Saturday, February 13, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 14Feb2016: as my Heart today we have the Knight of Cups and, hiding in the depths of the steel “forest,” we have the Feather of Truth riding sidesaddle today alongside the 7 of Rods (Wands.) (Because today is Sunday, when all good Americans worship God (as the Republicans see Him,) the State and the Moral Meme of the Moment, AND Saint Valentine’s Day, I decided to run out a deck that I ran across in a perusal of one of my deck cartons the other day, the *Strange Wonders Tarot* by William Wraithe. [Great last name if you are a fan of *SG-1: Atlantis!*] This is one of those REALLY bizarre decks that sometimes crawl out of the diseased minds of wonderful creators and grace us with their malevolent presence. In other words, Right up my alley! The deck isn’t making any pretensions to being anything than it otherwise is, a functioning Tarot deck with really ODD art. If the art appeals, by all means, buy it!)  So riding my Heart today is the bold & frisky yet nobly-behaved, studly young Knight of Cups. Oh be still my beating prophylactic! (Just a little gay humor, folks, lighten up.) It is the day of Cups, according to Hallmark, so we can go with the flow and swim in the saccharine today. My saccharine moment came last night when I said farewell to a young man of whom I have become very fond, (no, not THAT!) who is taking a year off for a “walkabout” in Australia. Actually, he already has a job lined up, so I’m not sure how much walking he will be doing, but there you have it. He’s had some serious struggle in his life recently, and has often turned to me as an older friend, but also as a reader in order to consult the cards, in which he places a measure of confidence. His “thing” with Tarot isn’t a divinatory fixation, like many, but a profound interest in what the Tarot says to him about himself and what he is doing (hidden motives.) So we said our farewells for the year to come, and with a heart full of love I wished him “Good Journeying!” That has carried over a bit into today, which is all to the better when I present the traditional offerings to my wife, “a throne forged from the bones of her enemies and a reign of relentless terror over the masses,” as I laughingly read on Facebook yesterday.  Let’s take a quick look at Junior’s bones: In the Thoth, he is “The Prince of the Chariot of Waters,” – he sits in Tiphareth in the Tree of Life. Astrologically he strides from 21° Libra to 20° Scorpio, and he is born on the Air above the Waters of Briah. “. . . the Knight [sic] of Cups has all the emotional depths of the Water, but also the intellectual values of the Air. He is clever and open minded, and his emotional soul can make him a sensitive artist or philosopher. On the shadowy side, the Prince of Cups can be reckless and selfish; always striving to improve his own goals . . . carelessly sacrificing relations in order to perfect his art or passion . . . .” (Raven) Obrigado, pássaro gracioso da noite mais escura e mais nítida vista ! 
Today my Heart seems to be facing a rather confused Feather of Truth, caught up willy-nilly in the 7 of Rods and in a battle to the death in which it must shine forth with Hope in the face of certain defeat, and carry Us forward beyond all reason using everything that I have learned. Everything. Sounds like a rather formidable battle against a formidable foe, n’est-ce pas ? David & Goliath –type stuff. Well, let’s at least look at this hopeless creature’s “Lincoln Logs”: aka Valor, the 7 sits in Netzach in the Tree of Life, having arrived by Fire. In astrology it is Mars in the 3rd decan of Leo. “The Seven of Wands is entering Netzach - the depths of creativity and anarchy standing under the number of destiny. And like for all the Seven's, the leaving of the beautiful Tiphareth comes like the fall from paradise. But Fire is a fighter, and though the element seems to be burning down, it will struggle to survive.” Merci, cher oiseau du plumage noir comme le jais ! (One of these days I’m going to find out what language my lover, Raven, speaks, as it is obviously NOT English.)Traditionally, this card has overtones of fight-to-the-death and, as in one of Robert Place’s decks, wolves/dogs ripping each other’s throats open. I rather doubt that is a precisely-described map placement of where Truth resides for me but is, rather, figurative in description or actually a metaphor. I suppose I “might” have to “fight for my life with impossible odds,” but surely that will be astral or metaphysically, unless war suddenly breaks out in the south of France. “Oh, Marseille & Mary Magdalen! have we stocked enough croissants and cake?” Grin. Perhaps St. Valentine himself is descending from the Lysol-scented hallways of the christian heaven to remonstrate with me, but I doubt it. No, if I feel any “battle” coming on, it is only the continuing battle I wage to refine further and further the place of Tarot in my life and on my Journey. I love the hints, “ya know?” but at times I wonder, “Am I spending so much time tinkering with the bicycle that I’m forgetting the joy of just riding it in the fresh air?” In other words, am I forgetting to live my life I’m so busy “Tarot-secting” it? I don’t believe so; at this point in my life, I’m dealing with temporary reduced mobility anyway, and Tarot is one of the few experiences that remain to me that still provides great waves of emotion or knowledge or “experience”; strong sensations of being actively involved in my own Growth and Change. That is worth more than its weight in unobtainium (remember *Avatar*?) (Which takes me on a little mental Wanderjahre: what if we don’t know it, but ACTUALLY we are higher beings just riding these “clones” of a lower order for the “crude, raw” experience of it? After all, that is almost what we are anyway!) Well, don’t ride your clone too hard today, and by all means don’t put him or her away wet; they need to be groomed before you stable them. Wishing all of us “vehicular assistants” all the Joy and Happiness that accepting the blessings of the Cosmos brings!   

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