot at that point; better we have evolved into non-corporeal beings that freely travel the cosmos and are gathered in deep space to simply view with an abstract curiosity the destruction of our antique, ancestral home planet. Hey!! a guy can dream, can’t he? The Feather of Truth today seems to be squirming a bit uncomfortably in that basket of runes on the 10 of Discs. It’s worth remembering that the meaning of this card is NOT Happiness, but Wealth. Coinage. Filthy lucre. Now, I’m not going to go off the deep end here; it is true that I have a complicated relationship with money, and because of that I distrust, dislike and actively badmouth our society’s deification of money. And yet, I not suffer from a lack of it. I told you, it’s complicated, and has to do with decisions made generations before I was born. I doubt that I will ever be rich, unless I win a Lottery, but I know that I will never NOT have some money. (Barring the fall of the world economy, which would be dazzling enough!) And lately the 10 of Pentacles/disks/Coins has been showing up more than mere chance would dictate, and it is always addressing that ‘the fruit is overripe” side of the 10. The fruit has rotted in the bowl, there was such an overabundance of it. Look at the 10, just look at her! (“Step right up, ladies & gentlemen, step right up! Come one, come all, and see the 10 of Discs! She walks! She talks! She cra-a-a-wls on her belly like a reptile!”) Okay, okay, I exaggerate, but not much! Lots of below-stairs talk recently about the down side to the 10, the overripeness, the rottenness, the gurgling, bubbling infection of “too much.”  (Every time I hear that concept, I think of a 1958 Hollywood bio-drama about the Barrymore family, “Too Much, Too Soon.” It’s gloriously hokey, in splendiferous black & white.) Back to the card: Ten of Disks, “Wealth” – sits in Malkuth in the Tree of Life? Arriving via Earth (Element.) In astrology it is Mercury in the 3rd decan of Virgo. Other than that, I just had the bone analysis “up on the board” so I’m not going to repeat it here; suffice to say that the “deal” with the 10 is that “the party is over.” All that is left is the (ugh!) cleanup. On top of which one needs to restart the cycle in a fresh and virginal Ace, brimming with possibility and freshly-minted creativity. That’s cool, but one has to get there first. So, the hammerstroke-repeated lesson for me in the 10 is, ‘If you have any illusions left about the false promise of a surfeit of wealth, get rid of them. It’s time to potty-train and move on, if you haven’t already done so.” I have done so, long ago, but apparently, the Cosmos feels as if I need the reminder. Okay, Boss, I hear you. And thus, properly reminded of the cost of illusions, and with an admonition to be as solar as possible today, I exit my den to face the day. Well, inshallah, I guess. I wish to ALL of us the blessings of the Cosmos today!  

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my 2-card daily reading, the Scales of Ma’at, which for today, 18Jan2016, are: the 6 of Cups representing my art and representing the Feather of Truth I have drawn the Queen of Scepters/Wands. (The deck is, of course, the *Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka.) I’ve got make this quick, I have a medical apt in 55 minutes. First, their bones: 9 of Cups, Pleasure; sits in Tiphareth in the Tree of Life, having arrived by Water. In astrology he is the Sun in the 2nd decan of Scorpio (LOTS! of THAT energy.) “The 6 of Cups has overcome the crisis of the 5, it has learned and accepted its lesson. Tiphareth is the center, standing for beauty and harmony, the realization of consciousness. The 6 as the number of completion solves the imbalance of the 5, it combines the contrasts and reconciles the opposites. The 6 is open to all directions. So the Six of Cups will tell of deep emotions that have passed the depths of pain and fear and therefore will enjoy the pleasures of harmony and devotion more than ever before.” And the Queen of Scepters/Wands: Queen of the Thrones of Flame; she is in Binah in the Tree of Life. In astrology she is astride 21° Pisces to 20° Aries. She is, of course, Water, and here swimming in the Fires of Atziluth. “As a queen, she is the mother of her element, the emotion and the sensitivity . . . The fiery character provides pride, passion, inspiration and powerful independence, her charisma, strength and expansiveness. Missing the stability of earth and the logic of air, tolerance and self-control never were her best disciplines.” (Raven) Thanks, Raven, I’m not sure what these two have to do with each today at all! I guess I’ll just have to live it & find out. Gotta run – and for the record, I HATE it when my writing sessions are interfered with in any fashion. Harrumph! Well, I’ll take the “plans failed, hubris maybe” context of the 6 and see how it applies to my day, although I have no idea for the moment. As for the Queen, I am always leery of any appearance by Athena, she is remote, cold, and ultimately less interested in humanity than in proper Ma’at, for which I can only praise her. But you won’t ever hear me calling her friend. Austere housekeeping and regulation of her kingdom is where she’s at, and I’ve seen it in many women – it’s that click when they go into task mode and leave their humanity neatly folded away in their jewelry boxes. Some officious female scattering assorted shit in my path today during the medical folderol? My own private Nurse Ratchet? LOL, no, I doubt anything that Grand Guignol-esque, but there‘ll be someone in the pipes with a cork up her butt, I’m sure. Well, got to RUN, literally. So, spreading them behind me like so many Mardi Gras bead necklaces, I shout out, “May the Cosmos bless us all today!”    

