Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 17Feb2016: my Heart is represented by the 2 of Cups and the Feather of Truth is riding the wind with the Page of Wands (the only winged Page.) (Today’s deck is again *the *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler & Michael Dowers. I am falling in LURV with this deck. The more I use it, the more I “take to it.” I may even be forced to eat a bit of crow-flavored pie; 1st, not real crow because I’m against animal cruelty and 2nd, because I still believe in Part of my criticism, which is still just. The companion book, odiously expensive as it is, is WONDERFUL. The woman is SMART and she speaks my language, to such a degree that it is uncanny! I went ahead and bit the bullet for her abominably expensive 3-volume Kabbalah & the Tarot books, as well. These are all paperbacks, folks, and they are running $45 and UP! By Jove’s teeth! One would think one was back in university having to buy expensive & abstruse textbooks! However – if nothing else, get the cards. “Don’t make me stop the car, you’ll be sorry!” just do as I say – get the cards.) My day starts off with my Heart in the 2 of Cups, which is just dandy as far as it goes. QUICK look at her “bones”: Two of Cups – aka Love, sitting in Chokmah by Water, and is Venus in the 1st decan of Cancer. “The Two of Cups is the polarization of the freely floating streams of the Ace of Cups. Where the Ace was all-embracing in its feelings, the Two of Cups has a particular focus. The Ace was unity, the Two of Cups is differentiation, and feelings are focused on a specific object. Remembering that 2 as a number is the symbol of duality, it implies the Two of Cups needs a counterpart, a source or a goal outside itself.” Aye, there’s the rub, Horatio! or ‘Raven’ in this case. Thanks, my black-feathered friend. Both my wife and I are extremely content with our couple at this time (we generally are anyway; we both deeply dislike “not getting along at the moment” so we work very hard not to find ourselves there. A really deep, solid friendship makes an unshakeable foundation.) I believe this card, at least for today, is about enjoying the complicity I enjoy with a small number of people in my immediate circle. Yes, above all, my wife, but there are others, good friends who have earned & merit my trust & affections. Then there’s the duo of Me/Me, the male and female, the Animus/Anima coupling that had been SO long-delayed while I fought my inner, emotional demons. In a constant reaffirmation this reality keeps telling me that it is Right and Good that I am in these “couples,” for a variety of reasons, one of which is to learn cooperation in the most basic and intimate ways. I shine very brightly all alone; I needed to learn to dim the wattage a bit to accommodate a binary partner, and the process continues even now. I have ULTIMATE trust in myself and my own powers to persevere and conquer, but wow! it’s good to have company on the Journey, too!
 As I am bi-cycling down the road here, who do I meet but the Page of Wands literally flying in on one of his endless commissions for the Courts. Quick, bones! Aka the Spring Equinox, he’s in Malkuth having walked on Earth to arrive He is also, as a female, Venus in the Fire signs; he’s in Atziluth anyway. “The Page (sic) of Wands represents the Earth in the element of Fire, far from the Queen's depth and the Knight’s Air. She/he's the Fire's child, with all the flaming energy of the King, unaffected from deeper emotions. The only heritage from her mother is the good memory for insults and the thirst for revenge . . .” (Raven) Well, yes, but that is only part of the picture, actually.  “The Page of Wands as sovereign individual seems like a paradox from the standpoint of standard cultural norms and mores. . . . the Page’s life is lived through an ethos of self-ownership and self-empowerment, and it is under these terms that he undertakes his service to his Queen.” (C. Payne-Towler, “Tarot of the Holy Light” 2015, Brownfield Press.) If you read through her entire run-down on the Page, you could easily substitute “Mark” in there for “the Page” and your statements would be quite correct, TO A POINT. I am actually more of a knight/king mix kind of guy, but this Page rings certain bells quite clearly and distinctly. (Of course, most if not all Tarot cards should ring a bell SOMEWHERE in us; there is always a corresponding interior relation to each & every card.) IF there is a REAL Joker in a pack of Tarot, then it is this guy, the Page of Wands, because he can “strike fear in the hearts of power players on both sides of any issue. . . . he’s been taken into everyone’s confidence . . . he knows where all the bodies are buried.” In other words, he cannot be deceived, he knows too much. That sounds right up my alley, and it is also where the Feather of Truth is lodging today. I’m going to be called upon to remember the precepts of the Page’s behavior somehow, somewhere and it is important I retain neutrality and “herald from outside” aspect in whatever may arise today. Okay, will do, Your Majesty. Perhaps. (Grin!) It is a benign draw today, nothing spectacularly good or bad, just a day to be aware of partnerships of all kinds and to retain a mediator-type demeanor if a situation demands it. Good, as I have medical fish to fry this afternoon, and was hoping today wasn’t going to be one of those Smiting Sodom and Gomorrah days. May the energies of the Cosmos and the blessings they carry be Welcomed in our Hearts and homes today!   

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