Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at reading for 18Feb2016: as my Heart card I have the 9 of Wands and masking the game of the Feather of Truth is the 6 of Swords. (The deck today is the *Thoth Tarot* by A. Crowley & L.F. Harris.) Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time this a.m., or at least I think not. “They” are delivering and installing a new washer/dryer setup, with delivery “somewhere between 8 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.,” which we all know means, “Clear your day – we’ll arrive when we get there.” They usually ring the doorbell when it is most inconvenient for you. But, nevertheless, on to the cards, which I am interpreting today to the graceful sounds of the soundtrack to the film, “The Egyptian,” one of my favorite Hollywood epopee’s (the actual « Hymn to the Aten » sung by choir is unforgettable.) Showing up moving in from the horizon is the 9 of Wands, aka Strength. Quick, his “bones”: He is in Yesod in the Tree of Life, arriving on a tongue of Fire. In astrology, he is the Moon in the 2nd decan of Sagittarius. “. . . the fiery Wands have reached the happy Nine, the number that reflects on itself, entering the fields of Yesod - imagination and reflection back in the middle of the Tree of Life. Thus the Nine of Wands remembers its own qualities, showing the full powers of the fiery element rising again. So the card shows strength, determination and discipline, preparing itself for the final step to completion.” (Raven) Clear enough? Yes, I think so. I’m being told over and over these last few weeks, “It’s over; you need to Go Back and cover the missed points.” “Go back & cover the missed points” ?? Well, cheesus! I know what the card is saying, but I feel a bit like the knitter who is just told, “No, no need to unravel the WHOLE thing, just go back & pick up the missed stitches.” Which you can’t do knitting; it’s unravel or produce a damaged thing. This, too, however, is an okay thing; I don’t mind review sessions, as long as they aren’t Calls to Arms to charge full speed ahead into the past. I should remember, though - the shadow side of the card implies a warning - that I should use my spiritual consciousness to concentrate on my inner strength and master my will, and make it effective in the world I live in. O-o-o-kay! As the 9 is busy being himself and advocating that all attention be turned to him, “Me! Me! Look at me, Daddy!” we are in fact approaching the “orbit” of my Feather of Truth today, the 6 of Swords. 
I have a lifelong love/hate affair going on with ALL the Swords, but this one in particular gets under my skin. That may be due to the fact that 6s in general get under my skin; I am reminded of the biblical story of Jesus’ words, “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, will I spew thee out of my mouth!” (Revelation, 3:16) whenever I have to deal with a 6. IF you know me at all through my writing, you know the Swords and I are intimate enemies, and I am even their King from time to time, although I prefer the Wand throne. Well, let’s get down to {sigh} work. His “bones”: aka Science, he is in Tiphareth in the Tree of Life, arriving on a breathe of Air. In astrology he is Mercury in the 2nd decan of Aquarius. “In the beautiful harmony of Tiphareth, the Six of Swords have overcome the crisis of the Five, the emotional wounds are healed and the element concentrates on its origin potentials, its very own powers and qualities. In science i.e. any fields of deeper thinking, the mind can unfold all its energies, and the restless Swords have the chance to combine the mind with the mental spirit from which it was born, to achieve a perfect harmony of it all.” 5raven) Well, my sometimes cupidity-driven Companion of the Feather is telling me today is that THIS 6 is good to have around; if you say so, Raven, but allow me my measure of reticence. The card can also be interpreted as Dominance, with Patience, working through Labor to obtain a “consensus of victory” after the troubles of the 5. I can only conclude from THIS card that me recent mental voyages about “where to go from here?” are being answered, yet again, and yet again in a roundabout way: “Gather your Strength, smooth out the rough or imperfect edges, and move forward into consensus on where you are going to take your gift & passion next!”  The question can be first approached by simplifying it, and working through a series of A-B choices that I can define as I go along. 1st choice will be, “Whatever I decide is the next ‘form’ of my ‘Tarot Evolution’, I need to decide if it is for public consumption or private reflection. Then on to what the content shall be, I suppose. I’m not sure, but I have to budge, to move, before my metaphorical feet meld to the floor. I have that feeling that I already know the answers to all of these questions; I’m just finding it necessary to tease them out of myself one at a time so as to develop some familiarity with what may be surprising decisions. On verra.  In the meantime, I’ve got to budge “mes fesses” (my ass) at the moment for the delivery guys. My wife is probably deciding what to wash first once the machine is installed, so I had better go make sure the practical is taken care of for the delivery, as well, such as a clear path into the place and an unlittered path to the laundry room. HA. Well, hoping that some of them are of a purely practical nature, here’s wishing that all of the Grace and manifold blessings of the Cosmos be Ours for the harvesting today!    

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