Friday, January 1, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my daily 2-card The Scales of Ma’at reading for 02/01/16: My Heart card is the Queen of Wands and the Feather of Truth is today represented by IX the Hermit. (Today’s deck is *Fairy Lights Tarot” by Lucia Mattioli. It’s a decent deck, classic RWS. The art is GOOD once you scan it & blow it up, otherwise it looks faded. Pleasant, nothing to write home about.)That’s quite an uncontroversial draw, wouldn’t you say? I do say. I’m going to take a look at a few hard facts here, first: (Queen of the thrones of flame,) she sits in Binah in the Tree of Life. In astrology she is late Pisces to early Aries. Her Element is Water but she rules the Fire of Atziluth. “Personifying the waters in the element of Fire, the Queen of Wands has a similar ‘basic’ as the Knight of Cups, combining opposing elements when neither of the contrasts can overcome the other, thus having an unstable balance between them. As a queen, she is the mother of her element, the emotion and the sensitivity, thus having her attributes of love, understanding and sympathy, her abilities to form and create, spending trust and warmth. The fiery character provides pride, passion, inspiration and powerful independence, her charisma, strength and expansiveness. Due to the imbalance in her character, the Queen of Wands can easily shift to her dark side, becoming a hot-tempered, revengeful fury, überdominant and possessive, taking the tiniest bit as a reason to bear a grudge for years. She never forgets and never forgives, and as easily her fiery temper makes her forget own mistakes, so deeply her watery depths can cause her to ponder long and broad about the mistakes of others.”  (Raven) I must admit to being shocked; I never KNEW that Raven had met my mother!! Lol. My mother was that kind of woman “to a T,” and I get a lot of it as well from her, especially her eternally skeptical eye always slightly turned askance because treachery is everywhere! Absurd & paranoiac, but there you have it, that’s where her life experiences led her and what she chose as important for her children to know. Odd choice, if you ask me. She may be about motion and transformation, but I shall take it with a runcible spoon of salt, I believe. This Queen isn’t looking particularly friendly today; she’s obviously no emissary from either the Goddess or my Anima. I can think of one thing she COULD be, though, quite easily; my sheltering of certain of her aspects, the bitchier ones, in my own persona, and the need to take another “heart” look at them and see what purpose they serve, if any (which I doubt.) I am hoping that such a reflection doesn’t result in banishment from my own kingdom, cursed to wander the stony, lonely paths of the mountains or the green fields of summer looking for wisdom wherever I may find it! LOL, I doubt it, I’d want to pack my Vuitton first. However, Hermie and I have a great relationship, we really understand each other. He’s one of those friends that don’t interrupt a natural silence with sudden chatter, who decides to refresh hir tea & do so for you as well, wordlessly. The one to whom you turn at dinner and say to hir, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with the body” and they have no other reaction than to calmly wait for you to continue. At the end of which, they nod and continue eating. I’ve tried on Hermie’s clothes more than a few times myself: a ski instructor living fuck-all miles from civilization; a Benedictine postulant; and other ‘apprentissages’ less savory to recount & hear and Absolutely! forbidden to those under 40. (”Oh, alright, one last question from the back! Speak up, young lady!” “Is it true that you were once a gigolo, Mr. President?” “Yes, young lady, that is true. Let’s move on.”) Now THERE is a fucking lonely profession, Love for Hire; but we ALL seek Wisdom in a myriad variety of ways. The short message here in these cards, for me, today, is “take a look at your inner Bitch, Mark, and see what can be turned off. And not a lot of socializing today, you’ve been wanting some time to process lately that you haven’t had. I can live with that as calm, daily, Daily Almanac-like good sense on how to roll today.    


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