Thursday, January 7, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my daily 2-card The Scales of Ma’at reading for 07jan16: the King of Pentacles represents my Heart today, and as the Feather of Truth I have drawn the King of Swords. Harrumph! (Today’s deck is the *Navigator’s Tarot of the Mystic Sea* by Julia Turk. I’ve mentioned this deck before; Golden-Dawn based, it is the deck that chose me, not the other way around, and it speaks to me in a LOUD, CLEAR voice. I don’t know why, but it does. I LOVE this deck. It might even be my “you’re on a desert island with only one deck – which one is it?”) I get it, I do, and I can even put my elegant digit EXACTLY on the point where the King of Pentacles was crowned in my Heart. I was recently blessed by the Lord of Light & Darkness & the Goddess with a sizable windfall from a relative who has been dead 30 years! You can talk about Gifts from the Void, but this one was spectacular. It has put ME back in control of my finances instead of being always at the mercy of my budget. (Not that I don’t budget anyway, but the straps are CONSIDERABLY loosened.) Even though I may not be out there spending my euros at Cartier right now (& that still hasn’t been ruled out! Grin.) I am feeling VERY “kingly” about my Material situation. My leg is coming along, slow but sure, my home life is tranquil & happy, my “special” needs are met for the next 6 months, and now to top it off I have been gifted with some financial wherewithal. Thanks You to the Divine! So there we have my Heart today, the King of Pentacles; but look above his head, and you see that he is summed up in one word, Motivation. Let’s look at his bones, too:  He is the Lord of the Wild and Fertile Land, sitting in Chokmah in the Tree of Life. In astrology he is astride from 21° Leo to 20° Virgo. He is the Earth of Assiah. The King of Pentacles “represents the Fire in the element of Earth, and with Earth suppressing Fire, the materialism is the dominant aspect in this card, showing the King as a complex person of amazing strength, representing Earth in its function as provider of life. He is industrious and patient, steady and reliable, clever in material matters. He is the one working without asking much, concentrating on his tasks without getting distracted by mind-games or high flying ideas. With more Earth than Fire and lacking the qualities of Air, the King of Disks is more dedicated to making but to thinking, his success results from instinct and pragmatism rather than from intellect or knowledge.” (Raven) However, while my Heart is riding high with the Pentacle King, the Feather of Truth is exhorting me to hike it up a level, don’t forget I’m recapping here, “This is a repetition from previously in your life, Mark, push on through;” I have to say that I DO see the necessity to hike that level, because it is true that I am re-living a material state and experience from before, and although it is still of GREAT USE now, I NEED to transform the Energy in the Pentacle King into the energy of the Sword King, Purification. Let’s look at his bones: the Lord of the Winds and Breezes, he sits in Chokmah in the Tree of Life. In astrology he is astride from 21° Taurus to 20° Gemini. His Element and world are Air and Yetzirah.  The King of Swords “represents the Fire in the Air, he is the storm of the mind flaming up high. He is sharp-minded, analytical, clever, dexterous and courageous, always ready for and fond of argumentations and verbal wars. His passion for intellectual mind-games can make him an excellent warrior in logical excursions, enjoying both picky subtleties and bizarre contradictions. At his best, the Knight of Swords stands for intelligent judgement and mental realizations, he is a skillful trickster and a keen observer.” (Raven) I can grok this, I can understand it, but it is a bit like being reminded to be sure and use training wheels; been here, done that, but obviously I NEED the brief primer reminder that this needs to be done to this energy to encourage it to get it’s butt on up the Tree and join my Quest for the Ain-Soph. I need ALL my troops. I’m not trying or planning to storm the Gates of Heaven, but when I DO arrive, I’ll be wearing ALL of my bling. So to speak. So in essence what I’m being told here today is “your mind’s on your money but your heart needs to reach for the Truth on Fire in the Air: Purify and Transform, Mark, Purify and Transform!” I shall keep it mind, it is a certainty. May the Cosmos bless us all today!    

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