Friday, February 26, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 27Feb2016: today my Heart is represented by the 2 of Cups and the Feather of Truth is keeping HOT company with the Knight of Wands. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler & Michael Dowers. You’ve seen it before, you know it is becoming one of my favorites, right up there alongside Alchemical IV by Robert Place. Learn to love it; you’ll be seeing a lot more of it if you continue to read me. J I cannot recommend this deck highly enough, for working with the Tarot with full alchemical and Kabbalistic “wings.”) The 2 of Cups has been coming up a LOT for me lately, if you’ve noticed at all. I have. The entire concept of dynamic partnerships is being underlined over and over again, either as if the lesson is SO very important it bears multiple repetitions, or I have completely misinterpreted the card & it is trying desperately to correct my misimpression. I think it might be a bit of both. Today for the 1st time I had an intuition that it isn’t simply a question of the marriage of the exterior and the interior parts of me, or my marriage with Jeanne, but that the 2 could actually represent an active and equally resourceful foe, for the card admits of that possibility. The 2 is in the 11°-20° range of Cancer ruled by Mars (whose energy is actually beneficial here.) It sits in Chokmah in the Tree of Life, arriving on Water and its Essential Dignity is the Moon in Aquarius. “The Two of Cups is the polarization of the freely floating streams of the Ace of Cups. Where the Ace was all-embracing in its feelings, the Two of Cups has a particular focus. The Ace was unity, the Two of Cups is differentiation, and feelings are focused on a specific object.” (Raven) I other words, there MUST be a goal or an outside referent for the 2 to work. The Moon shares the largesse of the Sun here and profits from the Sun’s ceaseless rounds of activity to bring it out of its reverie a bit.  So, bringing it all down (or up?) to the personal, I think I had better run a thorough “diagnostic check” on my partnerships program and see if it needs debugging or updating. I have no concerns for my marriage, it is rock-solid (I believe.) However, there IS reason to be concerned with the fairly acute swings of “decisional humor” I often experience when contemplating the question I so fervently fling about the Cosmos, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, but where’s my MALE love interest?” I want it all, the happy marriage to my beloved Jeanne (real) AND the physically exciting male presence (not yet real) for which I have a decided liking. To top it off, I have, in general, grim thoughts on the chances of that happening at this stage of my life, and actual proof that my more “mystical” needs have already moved on and only a part of me is left behind longing for a physicality that is no longer applicable.
With this in mind, I discover that the 2 of Cups is facing, of all improbable creatures today, the Knight of Wands, Mr. Sexy Glittery Brilliance himself. The Cosmos is mocking me. L No, not really, but it MIGHT be having a bit of fun at my expense, dragging this hot GQ-fashion plate of witty repartee and fiery passion across my trail at this time. I DO keep meeting them, though, to the point where it seems that Fate is literally shoving them into the spotlight to give me yet another conundrum of which to make head or tail. Montpellier is STUFFED with good-looking young men, for some reason. It IS a university town, or course. And I already serve a role in this community – “grandpa” or “dad” (depending on the age of the person) to whom one may go and receive counseling, advice, even wisdom, a hot meal from Jeanne, and if the stars are right an herbal cigarette. BTW, I LOVE that salamander splashed up against the wall by a blast of Fire, that is the Knight’s token yet I find it good-naturedly comic and informational at the same time. Staying power, fidelity and constancy are not what this salamander’s about; he’s a hot-blooded young man who can sway entire peoples with his brilliance an vision, et may let the whole thing drop tomorrow for lack of follow-through. He IS Sagittarius; also he sits in Tiphareth having blown in on his own Air. “The Knight of Wands represents the Air within the Fire, intellect and storm within the spiritual flame. As the son of the Queen, he bears a certain heritage from the waters inside of him, expressed in romantic beliefs and a most generous nature.” (Raven) That is pretty much me to a T, EXCEPT for my age, and a plethora of Experience, which suit me better for kingship. “Here, the attributes of Fire are excessively strong and combined with Air the first impression is that of a hot storm, filled with action and willful, impulsive energies. Lacking the patience of the earth, the Prince of Wands wants it all and he wants it now, refusals or delays might provoke explosive outbursts. He has endless courage and tenacity; he can fight far superior forces until he has won.” Well, I’m not sure I could stand having my younger twin as my “male interest,” there would certainly be fireworks. And as I said, a great deal of me says, quite simply, “Why are you hanging out back there? We moved on a LONG time ago!” I can only think some remnant of the physical compliment of Desire still remains alight in the embers somewhere, and it ISN’T necessarily a good thing to keep alive & nurture back to health. Some things are meant to die in their time. As I said before, “Review time, pal!”  May the Cosmos bring to each and every one of us exactly what we most need today!    

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