Sunday, March 6, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 06Mar2016: as my Heart I have drawn the 10 of Bridges ((explanation to follow) and as the Feather of Truth the cards have given me XIX Expansion. (Today’s deck is the *Radiant Wisdom Tarot* by Laughing Woman Ashonosheni. Okay, let’s address the obvious first – she has added a 5th suit, “Bridges” whose Element is “Manifestation.” Can you imagine how much I dislike and despise the self-serving cleverness of someone who feels important enough to add an entire suit to the Tarot?? What hubris! And I don’t give a flaming fuck if Golden Spider Woman came to you and told you to add it or not, don’t fuck with the Tarot! So, she’s given us this suit with an ELEMENT of Manifestation (go ahead, justify that!) However, before I confide this deck to the trashbin, I owe it one reading.  So here it is, and if nothing else at least, PERHAPS, it can provide a jumping point from which to start.) (Okay, I’m going to read this as a serious effort, so don’t breathe too hard or the edifice may collapse!) I start the day with my Heart needing to take in the lesson of the 10 of Bridges, which is “The manifestation is complete; put on the finishing touches, pronounce it done, & move on.” I can’t give you any “objective bones” on this card as it isn’t a part of the classical canon, but the creatrix has given it these: Correspondences with the Major Arcana – XIII, XV and XXI; in astrology it is Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th house, Saturn in Scorpio sextile Mars in Virgo; Chakra – solar plexus; color – orange/red; rune correspondence – Ing. Ah-Ha! I guess she couldn’t get past the Guardians at the Gate to impudently impose her creations on the Tree of Life. As for its application to me, I think we may be jumping the gun a bit here. Yes, there is a project in the works, but the card is mistaken in proclaiming that it only needs finishing touches and then it’s a done deal. No, it still needs a LOT of work before it is going ANYWHERE in public. I am more than glad of the vote of confidence that I will finish this project, and one can hope that this arriviste, social-climbing card can actually hold her water and be significant. If not, it is simply an overgrown adolescent and I have enough of those in my life. “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” – you young whippersnappers don’t know how much wisdom there is in that old bromide. (That’s WHY it’s an “old bromide!”)
  Well, at least this deck has some “divinatory” consistency in progressive reading, because my Feather of Truth follows naturally today from the Heart card, the Feather being XIX Expansion (The Sun.) Her correspondences here are as follows: to the minor arcana – all 6’s, in Fire the 1, 3 7 8, in Water the 9, in Air the 3, in Earth the 8; Title - “The Mystic Nurturer;” Astrologically it is Jupiter in Leo in the 5th House. Noon, South, Fire, Summer, Crown, yellow, & Daeg. “It can also signify weight gain,” – ahahahaha! Wow, when did Jane Fonda turn to Tarot?? LOLOL. The counsel for this card is, “. . . stretch out into your life, take up as much space as you possibly can, and celebrate the pure joy of being alive.” Umm, don’t we already have a couple of cards to take all of that into account? Yes, notably 9 & 10 of Pentacles, and frankly, I don’t have the problem of being so timid that I don’t have enough courage to inhabit the space allocated to my being; if I have any problem in this area at all, it is that I occupy TOO MUCH space, “and my neighbors often complain of feeling squeezed out.” “Expand & embrace, come out of your shell!” indeed. Honey, don’t mistake this rooster for a capon. I mean, if we are being frank about it, this doesn’t really communicate anything other than “Be Happy, Be Large!” The classical XIX the Sun is hardly this simplistic, and yes, I can read my own knowledge into the symbol of the card, but that misses the point that nothing of value is being shared with me here, just general good wishes. I’m going to take it in stride, however, and ascribe it, along with the accompanying 10 of Bridges, to the special category of “Sunday morning readings to be washed away with a Mimosa.” So, this was a fun little exercise in Tarot tomfoolery, but I have a hard time taking this reading as anything other than “infotainment.” I’ll step up and say that if this Tarot is not working for me, or if I can’t take it seriously, the “fault,” if fault it is, lies with me, not with the inanimate cards. And I’m not saying it doesn’t work for me – the reading is pleasant. I simply can’t take it seriously, and THAT is fatal to the deck for me. Normally I wouldn’t find it wise to post or write about the Tarot misses or near-misses we all experience, but this morning I thought if I opened up my pie-hole and wrote about it, it would become less of a “doubt machine.” “Is it me? Surely the cards aren’t that screwed up, it must be me.” Fuck that. Sometimes there are just simply mismatches, shit that doesn’t work for me. And for you, too, I expect. So, at any rate, I’ll take the “feelgood hand job” and enjoy a lazy Sunday. At least I can profit today by doing some reading in the eNORMous backlog of reading with which I need to catch up. So, I’m going to stand up, gather my skirts in a dignified manner, and calmly walk out of Madame Rosa’s, mildly satisfied with the results of today’s bloody pigeon entrails. I wish us ALL a peaceful & privately profitable Sunday, and the time & leisure to harvest the blessings the Cosmos grows for us!   


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