Monday, February 29, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 01Mar2016: today my Heart is represented by the 3 of Cups and the Feather of Truth is virevolting around the 7 of Cups reversed. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of the Sephiroth* by Dan Staroff, Jill Stockwell & Josephine Mori. The Majors are the selling point – the minors are fairly uninspired. Nevertheless, an excellent reading deck, slides along the “rails of Intuition” without effort.) Today I woke with any aftermath from the weekend totally gone and feeling rather low-key, pacific and calmly stable. The Tarot, of course, saw this immediately for the opportunity it was, and slipped TWO Cups cards in on me while I was distracted by my own serenity. If you read me from time to time then you know that the suit of Cups and I have ALWAYS labored under extra weight as compared to the other three suits. I came from a quintessentially American family, mother an American Indian and father the dirt-poor grandson of immigrants, therefore by mere definition my emotional life has been fucked up since before birth. Yet today I start the day with the 3 of Cups, a highly beneficent card. The 3 of Cups is Mercury in Cancer, a Water sign, lives in Binah, likes the color black and is the Womb of Creation. Ha! snuck that last one in on you, didn’t I? This is where the birth of the product of the previous 2 is made manifest; a new relationship, a new understanding in an existing relationship or regeneration in general but with an emphasis on the human, emotional aspect. An example, a couple mutually deciding on pregnancy and following through with their “creation & manifestation of Love.” (You can imagine how fatuous I find the current PCspeak for the situation, Oh, Good news! We’re pregnant!” No you’re not. She’s pregnant and is going to do amazing things through 9 months of intense change, pain and confusion. You just bred, Jack, so shut the fuck up.”) For me, I think/feel/intuit that this 3 is about my love for & relationship with the Tarot, and what I would like to do with it in the future. And there’s the rub, I know I want to go somewhere with it, I’m just not sure where. While I continue my own Journey, the selfsame Journey has taught me that NOT extending a helping hand to those who are also seeking in the dark is spiritually criminal. After the weekend’s presentation, I was asked several times if I would consider teaching in the Tarot field, and I had to admit to a GREAT deal of hesitation, having already ridden the Disneyworld “Academic Career”-themed rollercoaster. It left me feeling nauseous. Not teaching, I loved that, but the politics played at a university level for ridiculous scraps and mangy bits of phantom-esque power. Silly people playing with other peoples’ livelihoods. I believe this card assures me that the birth has arrived! even if I don’t quite know it yet, and it is waiting for me to open my eyes. If I do, perhaps I’ll perceive the 7 of Cups reversed, the playground of the Feather of Truth today.
 Another Cups card! Damn! I MUST pay better attention tomorrow. . . Grin. The 7 is Venus in Scorpio, again Water-based, and inhabits Netzach. Depending on your character you can read this card either as the birthplace of dreams of creation or the beguiling & misleading illusions that take place along the Journey, which may divert you from your purpose. Normally, I don’t like to “read the downside” of this card, “You are beset by a plethora of illusory choices. Choose not to choose,” but here, my intuition tells me that reversed now, it is talking to my willingness (or lack of it? I think not. . I hope not) to reject the illusion, any illusion, which may attach itself to the birth of my creation. An important element to remember is to NOT indulge in anger because addictive behavior is possible as well as a negative-reinforcing vanity.  I have become quite expert at rejecting addictive behaviors, having been afflicted with some of them during my lifetime. Wow, talk about illusions! AND delusions, of course; the 1st being due to never learning about the world’s misrepresentations and the 2nd being about committing the misrepresentation yourself. Unfortunately, I can also pipedream very well, and no, I don’t mean drugs. The French saying is “building castles in Spain,” implying you’re daydreaming, looking at the clouds, whatever, indulging fantasies. It seems to me that when you receive the 7 reversed, however, that you are invited to be wise and counseled to avoid the illusions but as a reversed card even your refusal is going to have a shadowed kickback. That is very fickle, and unacceptable, even if inescapable – I don’t have to “accept” the inevitable; I can fight it until it destroys me, IF NECESSARY. 
Nevertheless this card left me with some nagging grey feeling, which I decided to pull with an *Oracle of Visions* (Ciro Marchetti) draw. I received Oracle #32, Patience. (I shall attach the card in a “Comments” postscript. It is quite lovely.) Ah HA!! The quality I MOST lack, which is probably why I was left with the grey feeling! “Let the birth and the denial of <<attachment>> unroll as it wills, on its own time schedule, not yours, Mark. You always want everything yesterday! Cool your jets, Jack.” So, with some {{shudder}} Patience, I can manage to navigate that 7 of Cups, and protect, nurture & encourage the 3 of Cups happening within that ambience. Okay, I can at least be aware, right? With that in mind, may ALL of us benefit from the blessings of the Cosmos filling our beings this day!   

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