Monday, February 15, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 16Feb2016: my Heart is represented today by XVIII the Moon and the Feather of Truth comes winging to me & us on the 8 of Wands. (Today’s deck is the *Thoth Tarot* by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris.) I like draws where you turn over the last card, scan the ensemble and pronounce, “Yes, I get it. I can see the synthesis of all the parts, and how the thing flows, and it makes total sense to me.” Then you either “word it out” for yourself in your head, if reading for yourself, or you launch into your fascinating and moneymaking tale for the Querent. Hopefully, beside his/her money you are taking some of their ignorance away from them, too! We are, after all, teachers. I got that feeling this morning as I took in the synthesis of the two cards, and they made total sense to me. “Just the facts, Mrs. Pierce. Start at the beginning . . .” Today my Heart isn’t “lost,” but “errs” in the Forests of the Moon and wanders hither and thither by her waxy light, not paying attention to what is going on down here in reality. (Luckily, the Feather is, but more on that soon.) Currently my Heart, oddly enough, is caught up in a debate about the usefulness of money in Tarot (my head is on a bathroom break on this one.) My Heart LOVES to wander alone in the Forests and Mountains of the Moon, hoping to happen upon a minor-keyed lamentation here or a long and lugubrious chant there, to further draw violet shadows upon its screen in which it can wallow and contemplate. Today I more or less need it to be present and in accord, as we (our couple) are putting some money in an investment about which I want to feel very, very good but at present only feel neutral. The Heart is off contemplating other things that have been going on in my life recently which concern it much more, involving friendships, love, arrivals & departures of affection and presence, and on the whole the emotive arena of my life and he is off in the Lunar embrace trying to ferret out some wisdom there. Let’s quickly look at the Moon’s “bones”: She is on the Path of Qoph, 29 in the Tree of Life. The Moon is in Scorpio as the dark knowledge of the depths of soul, which must be diligently sought out. Astrologically, she is Pisces, and walks the connection from Netzach to Malkuth on a rivulet of Water. “The Moon will lead us into the blackest depths of our soul, into the world of the subconscious, where there are no more words, just images and notions. It represents a journey into the darkest night, a look behind our own face. The Moon isn't the most comfortable trump - though everybody likes to equate it with the mysteries, rarely someone really enjoys the look into their own abyss, where sometimes the unvarnished truth is not too pleasant. Embarrassingly enough, the Moon tends to show up what we generally ignore, refuse to see, or even deny all the time.”  Yes, yes, bird of ill-omen! Sheesh, don’t be so fuckin’ dramatic, Raven. He makes it sound like the most ill-fortuned Indiana Jones adventure of all time, but actually wandering the Moon happens quite often and quite innocently enough for most of us most of the time, right, group?
As a matter of fact, today while wandering there, Heartboy meets the 8 of Wands who knocks him not too softly in the ribs with an elbow and reminds him in a strident, dopplered voice, “Get a move on!” AKA Swiftness, I have always had a small weakness for the 8 of Wands. That is so because I feel he matches my sentiments exactly about certain issues, and I can only explain it to you by analogy. I am the type of man who maps out in his head his plan of action when going shopping. I’m going to THAT store. Check. I’m buying a blue pullover in size XXL of thin wool. Check. Then I am going to the bookstore to buy THIS certain book as a gift for Blahblah. Check. Then it is back to the tramway and home. Check. No dilly-dallying, no fuckin’ “food court,” no crap. Go, buy your choices, and get out. Now to me that is a successful shopping trip. And so it appears to me; the 8 of Wands incarnates EXACTLY this kind of no-nonsense “get on with it” attitude or philosophy. It is how I live my life, it is how I HAVE to, otherwise my Heart would delay me forever with its teary-eyed sympathies for every sad-sack tale it hears. I’m a softie and a pushover behind the titanium Odic armor, but I’m not revealing anything new, even my cats know & take advantage of that. Well, let’s gander at 8’s bones, shall we? AKA Swiftness, the 8 sits in Hod in the Tree of Life, arriving on a tongue of Fire. In astrology he is Mercury in the 1st decan of Sagittarius. “With the 8 of Wands the element of Fire enters Hod, the realm of intellect and logic, ruled by Mercury - thus an area much to its delight. Swiftness is what is demanded in here, decisive action in high speed modus. The card can stand for sudden realizations, quick brainwaves, it can tell that the solution for a problem is already there or soon to come.”  Yes, yes, Edgar A., but one can’t be hasty, either. Swift is a precise word. Pay attention. And BTW, it seems my investment conundrum is being answered in the positive. So there we have it today; as I said, I like it when you scan your reading and the synthesized Whole strikes you with an immediate “rightness.” Here’s hoping I don’t lose that awareness today. May the Cosmos bless us All with an abundance of Faith in our Greater Destiny, a firm Hope in the basic and ultimate rightness of the Universe and Love for ourselves and ALL Consciousness striving to attain the Divine!

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