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my daily 2-card the Scales of Ma’at reading, & for 17Jan2016 it is: the 10 of Coins as my Heart card and representing the Feather of Truth is XVIII the Moon. (Today’s deck is *The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot* by Maggie Stiefvater. Different! It is really very intuitive, walking right into your subconscious and playing with your toys. I like this deck, a LOT, but I would be careful using it publicly (some people aren’t ready for this kind of reading) and I wouldn’t use it for practical questions. This is a “Look Inside” deck. If you are looking for something REALLY different to jar you out of a Tarot routine, get this. It will do the trick, I guarantee it! Today’s deck appearance is dedicated to Dzamila Jon & John Coombs, that Matched Pair of Mischiefmakers.) Have you ever felt like an overblown, past-its-date pear, getting soft and mushy & brown in the bowl? That’s the image I see behind this plethora of roses, the 10 of Coins. I happen to love pears (& peaches & cherries!) but few gustatory experiences are more “yucky” than biting into a rotten fruit. Perhaps that is what it feels like to have a Great Fortune at your disposal, I wouldn’t know, but it IS what this card predicts is the outcome of material happiness. And where my Heart is dwelling today, for some curious reason known only to the card. I don’t feel particularly overindulged in any physical way, or “happy-familied” unto regurgitation. I’m content today, that’s true; we have enough money in the bank to not be in a state of anxiety, my leg is healing nicely, my wife and I are sailing smoothly through our domestic waters, our cats are happy; no real complaints here. Perhaps that is the problem, the self-satisfaction of having enough but not too much; however, if that is true, then fuck it, I’m happy feeling materially OK. “Yeah, yeah, I know, watch my hubris; don’t take things for granted, but how about this? How about if you get off of my fucking back for a while & let me enjoy my Journey when it calls for it? YOU are that critical Voice that lives in the head; you’re just disguising yourself now in sly whisperings into my Tarot interpretations.” I truly despise that Voice, that hangover from the “You Should” days of mimicking the tropes we were taught growing up in a conformist & consumerist society. Let’s look at her disgusting bones, this overblown tart: 10 of Coins, “Wealth,” sitting in Malkuth in the Tree of Life. In astrology it is Mercury in the 3rd decan of Virgo. “With the Ten of Coinsˢ the element of Earth has reached Malkuth, the final place of active manifestation - Assiah meets Assiah - and the Coins are in their very own homeworld . . . the Ten of Coins is the very last of the numbered cards, representing the completion of work, the full circle of Earth.” (Raven)  That makes the 10 the “been there, done that” card, doesn’t it? Which IS true of my life, generally. Barring the most heinous crimes, I have “committed” a very adventuresome & experientially full life. So, to wrap it up, I’ll keep the hubris in mind, but I’m enjoying my gains, so get used to it, card. Ha! “Fuck you, Mark – you don’t get to take that tone with us, here! Have an XVIII, the Moon! Let’s see how you do traipsing down the dimlit trails of your psyche while you’ve got a snootful of yourself going on. Be careful, Mark, you always trip yourself up, no one else does it for you. You LOVE visiting the Moon; take what it tells you with a grain of salt but in a cup of beauty; don’t be tricked, Mark.” Thus the cards answer my attitude with a bit of their own, throwing me to the Moon. Which is fine by me. I LIKE the Moon, always have, have done some of my best work by the light of the Moon. Okay, a zippy look at his (today I’m going with Montu, Egyptian lunar god) cheesy bones: He’s on the Path of Qoph, 29 in the Tree of Life? The Moon is in Scorpio, as the dark knowledge of the depths of soul. On the Zodiac he’s in Pisces and on the T of L he’s in that connection from Netzach to Malkuth, arriving through Water (naturally!) His number 