Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 28Jan2016 : today my Heart is in the 8 of Pentacles and the Feather of Truth is playing Hide & Seek with some friends in the 7 of Wands. (Today’s deck is the *Deviant Moon Tarot: Borderless Edition* by Patrick Valenza. It is a classic deck now, but at one time was considered too outré to be useful! I love the deck, but it rarely comes to hand thus I almost never use it. Last night, however, a visitor saw it and inquired about it, which brought it to mind. So, Patrick, here’s some breathing space. A wonderful deck, btw, [VERY easy intuitive flow,] everyone should try to grab a copy.) My Heart today is in the hands of relentless & perfectionist Industry! That’s okay by me; I have things to do today, at-home projects that require “industry.” (I have high hopes for one do-it-yourself, I’ll post it separately.) Also, the card is a strong reminder that I need to keep “honing my game,” making it sharper and sharper to deal with surrounding and uprising situations and currents. For example, one of those young men I spoke to you about the other day, one having difficulties on his Path, has ended up hospitalized and under observation, “bizarre & self-harmful behavior,” I imagine, as he was taken because of irrational, erratic behavior. A group of friends, myself included, had tried to reach out to him, to help him re-find his footing, but he had already jumped the rails. My fervent hope is that he can refind them after this hopefully brief hiatus from reasoning ability. Stay industrious, Mark, ply your trade (Tarot, the Path, the Journey), pay attention to your work; perfection is not attainable yet, but “right next to it” is. Don’t let your dedication to your self-illuminating work slide; there are demonstrable dangers in “backsliding,” to use an odious christian term. My poor friend had opened the floodgates and was submerged and then subsumed by the tsunami of strangeness that rolled over him; he’s a left-brain kind of guy, rational & reasoning, works in IT, etc., but when he decided to try the “other” reality he did too much, too soon, and overdosed. Let’s take a quick look at the bones of what it takes to work here: aka Prudence, he is in Hod in the Tree of Life, arriving from the Earth. In astrology he’s the Sun in the 1st decan of Virgo. “For the Eight of Disks, the entering of Hod means a new beginning. The Disks have learned the lesson that Saturn has taught in the disastrous Seven, that everything needs time and consideration. Now here within Hod, the area of logic, the Eight of Disks develop prudence and patience.” (Raven) Well said, bird.  The only down note here is that one (me!) must be careful to not let Prudence & Patience add the third P, Perfectionism, to the makeup; it makes for a miserable human being. Wanting to “turn out superior product” is good, even desirable, but Perfection is unattainable, and MUST be recognized as such, at least under the limitations with which we now work, i.e.; matter, materialization, physicality. We need the light of the Feather of Truth here, and luckily she’s nearby, playing in a field with the 7 of Wands. Firstly, a glance at her bones: aka Valor, she sits in Netzach in the Tree of Life, having arrived on a tongue of Fire. In astrology she is Mars in the 3rd decan of Leo. “The Seven of Wands is entering Netzach - the depths of creativity and anarchy standing under the number of destiny. And like for all the Seven's, the leaving of the beautiful Tiphareth comes like the fall from paradise. But Fire is a fighter, and though the element seems to be burning down, it will struggle to survive.” (Raven) So the Seven of Wands talks of a situation where I have to face up to forces stronger than myself, situations that at first sight seem hopeless, yet I will have to use all that I've learned to conquer. That sounds both mundane & extra-mundane. Summon my patience & fortitude to not fly apart when reading Japanese instructions on how to assemble my new Tarot table, as well as assembling my psychic know-how to help my friend(s) combat what is, for him, not a blessing but a nightmare. I feel partly responsible, as well, as he came to me for his 1st-ever reading, at one point I gifted him a pack of cards, and gave further readings after that, but I didn’t see this coming. To be fair to myself, there were no indications of outside elements, and he dragged in a few of which I knew nothing that are real doozies and completely blew what the cards had told him out of the water. That was natural; he had entirely changed the dynamic without preparation, warning or work. Nevertheless; part of me is a Healer, and he is my friend, and I feel the need to help him, if I can. So there is that. And if my Feather of Truth is gamboling with the 7 of Wands, all the better – she is victory after a trying ordeal, and that is what I most sincerely hope is the outcome for my friend. Keep this in mind, I pray all the harder that we may ALL profit from the blessings of the Cosmos today!    

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