Monday, March 14, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to a 2-card CotD, or Card of the Day, and NOT my usual Scales of Ma’at reading or style of reading. I’m posting today’s reading in order to do two things: 1) to introduce a deck, recently acquired, which makes me think of the “hippy-dippy guru” era and my youth, *The Pearls of Wisdom Tarot* by Roxi Sim. Aeclectic has this to say about it, “Pearls of Wisdom Tarot Third Edition. The vibrant and positive Pearls of Wisdom Tarot is now available in a third edition. The 78 cards have their own symbolism rich in elements of the Triple goddess, the language of flowers and runes. This edition has sharper, higher definition borderless illustrations and is available in both poker and jumbo size. Created by Roxi Sim. Tarot Deck - 78 Cards - Self Published 2015.” and 2) to say that my Scales of Ma’at will be as peripatetic as me this week, as I am preparing a Very Little Tarot project, a system/layout/reading presentation for posting latter in the week. On verra. J Nevertheless, here is Today, and it seems my Heart is in waiting-for-the-harvest mode, which sounds right on target. 
I’ve parked my Heart in neutral, waiting to see if the light changes and I go forward or stay put with regards to “What do I do with the Tarot now? What new avenue to explore awaits ME, in particular?” The Feather of Truth (even though this isn’t a full-on Scales of Ma’at reading) alit this morning on the 3 of Swords reversed, although I’ve posted it Upright, because the card is confusing enough with its “busyness.” I’m going to take that to mean that for me, today, I need to put away or aside any temporary grief or sorrow in order to get on with it. I won’t say to Deny it, because that is impossible, you can’t do it, it lives in you and until you work it out it will stay there. This could be about a recent meditative stroll through the gardens of Mortality and revisiting my emotions & thoughts to tidy them up and put them away from my mother’s death, one year ago this month. It’s odd – I didn’t plan on “a year of mourning,” (or wearing deep black bustling bombazine and jet jewelry, either!) it just “fell that way,” which could account for the tradition in the 1st place. Speaking with my father recently I can hear his mortality rising to the surface, as well, and I know I’m going to miss him terribly. So . . . Knock it off, Mark. Today’s NOT the day to indulge in melancholia and lugubrious moods; keep yourself bust while you are awaiting the harvest, do something pro-Tarot even if it isn’t “the project” for the moment, like clean up some of the rampant craziness in your tarot deck collection, which is a Byzantine maze of cartons & shelves & sacks & loose decks scattered everywhere. “Put some Order in your metaphysical life, fer Chrissake, buddy!!” So that’s it. I’m cutting it there, taking your watches & wallets and skedaddling out the side door. May the Cosmos give you wings to catch me!! Ahahahaa. . haa . . .ha!    

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