Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Good afternoon! My excuses for not presenting a Scales of Ma’at this morning, but the following are the cards I drew, and I wasn’t inspired to blog or Facebook. The deck is *The Vertigo Tarot* by Dave McKean and Rachel Pollack. I would love to be able to love this deck, but with a color palette of only 3 colors, black, dark brown & light brown, I can’t see shit on these little lames of pasteboard and I doubt you will be able to see anything, either. Every card is a shadowbox where one can guess at the illustration, but really all you have is the title of the card. This saddens me, terribly. Especially in light of the upcoming *Raziel Tarot* by Robert Place and Rachel Pollack, another collaboration but one that hits the mark – it looks beautiful, so far. You can guess what I thought of this draw this morning, but hell, I was going back to bed anyway unless the draw was spectacular; my wife had a dinner party for 10 last night and “I’m jes’ fuckin’ wrung out today, Sister, jes’ fuckin wrung out.” See you tomorrow (maybe.)  

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