Saturday, January 9, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my 2-card daily The Scales of Ma’at reading, & today, 10Jan2016 they are: XVIII The Moon as my Heart card and the 4 of Wands as the hiding place of the Feather of Truth today. (Today’s deck is *The Tarot of Saqqara* by Donald G. Beamon. It has a fascinating history. Mr. Beamon, an artist, took a trip to Egypt in the early 1980s and experienced enlightenment, at least of an artistic sort. He returned home (U.S.A.) and proceed to create 82 large, intricate “Ancient Egyptian”-style paintings, [which are STUNNING!] from which 82 Tarot cards were reproduced. The 4-card deviation is due to the addition of extra cards for the Aspirant’s Initiation into the Mystery School. Then he &/or his friends founded a small group called “nlitnmedia” and even have a Thoth Saqqara Tarot page on Facebook, moribund though it is [perhaps even simply dead.] Mr. Beamon’s obituary was published on the page in 2014 and the page has not been posted to since then, it seems. That aside, these cards are absolutely EXQUISITE, and follow standard Tarot design & designation fairly consistently, with the freedoms of artistic vision, of course. His take on “Egyptomania” is superb; it is obvious he had fallen DEEPLY under the spell of the magic of Egypt. Since his “transition,” both the card system he devised and the group he founded have apparently fallen into desuetude, but the deck is still here, and still BEAUTIFUL. Again, please remember that this is static, Egyptian art, so there won’t be any sloppy Italian contrapposto in these cards, not by the stones of Seth! On to the reading, which is right in line with how I’m feeling; my Heart is on retreat, it really needs time to rest, to process, to heal and let the old wounds out into the light at last. My Heart has had a rough ride of it the last couple of months, hell, the last 3 years, and now with so many breakthroughs happening simultaneously, I believe it just overloaded on “joy juice” and shorted out a bit; it felt almost hysterical. So I sent it to a recovery facility in Gstaad, Switzerland, where it is enjoying the mountain air & stressless surroundings. It has gone to the Moon, so to speak, just as the card says. The Moon is on the Path of Qoph, 29 in the Tree of Life. She is in Scorpio (the dark knowledge of the depths of soul); In the Zodiac she is Pisces, her element is of course Water, the connection is from Netzach to Malkuth. “The Moon will lead us into the blackest depths of our soul, into the world of the subconscious, where there are no more words, just images and notions. It represents a journey into the darkest night, a look behind our own face. The Moon isn't the most comfortable trump - though everybody likes to equate it with the mysteries, rarely someone really enjoys the look into their own abyss, where sometimes the unvarnished truth is not too pleasant. Embarrassingly enough, the Moon tends to show up what we generally ignore, refuse to see, or even deny all the time. But the step has to be taken, for without facing up to darkness, we will never see the light.” (Raven)  It is one of the BEST descriptions of the Moon card that I have ever discovered. And I’m perfectly comfortable, even grateful, that my heart is off taking some R&R. She couldn’t have picked a better establishment to help her find her high ground. (Hmmm, I’ve just feminized my Heart. Why?) But while she’s off moonbathing in the violet rays of the 7th Chamber or laying dew-sprinkled under the net of the starweave with her lover the Moon in her arms . . . (well, sure, why not, as in Egyptian religion, the moon god was Montu, son of Amon-Ra and Mut, although of course this is only the polished final story of a millennia-long war amongst the gods about who was who & with what titularies.) So, that leaves me to look for the Feather of Truth if the 4 of Wands “by myself,” so to speak. I can’t help but wonder if my intuition is on vacation with my Heart, but “gotta shake it off” and move on.  Four of Wands is also known, Thothwise, as Completion. He parks it in Chesed in the Tree of Life, arriving with Fire. In astrology, he’s Venus in the 3rd decan of Aries. “The Four of Wands represents Chesed - the power of condensation, growth and stability, standing in the structural discipline of the 4 - the work is done, the plan was successful, the Fire has settled and reigns over its realms. Fire is the element that stands for Atziluth, the world closest to divinity, and though the card might talk of every possible endeavor - a job, a relationship, an intellectual research, it is most likely aiming at something more spiritual. Perfection, rest after labor, completion after effort and trouble, structure, control. And who am I to say that I shouldN’T accept that this chapter of the journal has come to its equilibrium point, for the moment, and there are no more battles I need to fight on THIS field in the foreseeable future. I CAN live with that, quite easily. I loved all of that ‘sturm und drang’ when I was young & full of energy & more wicked than the devil ever thought of being; but I’m grown up now, (sort of), and frankly just don’t have the energy to devote to the battlefield, I understand now why old men plot wars & young men die for them. It’s all a question of Energy. So, really, the Feather of Truth today, at least for me, is “take a breather, Pal, while you can. There’s still a lot of road ahead . . .”    

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