Thursday, January 7, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my 2-card daily The Scales of Ma’at reading for 08Jan16: as my Heart card I have drawn II La Grande Prêtresse and as the Feather of Truth I have I Le Magicien. (Today’s deck is “Le Tarot des Anciens Egyptiens” par Clive Barrett. The French invented “Egyptomania,” as I’m sure you are aware, when Napoleon took his Expedition and Champollion to Egypt in 1798 – 1801. “Egyptomania” now cycles through the culture wheel every couple of decades or so, thus revivifying yet once again all of the glories and the Eternal Now of Egypt. This is ALL exactly what the Egyptians wanted – that their names live forever – so we are still participating in one of the oldest religious traditions in the world. In many ways, christianity is merely a bad mimeograph of Kemetism [the body of Ancient Egyptian theological thought & schools.] On with the deck – it is a rigorous deck, not playful, but static & presentatory, as in Egyptian art. Don’t expect scenes of Life to burst forth behind your eyeballs when you see these cards – they call to ideals embodied in Tarot and symbolized in an Egyptian presentation. I like the deck, but it is so damn serious I always feel like I should be wearing my leopard-skin with my bald pate shining with sweat in the hot, dark temple room where by the light of the flickering torch I am consulting the cards for a supplicant. At any rate, I’m using it today for Peter Stuart. It’s a good Egyptian deck for collectors, but seriously static so beware if it isn’t that for which you look.) Wow. I’m thunderstruck; it is a HIGHLY unusual draw. I have to pause and take a rhetorical breath; I must admit my very 1st reaction to this draw was “You don’t understand, you’re not grokking this at all.” And then I thought, am I mocking myself for my own perceptions? I can apply this, AND with some intuitive comprehension, to myself and my day, of course I can. I just have to be r-e-a-l business-like and marshal my knowledge for a sober and no-looting-the-city foray into the Temple to see what my Heart can only reveal to me there, and to carry that out of the temple into the World and inform it with my skill and Will as a magician. That IS what I think these cards are telling me, in summation brief and to the point. However, before I jump off the cliff with that interpretation and thus add 0 the Fool to the mixture, let’s take a look at the elegant bones of both parties, shall we? II –La Grande Prêtresse, The High Priestess: She is on the Path of Gimel, 13 in the Tree of Life. She is the Moon in Scorpio in the 12th House, the moon as a symbol for the lunar consciousness, Scorpio standing for the powers of the unconscious. House 12 stands for the mysteries. She is the connection between Kether and Tiphareth, and of course her Element is Water. So, what does that mean for my Heart? Am I going all mysterious today for some reason? I doubt it, although I DO know that I’m guarding several “sets of cards close to my vest” today, involving personal matters that I want to keep interiorized and unmaterialized as yet. “The High Priestess is silence, passivity, containing a power of her own. Only when retiring from the world, can we allow our subconscious to rise, listen to our inner voice and recognize our spiritual power. Most people never rest like this, as our society supports the total suppression of the subconscious, but without it we will never understand ourselves. The High Priestess is inner wisdom at its deepest, a wisdom that cannot be expressed in rational terms. Trying so, we would already falsify and restrict it.” (Raven) Thank you, Raven, pithy & otherworldly as always. I can only assume my Heart is processing at the moment many, many things, and is in the sanctuary of the Goddess in order to have a quiet place & some quiet time to come to hir own synthesis. Nevertheless, her destiny is tied up with the Feather of Truth, and that is our Fearless Leader, I Le Magicien. A quick look at his screamingly obvious bones will suffice, I think: He is on the Path of Beth, 12 in the Tree of Life. He is the Sun/Mercury in Aries (Bélier); the sun for power and charisma, Mercury for agility and dexterity; however, he is represented by only the planet Mercury. He runs from Kether to Binah, in his Element, Air, and he remains THE symbol for Unity. “The Magician represents consciousness, action and creation. He's the symbol for the idea of manifestation - the possibility of making an idea come true. He gives meaning and direction to life, and he reminds us that the emotional and creative powers of our souls must have a physical basis to be of real use. Powers unused are powers non-existent, we have to set them free in order to use them, and to gain and renew themselves and ourselves in union.” Raven again. I certainly like what he says, sometimes, . sometimes . . .  and I cite him here with this because it IS dull and uninventive, something people forget. People throw SO MANY of their own shawls and personae and masks on him that he is rarely allowed to appear in someone’s life just AS HE IS, Le Magicien. It is important to remember that this isn’t simply you in a good mood with whom you are dealing; it is MUCH more than that, (and can we please keep the dirty panties IN the hamper?) Le Magicien has his own agenda, and definitely NOT on it is any third class meddling in my own life or those of others, but rather the conscious and harmonized Thought of Will generated and focused to light me and my Path, which always returns here. Well, I guess I’m keeping company with the Great today, whether I wish it or not. It IS fine, actually; just “deeper” than I had thought today was going to be. I don’t worry, however, as I travel willingly where the Lord and/or Lady ask me to follow (lol; usually, and more so of late. I’m more tolerant of myself, I hope.) May the Cosmos bless us all! 

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