Friday, March 25, 2016

Card of the Day, 26Mar2016:
XII The Hanged Man
“A Willing Sacrifice To The Principle Of Non-Resistance.
With hands, arms and heart open, the soul enters into the problem, embraces the opposites and quenches their contraries. In the ancient Hymn of the Pearl, this is the Prince who must redeem himself before he can recapture the Pearl and return to the World of Light; this is also the Christ/Sophia, both of whom self-sacrificially descend to the lowest level of creation to harvest the fallen and dormant soul-sparks before making the turn-around to begin the ascent again. In Tarot, Major Arcanum XII symbolizes Metanoia, the spiritual turn-around point, which marks the end of the Fall and the beginning of the upward path. “(Christine Payne-Towler, *The Tarot of the Holy Light*)   

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