Sunday, March 20, 2016

Good morning and Welcome to my Scales of Ma’at for 21Mar2016: my Heart is in the Mother of Wands (Queen) and the Feather of Truth is incognito in the wrap of the Mother of Swords. (Today’s deck is, of course, *The Wild Unknown Tarot* by Kim Krans.) I’m feeling terribly somber today. Yesterday afternoon, I received news that a young person whom I love very much was the victim of a freak accident, and is now in a critical but stable (?) state with half the scalp removed & parked in the stomach & the brain exposed to relieve the pressure and deal with a massive blood clot, that all resulted from a simple stumble, trip, hit the head. I have been requested to keep the victim’s anonymity, so there it is. I am “bouleversé,” which in French has a much more serious connotation than the English “bowled over.” So I entered today’s reading heavy of heart and trepidatious of sentiment. In terms of heaviness of heart, my Heart is today coiled up with the Mother (Queen) of Wands, which I can understand to a certain degree; my emotional concerns are entirely centered on Hermaphroditus (a classical name giving away nothing.) Tarotically enough, the CB (Companion Book, not a LWB) describes a person EXACTLY like the youth. So while that person is a “Mother of Wands” hir (m²), it is MY Heart which is on the pitch and in the game, feeling desperately useless, thus the change in suit to find the truth, for me.
 The Feather of Truth today is incognito in the gorgeous coat of the Mother of Swords. This COULD be the hurt victim, it could be a sharp & observant medical person “on the scene,” this card “could be” a LOT of things or people, but that isn’t for what I drew; I drew for where the Truth is for ME today, and apparently it is here: Be smart, be canny, be caring but keep a critical eye on the entire picture. My wife and I are, of course, deeply concerned and in “prayer” for the recovery of Hermaphroditus, but there is nothing we can “physically” do to aid the situation, except send support to all the people involved “on site,” so to speak. I’m really not very talkative or cheery today, and to tell you the truth, drew the cards with a somewhat heavy hand this morning. I couldn’t make up my mind whether to “commit” to a reading or to let it slide for today. I’m still unsure, even after the reading AND the writing. Having your emotional reality depend on a drama that is taking place far away is not highly recommended, at least not by me; it is the stuff of Russian novelists like Tolstoy or Dostoeyevski, with Boris suffering in Siberia and Natasha living it up in Saint Petersburg. Great reading, lousy living. With all of my being I Will this person well, and then must step back and let the Cosmos work out its destiny. Today, may the Cosmos indeed be a benefactor and the source of Mercy and Compassion for us all. 

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