Thursday, March 10, 2016

Good Morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 10Mar2016: today my Heart is singing on the wings of the 3 of Music (Cups) and the Feather of Truth today is helping out the 6 of Painting (Pentacles.) The other two suits in this deck are Science (Swords) and Poetry (Wands.) (Today’s deck is *The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination* by [William Blake, of course! and] Ed Buryn. If you are a William Blake fan, of course, then you either already have this deck or definitely need it. Wonderful art which I am in no way qualified to judge or criticize, I could wish the art had been done full-size, no borders, but oh well. Concepts in the deck are ALL aimed at the “post-Enlightenment” human that we are supposed to be, or at becoming this, and there is a LOT of angelic presence in the theory behind the deck and the deck itself (Naturally; Blake was obsessed.) He was a man of deep & profound faith but thought Christianity had sold us all a bill of goods, and he caused social unrest wherever he went. Yet NO one could deny his talent; we can’t either, it is there in the art, and Mr. Buryn has done a good job pulling it all together. A good, successful effort; the deck as a whole has a decidedly positive spin, about progress both general and personal.) I’m not going to go into bones today: these cards do NOT seem to have been created with anything other in mind than a passing reference to standard RWS Tarology.  “We are gonna fly by the seat of emotion-filled pants, kiddies!” “Oh boy, daddy, can we scuff the upholstery, too?” My Heart today is the 3 of Music, AKA (in a Thothian maneuver, nevertheless!) Exuberance. For a VERY “flexible” referent, we can use the 3 of Cups, but I WILL try to read it for myself as delineated by Mr. Buryn. He delineates it thusly; “Exuberance is Beauty” “Sense of Emotional expansion. Something that makes you sing for joy. Intense desire for creative expression . . . Supportive alliances or relationships. In the creative process: Exciting & joyous progress is taking place; blow your horn!” Well, it is & it isn’t the 3 of Cups - in fact, this 3 of Music contains many of the qualities already inherent in the 6 of Wands. We have a very similar card as well in the 6 of Painting, comparing it with that other 6, and this 3, and its own moniker of “Assistance,” but we can cover a lot of that when we speak of the Feather of Truth card. For now, this 3 of Music is on stage, and we need to look at the performance. I doubt I’m going to blow anyone’s horn today; much less my own (get your minds out of the gutter! LOL) but I love that the cards have addressed my question that I pondered for the last several days; with all of this collective, positive energy from the Tarot community, and my own desire to create something new, the cards are saying, “Yay! The idea is already born! Great! Nurture it! Help it grow! It is a good idea!” Okay, well, that tells me that I’m more SUB- and UN-consciously supportive of this than I had imagined. I didn’t know I was already on my own bandwagon! I know that sounds like a silly thing to say, but my conscious self often sows doubts. I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about a project, any project, and deep down inside of me. Now I feel reassured that we are in tune, singing the same song. My fabulous singing has brought the Feather of Truth to rest on the 6 of Painting
 (Wands,) AKA “Assistance.” The 6 of Pentacles has a more “charitable works” feel to it than this card, which rather than speaking of measured largesse and the wary eye of the benefactor, here translates into more human, more direct “aid” to a fellow human being, caught in the bogs of the process, whereas you have kept to surer ground. Mr. Buryn’s delineation: “Giving or receiving favors or tangible help of some kind. Sponsorship or patronage. Favorable health or healing issues [me]. A positive influence in a situation. Although over your head, Angels may come & rescue you. Generosity of spirit. . . In the creative process: You can attract the assistance and tools you need by using your imagination and not giving up hope.”  Harrumph! It seems to me that, again, this morning’s reading is intimately concerned with the question of a new project. There WILL be assistance and help (I tell myself,) and some of it will come from my own imagination (well, of course, I was counting on that!) But without becoming tedious about it, let’s just say this card is favorable to the project, and tries to convey the message that perhaps I should consider a wider participation, a wider base of assistance and cooperation for the project than I had previously done. On verra, as I am constantly telling my cats when they want to steal a car and go joyriding. (Don’t adopt a criminal cat, nothing but problems. J)  As for group projects, wow! do I have big doubts about that! It is an open invitation to chaos and ruining relationships, however frail or forceful they may be. Yet the Feather of Truth is somewhere inside of me telling me to think, seriously think about a cooperative effort. I need to make sure I don’t want to do that out of a need to share the shame of failure, if it arrives (how very Japanese of me, & I’m not!) but a desire to share the success WHEN it arrives (positive thinking in action, Will, call it what-you-will, you know what I mean.) Well, anything & everything is entirely possible, as the “project” hasn’t really even started yet! It is just being discussed in the tavern in my head, and I’m not sure the participants aren’t a little drunk, to boot! HA! Well, let’s ALL take this day to contemplate the surprisingly good things the Cosmos gives us if we look up from the rut! Blessings!    

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