18 being the cross sum of 9 signifies the return of the animal. “The Moon will lead us into the blackest depths of our soul, into the world of the subconscious, where there are no more words, just images and notions. It represents a journey into the darkest night, a look behind our own face. The Moon isn't the most comfortable trump - though everybody likes to equate it with the mysteries, rarely someone really enjoys the look into their own abyss, where sometimes the unvarnished truth is not too pleasant. Embarrassingly enough, the Moon tends to show up what we generally ignore, refuse to see, or even deny all the time. But the step has to be taken, for without facing up to darkness, we will never see the light. “(Raven) One of my favorite quotes from Raven, PERFECTLY summing XVIII up in a clamshell. And as I said, I like the Moon, I enjoy being in that headspace where I can voyage at Will through greyer & darker areas in my mind & being without shackles, without (too much) fear, with the ever-present thirst for knowledge still present in my throat. I WANT to know, to learn, to incorporate and move on. If I took this reading and gave it as a “joke” on the street to a passing drunk, I’d say, “You’re going to have a comfortable day with your head in LaLaLand and darkening feelings in your soul . . ., oh! and have a nice day!” Grin. (You can’t see it, but I’m smiling evilly.) “At any rate, there we have for today, the seventeenth of january, two thousand and sixteen. Good night and god speed.” Thank you, Mr. Cronkite. He is correct, however; it’s okay, this draw, it isn’t anything to write home about, but they usually aren’t, are they. The most exciting things for me today were the ritual (MY ritual) of the draw and then actually sitting down and writing my head down for you folks. Which is really all I can ask, even on a good day. Wishing us ALL the blessings of the Cosmos!   

Friday, January 15, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my daily 2-card The Scales of Ma’at reading for 16Jan2016: my Heart is represented by the Queen of Cups (!!) and the Feather of Truth is in IV the Emperor. (Today’s deck is the *Egyptian Tarot* by Silvana Alasia. It’s a Lo Scarabeo classic, and quite lovely. All of their professionalism is present. It isn’t a particularly symbol-packed, deeply mystical guide book to the secrets of the Occult; it is simply a lovely Tarot. Sometimes that’s all you need.)  I feel pretty good today. The draw seems especially appropriate; I’m not jumping for joy but neither am I gnashing my teeth, wailing my lungs out and ripping my clothing to shreds in a fury of despair. It’s like the sweet but unthinking smile you give a child when he interrupts your thoughts with a simple question. “What, dear? Yes, put your hand in the alligator’s mouth. Now go along & play, dear, Mommy’s got some thinking to do.” My Heart as represented by the Queen of Cups seems especially generous, as at this very moment I am not feeling like Venus Incarnate but I will say I’m feeling “pleasant.” However, her presence is confirmed; she was delivered to me today as the Card of the Day by one of my phone apps, so that means she had her social secretary call ahead and confirm the meeting. So organized, like most Queens. (Sssh!) I like the Queen of Cups, I do; when she shows up, either in me or in another, I am AWAYS pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming but non-threatening femininity of her; it is always new to me. (My mother, who was a very beautiful, very feminine woman, had the mind of a man, however, and almost all of her character traits were very “male.” All of which made her a stone-cold-killer in a bitch fight. LOL, I’ve never seen a woman take down another [verbally] as fast as she could. Ha!)  