Thursday, January 14, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my daily 2-card Scales of Ma’at reading; for today, the 15Jan2016, I have drawn VI the Lovers as my Heart card and the Feather of Truth is represented by the King of Swords. (Today’s deck is *The Druid Craft Tarot* by Will Worthington & Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm. Quite a lovely deck; giant, oversized cards, acceptable artwork, not too many theme substitutions, perfectly lovely, especially for those with the hands of a mountain troll.) While the draw doesn’t surprise me, it does make me wonder a bit. I perfectly understand Mr. Upright-Have-Your-Plan-Together King of Swords, I’m in that role half of the time anyway (we won’t grade my performance upholding its virtues, right? RIGHT??) , so as my Feather of Truth I understand something of what is being asked of me, at this time & in this place. VI the Lovers, however, as my Heart card, is a bit odd. I’ve made my choice . . . haven’t I? Yes, of course I have, (don’t be silly, Mark!)  This card is almost never about corporeal love, or “Oh God, Fiona, will I find a man or not?” it is about choices; the necessity to make them, and to make the RIGHT ones. So, who do you want (or want to be), Lilith or Eve? Materializing the world is a holy duty, but it isn’t where I’m called, and I’ve known that practically all my life. I am far, far from the man I used to be and I am most glad of the distance; THAT is all because I have already made my choice; I chose Wisdom, I chose Lilith. Let’s look at their bones: VI the Lovers, Venus and Mars & on a higher level the Sun and Moon. The combination of the contrasts. The card is Gemini in the Zodiac, and sits on the Path in the Tree of Life from Binah to Tiphareth, carried there by Air. 6 is the number of mutual penetration. (How’s that for an odd factoid?)  “The Lovers are one of the most complex cards in the Major Arcana, standing for the love in common and the alchemy of the universe. The trump represents the power of life, the creative love, which can be quite impressive, but also destructive when one happens to disregard the fire of instinct, burning down rationalism. The card also represents a decision, the farewell to a former way of life and the full acceptance of love uncompromising. It doesn't necessarily mean that the 'love' is a person that you tie your knots to with fancy tungsten wedding bands - it can be a passion, a desire, or even a profession, like going to sea or working with horses. Many people who lead an adapted, settled life actually have deep desires and hidden wishes, that they don't dare show, which they constantly fight back, suppressing their own happiness.” (Raven) Ah, good old Raven, love his “let’s cut to the take” approach to what the heart of a trump is, and here it is MY Heart. I’m not going to spend too much mental time on this card, “been there, done that,” but I will remember to reinforce my choice during the day. Being exhorted to see the Feather of Truth in the King of Swords is almost second nature to me as it is; I hardly need to be reminded of it. But then again, perhaps I do. I take that side of Me for granted, a lot, because I live there, a LOT. I share my time between this King & the King of Wands, probably imperfectly fulfilling the job of either the one or the other. Ha! But I try, Osiris knows, I try. We’ve seen His Majesty’s bones before, more than a few times, but when you’re a surgeon it never hurts to take a refresher Autopsy 101 class or two. The King of Swords, the Lord of the Winds and Breezes, sits in Chokmah in the Tree of Life. In astrology he’s astride 21° Taurus to 20° Gemini, breathing the Air of Yetzirah. “The King of Swords represents the Fire in the Air; he is the storm of the mind flaming up high. He is sharp-minded, analytical, clever, dexterous and courageous, always ready for and fond of argumentations and verbal wars. His passion for intellectual mind-games can make him an excellent warrior in logical excursions, enjoying both picky subtleties and bizarre contradictions. At his best, the King of Swords stands for intelligent judgement and mental realizations, he is a skillful trickster and a keen observer. [However,] lacking the depths of the water and the stability of earth, his mind-games could turn into cloud-cuckoo-lands without inner reflections; he [becomes] unable to decide simply [by] getting lost in too many theoretical variations.” (Raven) Theoretical variations are my bugaboo; give me a handful of those and a joint and I can amuse myself all afternoon. But as I said, I DO try to be a good King of either Wands or Swords, and I try to live up to the best of the qualities in both role models. I feel so full of failings at times, yet I am buoyed by the fact that I am equally full of some successes, some hopes and an amour-propre that is well-founded on a healthy base and a DEEP reserve of Will, a gift I have had since birth (and before?) I am NOT afraid to be me, and I am NOT afraid to see ALL of the facets of the King of Swords in what I am being exhorted to embody as the Truth today. I made a good start; I decided on a schedule of appointments & rendezvous that will lead me back to a point of physical self-acceptance, and I “set up” the planning in my head BEFORE I drew the cards this a.m., so I started the day in the right frame of mind, making “K of S decisions” about our time employment (as of course this involves the time of my wife, as well.) It’s a small start towards conquering the Universe, I know, but I am confident that I shall get there; I shall arrive (with a great big boost from the Divine!) I wish all of us the blessings of the Cosmos today!    

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