Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 03Mar2016 : my Heart is symbolized by the Air of Air (Prince of Swords) and the Feather of Truth today is riding the Rim with the Air of Fire (Prince of Wands.) (Today’s deck is the *Tree of Life Tarot* or *Kabbalistisches Tarot* by Apolonia van Leeuwen & Rufus Camphausen. Designed for students of the Kabbalah, thus REALLY helpful if you wish to be more informed on that system combined with Tarot.) “Ya know,” did I miss something? Am I being sold special, “challenged” decks with only two suits, Swords & Wands?  Well of course not, and the outrage is faux; it is simply that, like always, I’m drawing Swords & Wands and Pentacles & Cups are nowhere to be seen. Of course, they get their turns, but THEN Wands & Swords flee the scene as if the Black Plague of Cards was ravaging my desktop. Why do things in a nice, harmonious manner when you can specialize in overkill, right? By Osiris’ missing penis! Is it any wonder why I get constant but random visits from XIV Temperance? {{Sigh.}} Okay, let’s get on with it. My Heart starts today in the Prince of Swords character, it seems. Once again, for those inattentive the last 1000 times, the Prince of Swords “bones” are: AKA “Prince of the Chariot of the Winds,” he sits in Tiphareth on the Tree of Life and in astrology is astride Capricorn & Aquarius in both 2nd decans, and he arrives on a whirlwind of Air in Yetzirah. “. . . the Prince of Swords is the pure manifestation of mind and intellect, full of plans and ideas which on the worst side may disturb and confuse each other, on the best create an inexhaustible spring of creative thoughts.” (Raven)  Hell, I’m ALWAYS like that. The trick is to not let “it” do the “juvenile thing” and go down, down, down into his negative attributes and become contrary and bellicose. Without Earth & Water to provide stability, “it” easily becomes irrational and unreliable, snaking through the day or the situation or a life, disguising itself and cheating both itself and others of any genuine experience.  In short, “Scratch the negativity, dude. You’re bummin’ people out, even you!” I’m not feeling particularly negative this a.m., so I’ll simply need to keep guard & not allow the day to descend into that. (In rooting around “in there” as I write, I find touches of bellicosity here & there. Why? Hmm, proverbial “tinder waiting for a match?” Whatever; I’m glad to be aware they are there so I can work the kinks out ASAP.) For today, I’m not really being asked by myself to take a giant step in any direction – “just kick up your act a level, OK, Mr. Barrymore? Give it some Oomph!” One more level on the energy expenditure bill, too, but in this case it probably prevents a monstrously expensive electrical repair job later.
 We have seen a LOT of the Prince of Wands lately, Air of Fire. It may be cold outside, but it is ragingly hot in his direction. AKA the Prince of the Chariot of Fire, he sits in Tiphareth as the Air in the Fires of Atziluth. “The Prince of Wands represents the Air within the Fire, intellect and storm within the spiritual flaming. As the son of the Queen, he bears a certain heritage of the waters inside of him, expressed in romantic beliefs and a generous nature.” (Raven) Harrumph!  They may be brothers, but these two young men are spiritually very different. Here, the attributes of fire are strong and with the Air, one’s first impression is that of “a hot storm, filled with action and willful, impulsive energies. Lacking the patience of the earth, the Prince of Wands wants it all and he wants it now, refusals or delays might provoke explosive outbursts.” (Ibid) Well . . . ‘whaddayaknow’ . . . that’s me, too! I am This guy much more often than I am THAT guy, but apparently the cards think that today there is the danger of backsliding into a day FULL of Airy Air and that’s not good; hyperventilation, ‘donchaknow’ . It would be the definite loss of a day’s travel on the Journey and perhaps more, depending on how much repair work would have to be done. So, I need to hop on the express this morning from PoS to PoW, get off and take the next left to Cool Your Jets Blvd. Wait there for the limo. Got it. I wish for us ALL the greatest of good fortune as we travel the metros of the Cosmos today, so, Journey Well!   


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