Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 29Mar2016 : today my Heart is represented by the Knight of Staffs and the Feather of Truth is imitating « Stillness » at the monument of the 7 of Coins. (Today’s deck is, of course, Robert M. Place’s *Alchemical Tarot Renewed: Fourth Edition*, my “home deck.” After my recent adventures in Wildandwoolyland, I rushed home to the comfort and neoclassical rigors of my beloved home deck. Whew! A word to the wanting-to-be-wise; if you don’t own a copy of this, consider buying one [I do NOT receive a commission! LOL] as Robert’s decks inevitably sell out, and then one starts to hear the pitiable mewlings of the lost pussies who put it off. Very few decks have ever spoken to me without any ambiguity at all; this is one of them.) I arose e-a-r-l-y this morning, and happily, with the feeling of, “Good; the weekend follies are over, let’s get on with it!” No fritterfrattering around today, back to a sensible deck and sensible insight for sensible actions. (“Psst! Hey, Maude! You forgot your sensible shoes!”) There is an important difference , however, between Thursday last and today: I became convinced, 100% convinced, that the network of friendships I maintain here and some of those abroad, to which I had always ascribed as “pro forma” any declarations of amity & “love” for me, do indeed hold me in some regard. I was so immensely humbled, moved and gratified. And oddly enough, it motivates me to streamline my “emotional line” and get on with business, hence the Knight of Staffs. HE’s one of my four “regulars,” as I have stated before. I can almost ALWAYS be found either in the King or Knight of Staffs or the King or Knight of Swords.  My Knight of Staffs is about being “robust and confident,” seeing “the business” for what it is and ready to get on with it, NOW! I have a lot of charisma in this mode, but it carries arrogance and riding roughshod over people as well, so I can’t just adopt him lock, stock, & barrel without some safeguards in place. So I can stride into today ready to get down and get on with it . . . but carefully, Mark, try not to be an asshole along the way! 
The Feather of Truth, mocking piece of fluff that she is, has landed on the single alchemical monument to Patience that exists in all the known worlds, the 7 of Coins. Now, I can’t tell you how many times, yessireeBob! that I’ve heard the words, “Mark, you’re a monument to Patience!” Oh, wait, yes I can; Never. I have always been more of a “sow the wind, reap the whirlwind” kind of guy, so, patiently waiting in my clodhoppers, stick o’ straw in my mouth, staring dumbly at the growing crops really isn’t my style. I never admired Clem Kadiddlehopper. However, mockery spent and that being said, I have had some hard but profitable lessons in the last few years about patience, and “Patience,” the incarnate Virtue. From the micro to the Macro, I have been taught and then asked to exhibit Patience, which has been a special classroom for me as it is one of my most frequent, spectacular and costly downfalls, the lack of patience. I have committed some real doozies because of it, or rather because of the lack of it, patience. I come from a long line of proudly impatient men, men who would rather rush forward where angels fear to tread than to hear a cautionary word. Of course, there is also: short-tempered, choleric, and prone to the black & white solution of extremism and violent reaction, all included in the package, but “hey! who ya gonna believe, baby, me, o’ yo’ lyin’ eyes?” Robert’s 7 of Coins tells the story for seeing eyes; Saturn, the base, (Lead) rises to mars (Iron) become Jupiter (Tin) metamorphosing into Venus (Copper) who rises to Mercury (Mercury) who becomes Luna (Silver) and then, eventually, Sol (Gold) the sun Incarnate. I’ve always wanted to touch the face of God; I’ve just never had the patience to attain the placement. “The card represents an ascent toward a goal but the ascent must take place in stages. It suggests that we are not yet at our goal but we are on the path. Patience and perseverance are necessary to stay on the path.” (Robert M. Place, *Alchemy and the Tarot* Hermes Publications, 2011)  So . . . harrumph! Although I must say that I’m not surprised; Patience has been showing up a lot lately, in one form or another, counseling me to cool my jets, Enlightenment isn’t a blue-light special, take my time to organize and for once BE READY for what is to come, and prepared to not only enjoy it but exploit it for the benefit of myself AND others. If you personally knew me, you would know, “Whew! Mark has a challenge there! Ha!” That’s okay, though, I am long-used to the slings and arrows of outrageous patience, to pervert a phrase, and will make my accommodations to adjust to the necessity of a marriage of convenience. One can swallow a LOT of things if one wants the end result badly enough. Ha! “An’ I’m a-tellin’ ya’, I don’ swallow easy!” {{snicker}} May the Cosmos bless us ALL today with an extraordinary capacity for Peace and Patience, and may we be gracious enough to accept it!    

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