Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 02Mar2016: my Heart is ONCE DAMN YET AGAIN by the Knight of Wands and the Feather of Truth is (today with more encouragement than I really want) fanning blossoms into the air around the 4 of Wands. (Today’s deck is something of a mystery. It is called, *Illustration & Tarot” by Collen A. Hardy. And that is as much information as ANY of us are going to get. We only get that due to a little slip-on band or “glove” on the box, which is itself illustrated without printing. There is no LWB. There is no Aeclectic information or listing. There is no web info. I saw this on Etsy, liked the art & bought it. That’s as much as I know about this deck. It IS beautiful, and she has constituted the Courts of Page, Prince, Queen & Knight, a kind of amalgam of RWS & Thoth. One has the DEFINITE impression that Ms. Hardy is first & foremost an artist, and may or may not be a Tarot practitioner.) Damn, damn, damn – the Knight of Wands AGAIN? I mean, “Hey, Thoth, old buddy, old friend! I get the message, I really do!” Sometimes the Tarot seems very parental, yelling at you as if volume helps understanding. Of course, here the Knight is the King, so at least my age is being given some recognition (Ha! If it isn’t mockery!) with the older version of the RWS Knight – the *Thoth* Knight/King.  Okay, AGAIN let me remind myself of his bone structure: AKA the Lord of Flame and Lightning, sitting in Chokmah in the Tree of Life and striding between the 2nd decans of Scorpio to Sagittarius. He is, of course, the Fire of Fire, as in Atziluth, his “atmosphere.” “. . . the Knight of Wands is the purest manifestation of his element - burning, flaming, enthusiastic and thrilling . . . the Knight of Wands can stand for highest inspirations, spiritual realization and purest creativity.” (Raven) Oh yeah, I remember, (I ought to realize it! I’ve seen it often enough lately.) But this is all “stuff of the moment,” for that is the nature of this knighthood: after the “explosion,” there are no reserves, so he’s a Single-Shot Superman. (Say that really fast 78 times, and then wonder why you did it.) Which may be, probably is, more a descriptor today than a goad. I’m feeling mentally listless, as if I took a somnifere last night (I didn’t.) And logy – “My dawgs are draggin’, Pa!” (“Gitcher banjo, boy, yool feel bettah.”) That has a good chance of lifting, like John Carpenter’s “The Fog,” as the morning progresses and my one & only cup of coffee kicks in. So, with a general physical ambiance like that this morning I’m not feeling too spectacularly delighted to see the Knight show up and urge an equestrian outing; “C’mon, pal, let’s go ride through the Fire and see if we can break on through to the other side!” 
Standing in the wings waiting to fan my brow, however, the Feather of Truth has ridden in today on a fiery 4 and oddly enough rather thrives in that atmosphere. AKA Completion, the 4 sits in Chesed in the Tree of Life, as well as being Venus in the 3rd decan of Aries. “The 4 of Wands represents Chesed - the power of condensation, growth and stability, standing in the structural discipline of the 4 - the work is done, the plan was successful, the Fire has settled and reigns over its realms.” (Raven) “Settled in and reigns over his lands,” in other words, IV the Emperor. When I’m reaching for my best I’m capable of the Emperor, so I can understand the message here as well: the Truth is not in the Action of the Knight, but in the 4-square, solid and determined WILL of the Emperor, his suzerain, which is BEHIND that action, and may be accessed directly, bypassing the Knight, if one entertains a more spiritually mature viewpoint.  Here I am being reminded that, with me, it is always a question of the “2-minute Storm.” When I’m IN the Knight of Wands, the above diagnosis is correct – I may spectacularly explode in a display of personal fireworks, but it is all gone, forgotten, two minutes later.  That is due, I believe, to the absence of Malice in my “explosions.” Malice takes an ENORMOUS quantity of energy to sustain, and really unpardonably immature egoism to give it birth. It is similar to knowingly investing in a Ponzi scheme; you KNOW you are going to get fucked in the end. 
So-o-o-o. . , today, with a Heart full of the “fougue,” (fiery spirit, mettle. Pronounced “foog.”), I must nevertheless remember the GOAL, the “completion” and result of this fiery mastery. In its own way, I believe this card is merely echoing other recent Feather cards, all of which speak directly to the virtue of Patience as a sovereign remedy for all of the lava-like spillover from my Heart. (It is funny-odd about Fire; I don’t fear Death, but I do Fire. Combine the two & you have my least favorite method of “moving on.” Even drowning is preferable. And yet . . . and yet, Fire fascinates me in all of its forms. I suppose I can thank the impersonal goodness of the Ain-Soph for not being a pyromaniac as well! Ha!) I can see how this is all applicable and/or do-able today, but my gosh, is it dry! Like eating raw uncooked, un-milked oatmeal; a bowl of dry grain. These cards today are similar to re-reading a manual on how to maintain “voltage converter series IEUBQ-442” up to snuff. Or similar. Which is okay, too, believe me. A day without Sturm und Drang is like a fish without a bicycle, to paraphrase an old LGBT bumper sticker. So, in that spirit of calm inquiry into sources behind actions, let’s get on with it. I pray for us ALL to reap the harvest of blessings that the Cosmos has given us today!    

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