Thursday, February 11, 2016

Good morning and Hello! There is no Scales of Ma’at for me today as I’m in one of those early morning rendezvous roundups. The physical therapist first, followed by blah and blah and then yak and yak. Crap. All useful, but of no help to Tarot.  Instead; I pulled one card this morning, and the question was brief and to the point: “Is this a good idea, to do Catherine’s Tarot Talk Town Meeting as her guest presenter at the end of this month?” (NB. I have been asked to be a guest presenter on Feb. 28th for the Town Talk meeting given once a month by *Tarot Professionals*, through connections on their site and their Facebook page.) And here’s what I drew, the 10 of Wands. Ahahaha – well, that about figures, right? I just had the 10 in a Scales of Ma’at reading, and although it can be dismaying to see it turn up, it can have really good consequences. I don’t want to say profound, that may be inflating things, but I’m familiar with this 10. We’ve acted together at least 2X before in my life; times when I’ve simply walked away from a completely furnished life with one (or two!) suitcase in hand, headed for the airport and a plane anywhere. They were crisis times in my life, when simply abandoning the furnishings of my life wasn’t even a 2nd thought or a concern – my fuckin’ gods, they are ONLY things, I can always buy more things, get another job, rent another house, whatever. Occasionally I regretted things – I regretted leaving a set of Bohemian crystal glassware when I walked away from my home in Florida, but then again, glasses, ehh, so what?  The 10 of Wands always has that kind of feel to me – “Make a decision; Walk Away or Stay.” Here I feel it is a bit of putting the pedal to the metal and letting the race car go: I could turn Catherine down, and continue to emit cryptic mutterings from my tower, or I could go where I’m invited and actually see if I scare all the party guests away, as I fear may be the case. There may be the vaguest of structures to the thing, but if I do it, (and to be fair to Catherine, I AM going to do it, I don’t like backing out or welshing on a bargain struck) I’m just going to let it out there and see who runs screaming in fear and who comes up to feed it sweetmeats and ply it with questions. LOL. At any rate, this 10 feels like a Do or Die kind of affair, so perhaps doing Catherine’s emission is Dropping the Wands and Going Somewhere New Without a Burden, or it IS the Final Burden and I am either going to deliquesce or self-combust at the conclusion. On verra (a French expression I use A LOT – “We’ll see.”) I wish you all the very best out there today, and I do truly hope that you are able to harvest some and/or all of the many blessings that the Cosmos gives us today!    

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