Saturday, February 20, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 20Feb2016: as my Heart card, I have the 2 of Wands, and as the Feather of Truth today stands the 3 of Disks. (Today’s deck is *Illustrations & Tarot* by Colleen A. Hardy. The deck is somewhat of a mystery; it comes with NO information whatsoever, the title & her name are mentioned ONCE on the band surrounding the package, which will be tossed, of course. She makes NO claims; there is NO LWB, nothing but a box of rather larger than normal Tarot cards, 78 of them, with STUNNING illustrations. It is a very professional job. I’m not sure why she’s made this deck, but it is Beautiful! Curious point: it is SO cypher-less than when you open it, it is not only virgin but newborn & of unknown parentage. It leaves you no choice but to adopt it, immediately, and with good will try to make it “yours.” It was an “Etsy” find.) Today’s draw is calm, for the most part, eh? With draws like this, I have to resist the urge to “throw the cards again” in order to have something a bit “meatier,” more dramatic, on the board. However, this is it, so look at it and accept it for what it is, Mark – sometimes beautiful things come . . . etc. I’m feeling remarkably lackadaisical this morning, like the cards are ALL my good buddies and I want to hustle them ALL down to the neighborhood bistro and order a round of pastis, simply because I don’t want any of the little bastards to start a heavy conversation. Of course they knew/know this, how could they not, they are me, right? So, like the “generally” well-behaved children they are, I’m being offered slight solace in the form of a truism, and a Tarot Card Truism at that! Ha ha! “Gather up your forces, Mark, there is a whirlwind of energy available for you if you can come up with the understanding and perception to recognize, honor & officiate at the alchemical wedding that could be going on here, if you do it correctly. I’m going to give you their two skeletons, but after that, I’m wrapping up. It’s a simple, clear draw, and doesn’t need three pages of verbal folderol from me. The 2 if Wands – AKA Dominion, sits in Chokmah in the Tree of Life, arriving by way of Fire. In astrology it is Mars in the 1st decan of Aries (ENERGY DYNAMO!!) “The power of energy that is born in the Ace is given direction and a goal in the Two of Wands. Chokmah as the power of creation and energy is the best possible surrounding for the flaming forces, the first manifestation following the pure idea, the beginning of transformation. Yet the card is not talking of consideration, let alone any cares. It comes up strong and recklessly, a wonderful thing when guiding at one good goal or project. Nevertheless, one should take at least a bit care that those wonderful powers won't crush anything around to pieces...”
 (Raven) Such an eloquent beak, don’t you think? And now, the 3 of Disks – AKA Works, sits in Binah in the Tree of Life, arriving on the element of Earth. In astrology it is Mars in the 2nd decan of Capricorn, hmmm; beware too much introspection, Mark. “The Three of Disks enters Binah, the fields of understanding and perception, initiating the process where the project that began in the Two of Disks is viewed and . . . in its completion.” (Raven) This card also addresses the alchemical wedding, in which Mercury combines with Sulphur and salt, thus creating “the philosopher's stone.” It implies the basic idea of Earth, the crystallization of its powers and qualities, the start of matter being established. Manifest, Mark, manifest she SHIT out of those desires of yours we have been addressing recently; your needs & desires to enlarge your metaphysical horizons & literally give Tarot more input into yourself & the world, and thus let the Art use you to further its message of “Evolve or Die.” And there we have it for my brief, simple, modest little reading for today. Ha! Well, at least it will be shorter than usual! Here’s praying that each and every one of us, and I am thinking of all of YOU out there, individually, are able to open our arms today and with a joyous heart accept the blessings of the Cosmos!    

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