Sunday, March 27, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 28mar2016: my Heart is represented today by the -6 Gemini- card and the Feather of Truth is to found lolling along the alien riverbank in the -9 Virgo- card. (Today’s deck is actually *Revelation Oracle Cards* by Paul Miller. Inspired by the success of using an oracle deck for yesterday’s Natal Trinity Projection & wondering if the success could be duplicated, today is an experiment. An experiment with mixed results, I ruefully admit. I should have chosen a more Lenormand-ish type deck for this, I believe. Mr. Miller’s (Paul, not me . . .) oracle deck has an inner structure and organization that, while highly detailed, doesn’t seem to serve a “tranny” reading (being one thing, dressing as another) very well. He uses standard Tarot layouts, which is perhaps where I was misled, because I cannot see that these cards slide into a deck of Tarot cards in that fashion. 7 suits of archetypes constitute the deck, with a different number of cards from suit to suit, and while following its own internal logic, it does not follow “go ahead, use me like a Tarot, I can multi-task” procedures, it isn’t made for them, it doesn’t fit. This is an oracle deck where, to be useful, it should be used with its own system of internal logic and not a Tarot overlay. Nevertheless, Truth comes in MANY disguises, and there is no reason I can’t adapt, and make the cards adapt to my needs. So, in the spirit of Arne Saknussemm, Forward We Go.)As my Heart today, I have the 6 Gemini standing in. If I take the card in its numerological & astrological senses, I can work out that I am working with Alliances/Unions/Marriages (the 6) and The Air (Swords) sign of June, so in an “analogy,” a “through the mirror darkly”-kind of vision, and a great big stretch, I am looking at a dimensional reflection of the 6 of Swords. The card illustration is striking, recalling Union, Alliance, and invoking the “mystic” of Air in the surrounding, a-storm-is-coming atmosphere. I shall read that as the fact that my Heart today is concerned with my alliances, as indeed I am. I have just spent a wonderful weekend of camaraderie and love and friendship, all manifested towards me on the occasion of a birthday, and I was literally OVERWHELMED by the affection and esteem of my French network here in Montpellier as well as my much larger network of friends and acquaintances on Facebook and through my Tarot-centered activities. I was made aware of the size and content of the networks I have created and their goodwill, and it brings to me a Cassandra-like feeling; “Buttress your Walls, oh Trojan king, for the storm is coming, the Storm of your world & race & time, the Storm of Change.” I believe it is coming indeed. The world simply can’t bear the weight of us much longer; she will throw us off like a dog shaking away fleas. When that time comes, I want MY networks to be solid and sure, so that those I love and who love us survive and continue Community. 
Of course, if I check out before then, all the better for me, but I STILL want the networks to hold solid, for the benefit of those involved. Onward to the Feather of Truth today, which is weaving a dreamy, subconscious-like path through the hazy atmospheres of 9 Virgo. I see that here the drive is the search for Wisdom & Completion (the 9) while traversing the harvest airs of the Earth (Pentacles), the attributes of Virgo. “Wrap up and finish the Search Below, my friend, and soon the Search Above, here in the realm of Pentacles.”  The realm’s didactic potential is growing desperately thin, for me. It nearly has nothing left to offer me, except the blessing of its being, which I gladly accept. Nevertheless, I am encouraged to search high in the realms beyond the physical (Neptunian and Uranian influences through the 9) manifestation of the Element, to seek in its pristine spirit the Truth which resides there and which I must take away as my “certificate of graduation” from this realm. Well, that’s all fine & good, then, because I have decided, not freshly either, that the “Physical” holds next to no interest for me any longer, and that if the material means anything TRUE in my life it is that it is so easily manipulated that babies do it every day. The physical has always been quixotically kind to me with occasional streaks and runs of irrational, Lady Macbeth-like lunacy & cruel behavior. But on the whole, I am in the black as far as she goes. I plan to keep it that way. So, there we have a kind of bizarre, cobbled together version of the Scales of Ma’at. Not very elegant, I admit, but it worked. I think tomorrow, however, it is time to return to Tarot and its design advantages (for these readings.) May we ALL heed the Cosmos today and be a bit more flexible in our reception of its blessings!   

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