Thursday, March 17, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 17Mar2016: as my Heart this morning I have the card ‘Displays of Power’(3 of Wands) and today the Feather of Truth is aflame & lighting the way in the Master of Fire (King of Wands.) “Ho-de-ho-ho-ho, it’s gonna be a HOT day!” (Today’s deck is *The Didactic Tarot* by Jeffrey M. Donato. It is different & I had serious doubts when I opened it, looked at it and gave it a trial run. It has 5 suits, plus 2 cards added to every suit [a 0 and a card between 10 and the Page, which is a place, such as “Palace of the Broken Bean Wind”] or something similar (that suit-name is NOT in the deck!) We have a couple of cards to string from the inner tendons of your thighs, and then after that, on with a reading . . . no, but there ARE 102 cards in the deck, a monstrously large expansion. I spread & read once, and then consigned the deck to the “maybe” pile, which is actually the anteroom to Hades. A word whispered in my ear by a friend has caused me to retrieve and reevaluate it. Aha! It IS worth redemption! . . . I think. It is a project of love & scholarship, at least, as the deck is “the Master’s thesis” the author created to gain his M.F.A. degree. His goal is to teach through Art; he obviously has a history with symbolism & Tarot.) So, my Heart today shows up in ‘Displays of Power’ (3 of Wands), and my day is on its feet and moving. The card merits the author’s “tale,” not only to show his vision but to grasp his message: “A fervid mouth with tongues of lava spewed us forth from out its maw. Our kingdom now is laid (sic) before us, and all there is to be explored. Great reptilians roam the surface. Something lurks in the distant sky. It’s fled to tell its Master Mother. Soon She will come and we cannot hide from Her. SO let us be bold and step apart and see what each can become alone. Then we’ll recombine and gain new strength. The horns of fire from which we drink and stoke our spirits make us strong and give us a sense that we belong. This is our realm and so we claim the power of the perfect flame.” (Jeffrey M. Donato) I find the triskelion to be the heart of the card, the ancient Celtic symbol for competition and Progress, the “three legs running.” This presentation of the 3 is VERY active, I find. Which is fine, yet it doesn’t find QUITE that mobile an expression in my morning. It IS here, chez moi, it is tangible. I’ve made the Wand-like decision to move a bit of distance away from hearth & home, & wife, today, not to become IX the Hermit, which was recently an anteroom as well, but to Explore a bit, to step back into that surcharged realm of “Out There, There Is Fire.” (I’m not doing “bones” today. Those of you looking for them will understand what I mean; basic info is on the card. I will add this, however; “the Threes are connected to Binah - Understanding. The untouched energies of the 2's have met the 3, the number of synthesis and harmony. They're no longer solitudes; they face up to their meanings and surroundings . . . the powerful fire understand its responsibility.”) I have a real whopper of a first step this morning, it seems; 
I find the Feather of Truth embedded in the Master of Fire, the traditional King of Wands. Well . . . harrumph! . . . It doesn’t much more overtly masculine than that unless you were to add an erect phallus. That giant ram, Mars & Aries, the Phoenix, the Sun, dragons & fire, Fire, FIRE. . . “Whoa, Jack!” Writing of the card, there is this excerpt from the NCB (Nicely Colored Book), “My representative among men you shall be, I will crown you with fire and none shall defeat you. And when your time is passed, I will see that you are blessed with an epic battle and a warrior’s death. Sitting between the furnaces of the planet, Ammram the Destroyer is my name. I am the anger of spirit. To BE is to radiate the essence of life. I was created by Nema, but in a shallow breath, the star expanded and the seed of Prion fell and struck me between the eyes, and I knelt to the power of the one true God, digging a hole and planting the seed of another crystal tree.” (J.M.D.) Whoof! I feel as if I’ve just been “hooved” in the stomach! I can believe that, somewhere inside of me, there is a shard of me that COULD be sent to the Island of Dr. Moreau, transformed into a star beast, and have that kind of assurance & chutzpah to NATURALLY assume this multi-incarnation of Fire & Odin & Aries & Tiamat, symbols & dignities of powers beyond human ken (at least for now!) That shard, however, doesn’t exist in a state of being where the ego has been apotheosed  to such giddy interstellar levels, and I can feel a touch of sympathy & pity in my Heart for the great Master, bound and imprisoned as he is in his own myth. Even I, little me, am far, far freer than this Grand Sovereign of the Spheres. “I understand, my Lord, I do. And with my Heart I serve you, because I understand my Truth lies imprisoned here with you, and I must set it free.” Being fire in Fire, the Master of Flame is the purest manifestation of his element . . . (a) born leader, full of ideas and idealism, proud and commanding, at his best noble, honest . . . and intelligent. (He stands for the) highest inspirations, spiritual realization and purest creativity. ” (Raven, & me)  I LIKE throwing Mr. Donato’s interpretation into the mix, that kind of Babylonian Tiamat/dragon/ram/phoenix dynamic is more in line with my own inner conception of this King (as a SPICE to the mix, calm down!)Whichever way I take it, Truth for me today lies in assuming the duties & responsibilities, as well as the power & dynamism, of him whom I most closely resemble, I suppose . . . at least for today. Grin. May the blessings of the Cosmos surprise and delight ALL of us today and may we be glad!    

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