Thursday, January 28, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 29Jan2016: as my Heart today stands XII the Hanged Man and as for the Feather of Truth it is blazing forth comfortably from the heart of XIX the Sun. (Today’s deck is *The Thoth Tarot* by A. Crowley & Lady F. Harris. An odd aberration of the Tarot from a foggy island in the far north, it has little to do with Tarot & is the work of a madman. But if you have an empty afternoon, amuse yourself. Do be aware, that as a rarity it may be hard to find, and it has an unsavory reputation.) (GRIN. This and the RWS, that’s the game in Tarot Town.) I’m looking at this and I’m thinking, “I can either make this a great big fuckin’ deal or I can make it just a daily read, which do I want?” I’m opting for somewhere in between, I think. I am truly surprised to see “Sacrifice” figuring so prominently in my heart today: that has stronger echoes of yesterday than anything I have planned for today. Let’s take a closer look: XII the Hanged Man - XII – He’s on the Path of Mem, 23 in the Tree of Life. Astrologically, he is Uranus as neutralization and inversion & Neptune as the spirit of sacrifice, the 12th house as a symbol for metamorphosis through isolation and knowledge. Moving from Geburah to Hob by way of Water, and his number, 12, is symbolic of the Zodiac. “The Hanged Man is a symbol for the turning points in life, showing up as a need to stop and assess a situation. We're hanging in the air until we find a new view of the things around us, a proper way to rearrange or restart. But the Hanged Man is a 'silent' card - there's no pressing need for change. No big change is waltzing towards us - we can peacefully keep on hanging and complaining. The Hanged Man just shows that we're just 'hanging', he requires a new viewpoint, and sometimes a lot of patience.” (Raven) Thank you, ‘oiseau de sagesse’ !  I’ve never had any particular problem with the idea of sacrifice, & by that I mean self-sacrifice, any more than I have of Death, which is as near to non-existent as it can be. They hold no fright factors for me. My only caveat is that I have to find it to be worth the sacrifice, not be told that it is worth the sacrifice. I’m Doubting Thomas’s grandfather, Shlieml ben-Doubt; If I can prove it to my own satisfaction, then I believe it. (Of course, we’re not talking about the general illusion of reality and the foolishness of choices amongst Nothing, which is a much higher realm of the same reality.) I’m not sure why my Heart shall be filled with the spirit of sacrifice today, but I’m okay with it, as far as I know: I find it much harder to receive than to give, like the majority of people. Graceful gratitude is a practiced virtue, and while I’m good at it and do mean it when I express it, it IS an art, and one learns an art of that genre. This is all about me giving of myself today, in whatever way I am asked to give, which I suspect will be largely emotional/psychic from a handful of friends. We are all “intercalated” at this point in someone’s arrival on the Path and it’s rather spectacularly clumsy opening. Bet we ARE hoping he made it, indeed; we knew the moment had arrived, and now he can move on, after he gathers his scrambled eggs brains back together and reinserts them in his skull.
 Staring straight at me as the Feather of Truth in today’s action is XIX the Sun, the Glory of Arrival, of Accomplishment, of Apotheosis. (Quick, put on some Lully and listen to Louis XIV peacock his way down la Gallérie des Glaces . . . :) His bones are quite simply crystalline clear: XIX - The Sun, is on the Path of Resh, 30 in the Tree of Life. The Sun in the 5th House stands for the joy of life, creativity and charisma. On the axis between Hod & Yesod, he is of course the Primary of Fire. (Not to be confused with the Ace of Wands, which is the Seed [or Root] of Fire.) His number 19 is the higher of the Wheel, but also of the Magus. If I’m to believe the cards, spending this day in the spirit of my drawn Heart card, self-sacrifice, can and WILL result in the realization of a great accomplishment and healing, and I believe I already know where it is heading. It is heading towards announcing to me that my work in the emotionally filthy basements & attics of my memory palace was work well-done and may now be considered accomplished, such as they ever are accomplished in that sense. I can feel this; I can feel this burgeoning in my soul, this small but rightful and well-earned satisfaction with a hard job well done, and the fruits of my labor at ready hand for consideration and consummation. Hurrah for me! (“Okay, party’s over, back to work!” “Yes sir, Mr. Scrooge. Did your cousin Mr. Grinch arrive for the holidays?”) I don’t do self-congratulations well; I have the singular taste of considering bathing in my own accomplishments a bit vulgar. “Do it, enjoy your smile & your moment, and move on, life is short and there are things to do, places to go and people to meet!” (In my more twisted moments, I change that to places to go, things to see and people to do, but not today.)I find Crowley’s Sun simply “éblouissant,” a French word meaning “blindingly brilliant with elegance, power and beauty,” sort of . . kind of . . but exactly. French is squirmy, hard to nail down; which is why it is perfect for international diplomacy and soft porn films (not that I have EVER seen any of the latter; my own sense of moral outrage would forbid it. Cough, cough. Hypocrisy is an acquired taste, like smoking and unreliable people. Harmful tastes.) I believe people often perceive the Sun in his most ferocious attire, the Desert Maker, and he really isn’t that tyrannical; when you look at the Universe, he’s small-fry, actually. One voice, one vote, amongst megabillions of others larger, more impressive, older, brighter, mare varied, more “vivid” and as expressions of divine Will of unutterable beauty, all of them. I believe they live, you know, certainly not in any way we can ever comprehend, but I feel they are citizens of their own society that has organized itself out their around their intelligences. My pipedreams, of course, but why not? My opium is just as good as NASA’s. So I welcome XIX? All of Him, ALL of his Solar Magnificence, to light my interior and bathe me in radiance and contentment of accomplishment. Please, Enter. I pray that we ALL benefit from the many blessings of the Cosmos today!   

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