Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello campers! I just finished my 2016 Astrological Year Ahead chart, even though I’m using Aries as January, Pisces as December, etc. It looks like a mixed bag – with a 4 month stretch throughout the Spring being particularly troublesome and/or depressing. Luckily, like the Phoenix, I should rise from the ashes to new splendors come the Winter after an Autumn of slow but sure recovery from the metaphysical morass in which I found myself stuck. I can only hope it passes quickly, but Horus wept! 4 cards reversed in a row? 2 Major Arcana and 2 Court Cards – that sounds heavy duty. I hope I don’t whine, I hate whining. The WONDERFUL THING is the Guiding Light of the Year and its outcome: XXI the World! Oh frabjous joy! Oh Success & Completion be Welcome! I can live with the ugly parts of 2016 if this is both my guiding Light and my phare to sail for at the end of the year.   At any rate, the Reading ran like this, in case the cards are not decipherable for you. It starts on the FAR left, in the 1st astrological House, but which in this case stands for January, 09:00 and thusly around the Wheel, until one arrives at Pisces, December 2013, at 22:00.  1) January - 4 of Vessels; 2) February – the Queen of Coins; 3) March – the Queen of Swords (my birth month, Aries sun sign;) 4) April – III the Empress reversed; 5) May – the King of Vessels reversed; 6) June  – The Fool reversed; 7) July - the Queen of Vessels reversed; 8) – August – Lady of Staffs (Page of Batons); 9) – September – the 9 of Swords; 10) October – King of Swords; 11) November – XIV Temperance; and 12) December – the King of Staffs. The guiding Light and culmination of the year is XXI the World. May the Cosmos bless you all!

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