My experience(s) with women have almost always been with the “High Maintenance” variety – my wife is a marked exception, the lady is as smooth as French vanilla cream. (Perhaps that is why I asked her to marry me?) Regardless of “other” women, I have enough on my make-up table as it is, embodying even just a few reflections of the great gifts with which this Queen always calms my heart. Let’s take a quick look at her bones (as we are wont to do): Queen of Cups, the Queen of the Thrones of Water, sitting in Binah in the Tree of Life. In astrology she bestrides from 21° Gemini to 20° Cancer, and of course is Water in the waters of Briah. “The Queen of Cups represents Water in water; she is the purest manifestation of the soul of the Waters. Thus she represents pure emotion, passion, and feeling, never influenced by judgement or purpose. She is loving and affectionate, a warm-hearted mother and a tender friend, looking into the depths of the heart. On the darker side, the Queen of Cups lacks the stability of the Earth, the will of Air and Fire. Water in water is all passivity and has no powers of its own, but makes a perfect transformer of any other power coming along.” (Raven) I use Raven a lot, I know, but that is because I like the dude’s lingo, you know? He nails it with just a few references, and they serve to help ME to decipher the card’s application in MY life. (As always, a word to the wise: you have to know the vocabulary & the system before you can understand the shorthand; Alchemy, the Kabbalah, the Thoth system, etc.) The point being that my Heart is in a terribly feminine space today; well, that isn’t new, as weepy & emotional & “feminine” as I was being during the latter part of 2015 during the deconstruction and reconstruction of my Inner Self. I am MUCH more comfortable with hosting the Feminine these days. My only concern for her is that she & the Emperor are back to back, not face to face. That bodes of discord, or difference of points of view, perhaps. We shall see. As for the Feather of Truth today, I have been served an old buddy, IV the Emperor. He is so 4-square, our buddy the Emperor, isn’t he (pun intended)? Upon a recommendation, I recently picked up a book called “The Initiatic Path In The Arcana of Tarot And Kabbalah” by Samael Aun Weor (aka Victor Manuel Gomez Rodriguez.) It is fascinating, arcane stuff. On the 4th Arcanum, he speaks a lot about the School of the Fourth Way; informing the three brains (motor, emotion; intellect) maintains a balance, the “4th element,” to what otherwise, when feeding only the intellect, is unhealthy, neurotic & packed with negative crystallizations from the psyche. Science exists even where it does not. The balance of Tetragrammaton is essential to the formation of the Master Work and the emanations from the Logos. It is all very “up there” in terms of “theoretical theological discussion,” but if you run it through your Captain Marvel Secret Decoder Ring (sold at better Tarophernalia shops everywhere!) it all makes perfect sense, in a space-case kind of way. I understand it, which is the point here. The Feather of Truth for me today is to” be upright & four-square, Mark, you got it?” I WANT, I WILL, to make the Great Work, to turn my leaden dross into the finest spun philosopher’s gold, the Enlightened Man. And like any great work, or Great House (the literal translation of the word “pharaoh”), if it is to last it MUST be built on solid, durable, “right” foundations, correct ones. That is what the Emperor is about, and it is what he is reminding me is truthful in my life today, be 4-Square, Mark, it’s Important. Quickly, his bones: he’s on the Path of Tzaddi, 15, in the Tree of Life. He’s the Sun in Capricorn, standing for responsibility, order, security, continuity. His sign is Aries, and he’s between Netzach & Yesod. He arrived by Fire. None of which is particularly surprising, is it. I like the Emperor, I wanted someone like him for a lover when I was younger, and now wish I embodied him more. But I do, to my best, I think; I’m wildly “caractériel” as the French say, but I do TRY to be as 4-square as I can be as often as I can, and I think that is a majority of the time, if I’m not lying to myself (which I’m not - - I think.) At any rate, it is a good, solid draw today, no surprises nor excitement, so perhaps a calm day with the missus at home. That’s cool, I can grok that. I wish ALL of us the blessings of the Cosmos today!