Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 25Feb2016 : my masquerading Heart, ever desirous of adventure, has shown up as the Ace of Swords and the Feather OF Truth is resting in the bosom of one of its closest friends, Athena, standing tall and regal on XI Justice  (Yay! For correct numbering!) (Today’s deck is one of my favorites, the *Tarot of the Sephiroth* by Josephine Mori & Jill Stockwell & Dan Staroff. VERY Tree of Life Deck, of course, wonderfully, brightly illustrated and superb art. I love it. On a scale of 1 – 5, a 4 for ease of read. 1 –Difficult cards to read, 5 – easy cards to read.) Ace of Swords is my Heart card, and to tell the truth, I need it to push itself up my backside and give me a power shot of energy, Miss Arden! “I iz draggin’ this mornin’, Miss Thang.”  I’ve been seeing the Ace of Swords so much lately I’m just going to run through his bones with you and give a quick decryptor for myself. The Ace, AKA the Roots of the Powers of Air, sits in Kether in the Tree of Life, arriving on a tongue of Fire. Astrologically he is all the Air signs. He is Vau. It serves as the connection between the physical & the etheric. Aside from the sword with the Vau carved on its blade, we MUSTN’T forget to notice the crown, which we often do being focused on the Ace of SWORDS. We must take both sword AND crown if we are to master this Arcanum; to participate FULLY in the rites of the Element of Air and its symbolism in the Sword. The crown is our armor and the sword is our wisdom as we march off into the Cosmos to become the Cosmos. And as we are marching off to our bright and happy future, we meet the Feather of Truth incarnated in XI Justice.

 Today she looks like Athena; the only thing missing is the owl. A quick look at her bones reveals: She is on Path 22 on the Tree of Life, running from Tiphareth to Geburah. Her Hebrew letter is the Lamed (look on the ox,) meaning Ox Goad (right hand.)  The male polarity of Justice as balanced by the female polarity in her right hand, the sign for Venus. The Sword is dormant, at the moment, and she is standing on the Scales of Justice. So Justice is the Feather of Truth which I need to keep in front of my Inner Eye today; and of course, Justice can express itself in a thousand ways large & small. I’m off on a business-oriented day, so I can only hope that Justice will reign in the hearts of everyone involved, and not just mine. Well, I’m keeping it short today, kiddies, Put on your costumes now and go blackmail the neighbors for cand . . . wait, that’s Hallowe’en. Oh, what the Hell, do it anyway! May the blessings and the energies of the Cosmos both inform and educate us today!  


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