Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! To my 2-card daily Scales of Ma’at reading for 19Jan2016: XIX the Sun is my Heart card this morning and representing the Feather of Truth I drew the 10 of Discs. (Today’s deck is *The Deva Tarot Deck* by Herta Drnec & Roberta Lanphere. It’s an odd fellow, fished from the deepest & darkest waters of Tarot Poland via the Internet. The cards are large & ungainly, the art is simplistic, and the cardstock has a definite “Behold the glories of Soviet Cooperative Effort In Turning Out 3rd-World Quality Goods!” – feeling to it. It comes in a large colorful box that reminds one of nothing so much as a muffin carry-all or something of that ilk. And yet . . . and YET . . .  there is a kind of primitive charm to it, like a ramshackle cottage lost in the forest somewhere. It is hard to explain, but I like the deck – kind-of-sort-of-maybe.) Well, this is an unexpectedly sunny and mostly positive read, something I must admit I wasn’t “expecting” this morning. I spent “une nuit blanche” (“a white night” = no sleep) last night, primarily because I was up late with a guest who, when he did depart, simply left me keyed up and ready to continue the, or any, conversation. Ha! So I’m a bit gritty ‘round the edges this morning, although I’m not grumpy, down in the dumps or depressed – just “subdued.”  But No-o-o-! say the cards. Today you are going to feel Solar! Superior & Sunlit! Burning through the Bullshit to Shine Your Truth Upon the Cosmos! Well, okay, if you say so. Mind you, it IS the middle of January, its cold outside & gray, I have no REAL reason to go out into the “gloaming, gathering, grim-dark gloominess” and thus no real need to “go Solar” today, but mayhaps it is a reminder to be solar for myself, as well. I need the light to thrive, too, and I mustn’t forget my own care & feeding in my delight in hosting others at my table. “Yeah, pally, that’s it, yeah, that’s it, pally!” I don’t know if that IS it, but it will do for now until a better explanation replaces it this morning, or a better rationalization . . . Ha!  As for construction, well, it is simplistically solar:  XIX the Sun, on the Path of Resh, 30, in the Tree of Life? Astrologically, the Sun is in House 5 standing for the joy of life, creativity and persuasive power. The axis he walks is between Hod and Yesod, and of Course! His Element is Fire. “The Sun is the symbol of life and light, for the power that always is generously given without reducing itself.” (Raven) This, of course, is untrue. The sun is using its nuclear fuel and in a mere 4 billion years will be “out of gas”, and in 7.5 billion years the Earth will be subsumed into the swollen-to-the-size-of-the-earth’s-orbit sun. But hey, I doubt we’ll be reading decks of Tarot at that point; better we have evolved into non-corporeal beings that freely travel the cosmos and are gathered in deep space to simply view with an abstract curiosity the destruction of our antique, ancestral home planet. Hey!! a guy can dream, can’t he? The Feather of Truth today seems to be squirming a bit uncomfortably in that basket of runes on the 10 of Discs. It’s worth remembering that the meaning of this card is NOT Happiness, but Wealth. Coinage. Filthy lucre. Now, I’m not going to go off the deep end here; it is true that I have a complicated relationship with money, and because of that I distrust, dislike and actively badmouth our society’s deification of money. And yet, I not suffer from a lack of it. I told you, it’s complicated, and has to do with decisions made generations before I was born. I doubt that I will ever be rich, unless I win a Lottery, but I know that I will never NOT have some money. (Barring the fall of the world economy, which would be dazzling enough!) And lately the 10 of Pentacles/disks/Coins has been showing up more than mere chance would dictate, and it is always addressing that ‘the fruit is overripe” side of the 10. The fruit has rotted in the bowl, there was such an overabundance of it. Look at the 10, just look at her! (“Step right up, ladies & gentlemen, step right up! Come one, come all, and see the 10 of Discs! She walks! She talks! She cra-a-a-wls on her belly like a reptile!”) Okay, okay, I exaggerate, but not much! Lots of below-stairs talk recently about the down side to the 10, the overripeness, the rottenness, the gurgling, bubbling infection of “too much.”  (Every time I hear that concept, I think of a 1958 Hollywood bio-drama about the Barrymore family, “Too Much, Too Soon.” It’s gloriously hokey, in splendiferous black & white.) Back to the card: Ten of Disks, “Wealth” – sits in Malkuth in the Tree of Life? Arriving via Earth (Element.) In astrology it is Mercury in the 3rd decan of Virgo. Other than that, I just had the bone analysis “up on the board” so I’m not going to repeat it here; suffice to say that the “deal” with the 10 is that “the party is over.” All that is left is the (ugh!) cleanup. On top of which one needs to restart the cycle in a fresh and virginal Ace, brimming with possibility and freshly-minted creativity. That’s cool, but one has to get there first. So, the hammerstroke-repeated lesson for me in the 10 is, ‘If you have any illusions left about the false promise of a surfeit of wealth, get rid of them. It’s time to potty-train and move on, if you haven’t already done so.” I have done so, long ago, but apparently, the Cosmos feels as if I need the reminder. Okay, Boss, I hear you. And thus, properly reminded of the cost of illusions, and with an admonition to be as solar as possible today, I exit my den to face the day. Well, inshallah, I guess. I wish to ALL of us the blessings of the Cosmos today!  

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