Sunday, February 21, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 21Feb2016: my Heart card today is XV the Devil and as the Feather of Truth we have the 5 of Swords. There is a 3rd card, the Valet of Swords, whose presence will be explained in due time. (Today’s deck is an oddity, le *Tarot Arcus Arcanum* by Hansrudi Wäscher and Günter Hager. I dislodged it from its cranny on Etsy or eBay or somewhere like that, I don’t remember. It is VERY much a French deck [satellites in a TdeMarseille universe, although this follows RWS schematics,] and the interpretation of very traditional images is rather quirky and entertaining.) Starting right off with my Heart in XV, the Devil. Well. wow; poopsy whoop-de-doo. yeah, feeling real excited and embroiled in the physical today, yeah, that’s it, . . . more sleep; ahhn the Devil yes, I see . . .hmm…(snore.) Bones, please, Nurse, I’m too lazy to get up today: “the Devil”, XV, is on the path of Ayin in the Tree of Life, going from Tiphareth to Hod. His planetary ruler is Saturn (of course!) and his Element is Earth. Oddly enough, 15 is the number of the full moon. (I wonder if that makes him the “patron saint” of werewolves.) “In the Tree of Life the Devil goes from consciousness and harmony to intellect and logic - against all dogma, never caring for rules, freely uncompromising and independent. There are no restrictions, no limitations, nothing is forbidden. The Devil is aware of the darkness; he knows all the shadows and will go on researching even at a high price.” (Raven) Thank you, Bringer of Mites and other unsavory “bestioles”! I think, being all adult here, we can ENTIRELY dispense with the long, b-o-r-i-n-g conversation about the 2-horned, forked-tailed, pitchfork carrying cartoon we all know and love (yes!) from childhood. In my own life, I actually KNOW a few XVs, because I tend to think of XV as a “seeker of extreme sensations.” OF course this isn’t always incarnated like that – it is such a protean, malleable energy that it can assume any guise; it tends to be cloaked by man’s governing orders in the diabolical trappings to dissuade rebellion &/or revolt &/or questioning of the established order. Now in THAT sense there, I can fully assume the XV this morning, and GLADLY. With each passing day, week, month and year I grow more and more convinced that only Revolution will bring down this rotten, evil system in which we live. I doubt I will leave to see it (but maybe!) but perhaps the next generation and certainly the next after that will know it intimately. All of the world will eventually realize the Emperor has no clothes; the capitalist system is a dead-end and always has been, that humanity must find a different way to live. I’ve spoken here before about my continually budding hope in the Youth, who I see acting already on all the information available to them. I’m proud of them. Other than that, I don’t have a lot in common with XV today, so pleasant conversationalist though he may be, I shall move on to find the Feather of Truth, which, bafflingly, leads me to the 5 of Swords. Defeat? Really???
 Defeat of what, exactly, I think, as I look at Harpo, Groucho & Zeppo all falsely modest and humble on the face of the card. (They borrowed the two others from Central Casting.) Let’s check bones here: AKA Defeat, the 5 sits in Geburah in the Tree of Life, arriving on a breathe of Air. Astrologically it is Venus in the 1st decan of Aquarius. “The Five of Swords have reached Geburah, the realm of motion and changing, of destruction and disintegration. The truce of the Four couldn't last; the airy Swords had to recognize that they never were meant for structure and stabilization, that they needed to stick to their unsteady nature, no matter how high the price might be. The deep crisis the Swords are going through in here also result in the influence of Venus, the planet of emotion, harmony and sensitivity. For the logical Swords who are forced to see everything absolutely clear and unveiled, too much sensitivity can mean a sharp pain that no reasonable argument might soften. Intelligent as they are, they clearly analyze the trap they're in and start struggling against fate, thus recognizing that they cannot win.” (Raven)  I quote Raven in full because for once I think His words are very reflective of what the 5 has done to my thinking processes here. It feels “embroiled,”, “chaotic,” and I cannot for the life of me imagine what the Feather of Truth would be doing here. 

So I decided I needed a 3rd card, this the Page/Valet of Swords. Well, hmmm – at least that kicked the energy up a few levels, and as an added bonus, I have dealt with him very recently in his role as the 3Wild Card” of the deck, which he truly is, anything & anybody can change when he is around, it is remarkable. Bones: the Page sits in Malkuth in the Tree of Life, and in astrology he is Venus in all the Air signs. His element, however, is the Earth and he breathes the Airs of Yetzirah. “The Page (sic) is the wind over the grounds of Assiah. Her logic can be destructive, she is perceptive, serious and rigorous, yet she can show the characteristics of a child that lacks morality and nobility. In the Earth, all the free qualities of Air get suppressed and restricted. “(Raven) I get the feeling from that that Raven has no warm; soft, fuzzy feeling in his heart for the Page, wouldn’t you? LOL.  How the Page concerns ME today (that’s right, Mark, don’t forget, it’s ALL about You, You, You! Grin.) is another matter. Being the Wild Card, and being the “smoothly hidden trickster” he can sometimes be, for some reason we get along; I think it has to do with the fact that I have a fondness for mountebanks and charlatans, I find them touching in their need & desperation to be liked. So I am going to say that rather than a day devoted to letting in the odors of defeat from the battlefield through the open windows, the Truth is to be recognized in something else, in some rather more concrete way, as of a refused offering being the cause of unrest. Only the day, as it unfolds, can tell on this on, so I cannot fore-tell about it. It doesn’t feel bad or good – it just feels a bit cold and artificial. IT is evoking curious sensations inside of me; this may be of some interest today. On verra. Okay, well, enough blahblah about what really isn’t, after all, a remarkable draw, but has its own insights to offer. May the insights and the offerings of the Cosmos come to Us all today, and be accepted with gratitude and application!    

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