Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 30Mar2016: my Heart is soaring high on an overview of XXI Il Mondo (The World) while the Feather of Truth is laying low amongst all of the frippery adorning il Re di Danari (King of Coins.) Today’s deck is the *Tarocco Soprafino* of F. Gumppenberg, printed in Milano in 1835, and often called “the most beautiful tarot deck in the world.” For this type of antique reproduction, it is indeed stunning. The cards are slightly smaller than modern normal; but are cut so finely & so sharply on good stock that they “hurt” to handle – they “pick” your palms like a ball of scorpions or electricity, it is very disconcerting, and will doubtless fade with age, but it gives you the feeling they are alive and JUMPING to get into action! I was delighted to recently receive this deck and can “fanfaronner” about it. Another item I wish to briefly re-cover today is what the hell I am doing; some of you may wonder. I call this simple spread The Scales of Ma’at, based on the Egyptian mythological reference to the Weighing of the Heart ceremony in Egyptian afterlife ritual. Ma’at, the goddess of Truth presides and Anubis weighs the deceased’s heart against the Feather of Truth, and if the heart is heavier, the ka, or soul, of the person is thrown to Ammit, the Devourer (a kind of demented, nightmare hippopotamus.) The two cards I draw, of course, represent 1) my Heart and 2) the Feather of Truth. From these two cards I synthesize my daily reading. ۞ On to today’s reading. Even though it may look like I’ve drawn two neighboring cards from an unshuffled deck, this is not the case: I just received an excellent draw this morning! And besides, I always use a spread-fan style of draw, so that eliminates that from happening. My Heart today is overviewing my life from the giddy heights of XXI Il Mondo (The World.) It’s true that I am currently enjoying a large and magnanimous inner kingdom wherein peace holds sway and indulgent yet sage understanding pervades the air. I’m feeling “large.” I shall enjoy it while it lasts, it won’t last long, it never doe, and won’t until I complete the initiatory journey and, for me personally, the life journey in this shell of meat. By Osiris! I’m tired of the meat. Perhaps it is the accumulation of years’ worth of ill self-treatment and runaway vice, perhaps not, but the machine is winding down and I cannot express how utterly DONE with it I am. It went above & beyond the call of duty, wearing itself out prematurely in the process, but I received what I wanted; a cornucopia of undifferentiated and un-moralized experience that helped fill that numberless quantity of curiosity corners in my brain and personality. As a result of that, I have become a formidable being indeed. To illustrate: while shopping in town with my wife yesterday, after a long day, my back was “killing me. We were traversing the train station when suddenly I realized we were at a “crossroads”: the two cavernous main hallways of the station intersected there where I was standing and by association with train travel, became the intersection of international travel, and a “crossroads” of dizzying potential. Almost automatically, I heaved a sigh of relief, and going inward to where I need to go, I stood at the center of the crossroads and performed a small magick to banish the pain in my back. Abrahadabra, done. I sailed on in newly summoned pain-free ease.
 To do this, and here is my point, I mentally summoned the King of Pentacles as master of the physical and asked him to clean up my immediate health issue by going within and bringing the healing out of myself and the energies of the cosmos there present. Not inappropriately, I receive il Re di Danari (King of Coins) as the abiding place of the Truth today. I take that message simply and upfront; that, what you did, is the Truth, Mark. That is the mastery of the physical, and if you don’t overthink it, you have proven to yourself time and again that you can master the physical WHEN IT MATTERS TO YOU.   Hence, perhaps, my feelings of utter ennui with the physical – been there, done that, been its King, even. Time to move on, which I have anyway, so it is with easy recognition that I see in the King of Coins that reflection of the Truth – mastery of the cube of matter, here as well as in IV The Emperor, is a quality of which I am aware and quite capable of inhabiting to bring forth a truth in myself and/or my Journey. I know that, so here, today, this is less informative than it is reinforcing: “Mark, for you part of the Truth lies in keeping hold of mastery of the physical, or retaining that kingship, at least for now.” And with a heart replete with both compassion and sorrow for the ills of the world and love for my fellow Journeyers, I am able to inform my kingship with the desired human quality it needs rather than the mere mastery of the 3D and more specifically, money and its innumerable manifestations. I HOPE this is all true, I HOPE this is me. The cards are telling me, “Don’t doubt it, Mark. You are getting there, you are.” So, if the cards are telling me, the divine in me is telling me. Am I trustworthy, am I to be believed? Again, oh, I HOPE so! May the Cosmos bring ALL of us the necessary energy to reassert our commitment to being on the Red Road and to finding our way back home. 93 93/93.    

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