Monday, February 22, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 22Feb2016: X the Wheel of Fortune is spinning in me instead of the pumping of my Heart and the Knight of Pentacles is taking the Feather of Truth to some sort of hostile stand-off. Hmmm. (Today’s deck is *The Vertigo Tarot* by David McKean and Rachel Pollack [yes, THAT Rachel Pollack!] That it is a professional job goes without saying, that it is beautiful goes without saying and the text is blow-you-away Rachel all the way. My one complaint about this deck is that the artist, or the printing process, renders the cards SO FREAKIN’ DARK they are actually hard to discern. I believe it was a conceptual idea to encourage readers to take deep psychic plunges, but instead it just throws me back on what I know of an Arcanum, since I can’t see a card’s illustrations nor the visual clues the artist wished to communicate to give his interpretation of the Arcanum. The shading on the cards gets an F (failure), I’m sorry to say; above all, for a Pollack deck which I SO wanted to be mysteriously marvelous. I’m hoping the next one???) Once over the minor disappointment, let’s move on. So, my Heart is feeling chancy today, is it? It wants to take its chances in the silken boudoir of some forgotten Egyptian hetaera, LOLOL. I kind of doubt that – my heart is well-loved right where it is and I know that, so I must be considering the general well-being and current (happy) inertia. I’m not looking for things to change, not in a BIG way, for a while yet. I’m enjoying my feeling of “everything’s right with the world, fucked up though it is, because I’m feeling happy, loved, and am having a good run of days at the current time.” Aww, come on, you know you are as venal as I am, you would & do say the same things when you are NOT the subject under the Galaxy’s microscope, so to speak. We are ALL that venal, it is just being human. Rachel’s rationale for this card is highly involved with a dynamic she has instigated in the deck involving certain precepts as characters, so her writings aren’t cross-applicable to other decks, but I’d like to quote a “morceau” of what she has written about this X; “The astrological attribution for this card is Jupiter, the same as with the Emperor, but with an extra flourish, as if to signify a higher level. The Emperor may represent laws and structures, but he too must follow his destiny. In Greek and Roman myth, the All-powerful Jupiter (Zeus) must bow to Necessity (Ananke.)” For Rachel, this card is ALL about the changes brought about by Necessity, and the up & down nature of issues as symbolized by the fall & rise of Set and Anubis, the two creatures on the Wheel, the Egyptian god of Death (sic: he was actually more the god of Chaos and Destruction, also Thunderstorms) and the Egyptian Guide of the Dead to New Life. I am intimately familiar with the vagaries of the Wheel, and try my best to take a Stoic approach to its turnings. Rich now, poor then, happy now, sad then, questioning & “questing” now, wounded and sealed up then. Here I am going to need to reach only the tiniest of bits to intuit that my Heart is a happy camper right now, because s/he keeps it (the X) always in memory and is deeply satisfied with the Balance we have for the moment. It IS transitory; we all know that, right? Well, let’s move on and see what the Feather of Truth wants me to focus upon today: the Knight of Pentacles. 
Hmm; okay; a pillar of rectitude, stillness, solidity, terre-à-terre values and a stubbornness born of the Great Dark. For Rachel, “There is something heroic about this card, something almost of a Martyr. Even blinded, he will fight to the end. In some ways, he is most like a Knight because of his dedication to a cause, even when the cause is hopeless [one cannot help not hinder the juggernaut of X The Wheel.] . . . The Knight struggles against harsh truths. They may include disease, poverty, or loss, or simply nature itself. Possibly he cannot win. He may know that, but he will not surrender.” I feel stillness inside, as if someone just finished the eulogy at a funeral! That is a beautiful description of her card (difficult though it may be to actually see!!) I don’t see the Knight of Pentacles often, I am not given to hosting or coveting or stocking that kind of energy. But I KNOW lots of Knights of Pentacles, and they are some of the BEST people to have as friends, loyal to a fault and quite often they have the hidden talent of morbid humor. They make GREAT people in your “gang of friends,” and I firmly believe that if you yourself are NOT a Knight of Pentacles, you should try to cultivate the friendship of one; they make dynamite and faithful friends. But in all of this, where is the Feather of Truth? That one is coming into my life? That the one (s) already here bear a stressed importance today? That I would do better to cultivate the qualities more? A LOT can be taken out of this being my “character goal of the day,” if I decide to take it that way. It may also signify the arrival of one of my many young friends, quite a few of whom visit on a regular basis; my wife and I are a “substitute home” for a lot of University kids – they know Jeanne will usually always have a meal and I’ll probably have some herb and they find my conversations interesting & thought-provoking. Grace of this, LOL, my wife and I have an unusually vast knowledge of today’s youth culture, Ha-ha! I think it is a GOOD trade, all that energy and vitality and innocence and YOUTH circulating in our home and in exchange they take away thoughts to explore, a full stomach and the hazy good feeling of some well-smoked herb, as well as the continued LOVE that Jeanne and I both feel for the Young - (we know what’s ahead, Ha!)  I am having the love affair I always wanted to have, but not with one person, with an entire statistical group – the Young. Perhaps I can try to be their Knight a bit, as well. That is at least a nugget of truth I can take away from here today. The Wheel turns and we ALL need our Knights of Pentacles from time to time when it does. May the Cosmos bring us ALL the richness and glory of the Divine today!   

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