Sunday, February 7, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Maat for 08Feb2016: my Heart is the 10 of Swords and the Feather of Truth is the King of Staffs. (Today’s deck is the “house deck,” Robert Place’s *The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed Fourth Edition*, and if you need any more proof than these two cards to see that Robert’s deck is a jewel, you are a fool, sirrah. Get one, now. You’ll never be sorry.) Well. Harrumph. And finally, Ahahaha! Well, I’ll be damned! (I certainly hope not!) I drew this hand this morning and burst out laughing – is there any doubt that something is over?? The 10 of Swords and the King of Staffs, the Last Card, when you have to start the minor cycle ALL OVER AGAIN? It really is quite humorous; it is as if the cards felt it really necessary to spell it out in big block letters, IT IS OVER. Now, as to “what?” being over, there’s the rub, MacTavish! On this point, I can only take the lead from myself, for earlier in the dark hours of the morning I had awoken with a deep feeling of dissatisfaction, of unhappiness, even. I rose and consulted the cards with a simple 3-card physical/emotional/mental balance sheet reading. I received the 8 of Cups, the 3 of Wands reversed & the 6 of Wands. With a little digging, it became clear to me that while my physical was partly to blame for feeling down and for choices made, the real imbalance lay in the correlation of male & female energies within me. I needed to address and redress the imbalance. Okay, can do.  My mental is chugging along by consensus at the moment, which I believe bears directly on the King turning up this morning. The bones are the easiest part, so let’s glance at both sets, first. 1st, let’s take a look at the 10 of Swords: “Ruin” – sits in Malkuth in the Tree of Life, arriving on a breath of Air. In astrology he is the Sun in the 3rd decan of Gemini. “With the Ten of Swords, the development of human intellect has consequently reached its last step - from the birth of intellect within the Ace to complete ruin within the grounds of the Ten . . . every Ten in the Minor Arcana stands for the end of a process, for the need to restart or at least vary, only the Ten of Swords have an amazingly crude way to put it into words - that's just the way they are.” (Raven) Uh, yes, black bird of importune beak! That means, however, that having reached BOTH the 10 and the King of Staffs . . . well, harrumph!
 Alright, onwards; the Kings of Staffs – “Lord of Flames and Lightning,” dances “like a flame” in Chokmah, and in astrology sits astride 21° Scorpio to 20° Sagittarius. He is Fire in the fire of Atziluth. The greatest danger within this otherwise paragon of nobility, honesty and conscientiousness is “Further, the fires within Fire lack the sources of reserved potentials, so once the explosion is over, there is nothing more left for the King (sic) to provide.” (Raven) Well, seeing that I OFTEN see myself as a King of Wands type (mixed with the King of Swords & their respective subaltern males,) if I am TRULY going to be a “the purest manifestation of this element - burning, flaming, enthusiastic and thrilling . . . ,” I had better get on with the job and recognize that all things come to an end and what has been before must die to make way for what is coming. For me, I think I’m looking down the barrel of sweeping some of the last vestiges of my “old life” down the drain, if I can, and to take up with a glad heart the passion I have found now in my life, the Journey. No more half-hearted commitment (it wasn’t, anyway) and, more importantly, NO HOLDING BACK big portions of my old life in “reserve just in case this one goes bust.” I need to go ahead and jump for the Gold Ring; Atziluth is the highest of the worlds and Fire the highest of the elements, the King (sic) of Wands can stand for highest inspirations, spiritual realization and purest creativity. (Thanks to Raven for the seed on that.) However, with no stability, I’m having trouble with depth, stability and logic (cups, pentacles & swords.) Fire is ALL about that action, NOT AT ALL about stability, but I secretly thrive on it, I NEED stability in a lot of areas of my life before I can “make THIS work,” this being my Journey. As for emotions & logic, every man for himself!! LOL, no, actually I’m not that concerned about Emotion, it just had a millennial Cleaning; and Logic? Well, that comes and goes with me anyway, and I have reached a point in my life where the Illogical can, and often does, make as much situational sense as the Logical.  However, that is all fine & good AS FAR AS IT GOES, but the truth of it is that I need to change to renew my process and I need to do it by &acknowledging the passing of something important in my life; I just need to pinpoint what that something is. I can see that today will be spent honing my inner senses and triaging the “patients in my hospital.” Something is blocking progress, there’s a corpse in the hallway blocking access to the elevator, and I need to go UP ASAP. So, Mark, move the fucking corpse, dude. That is certainly not an elegant way to end this reflection, but it IS pithy, to the point, and motivational. Ha. In that spirit, I Will that all of the manifold blessings of the Cosmos find access to our hearts and souls; Be well!  

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