Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my introduction of a new system & deck in my life (& perhaps in yours?), today, the 16Mar2016. I have used an on-the-spot (or off-the-top-pf-my-head, if you prefer) spread that I’m calling, simply, the State of the Union. It is intended to give me the broadest general wrap-up of my state of being on the 5 levels: 1) Earth - Physical, 2) Water - Emotional, 3) Air - Intellectual, 4) Fire - “Creativity” and 5) Spirit - wherein may also be found a hint for where I should go as soon as I leave this party. Starting at 1, the cards spiral outward in a counter-clockwise direction, with the 5th card, Spirituality, at the summit ; think of a fat & rounded lower-case D, “d”, with the 1st card at the mid-point and the spiral out and down to the left, only to circle and rise on the right. I know, only 5 cards, but it works. I am also sure that this spread already exists in a thousand forms with as many names, so I’m not doing anything original here, just Logical. It sprang to mind like this, an Athena of my needs. (The deck, as you may know from my smitten post yesterday, is *The Mutational Alchemy Tarot* by m1thr0s and Izi Ningishzidda, who are, I believe, The Abrahadabra Institute.
 Here is the brief blurb that Aeclectic gives it: “The Mutational Alchemy Tarot is a 78-card tarot designed by and for experienced occultists. The vivid, complex, hand-painted illustrations are based on a foundation of mutational alchemy theory but are also designed to be used intuitively.” Period, end of statement. “Short shrift!” I cry. It IS a deck for practicing occultists, and as such it comes already dressed in a complete working magical system, but it is SO much more than that, as well; by happy synchronicity it works for me as if tailor-made. I could go on, but won’t. Suffice to say, I LIKE the deck.) So, “Pedal to the metal, Myrtle!” and let’s get on with it. For the sake of a post, I am NOT going to go Full-throttle Fred on myself or you, the post would be 16 pages (yes, I mapped it out, and it was between 13 to 16 – ahahaha, I thought, they’ll send the Vegan thugs to beat me up and lock me away.) So, were doing some short-order cooking today. The 1st card, Earth/Physical, is the 10 of Pentacles, & using GD terminology, “Wealth.” Not Rothschild-style wealth, money, but wealth in ALL the physical. To me, this card carries funeral march overtones; the fruit is turning, the milk souring. The party is well over. This IS the culmination of the Material, and I can identify, deeply, intimately and with nonattachment. I DO believe that, on a general State of the Union level, I have reached the 10. I am comfortable, not rich, and physically “replete” with my life and what it has brought to and taken from me. I honestly DO feel that Now, from here on, I’m just marking time, and while I hope to contribute & be useful & Live, these are pastimes until the real business of departure. They have chosen Bes, “. . . the Ancient cat god who is described visually as a sand cat or lion cub with a large phallus, an upright stance wearing the a cat's skin and a crown, came from a very ancient class of deity in Kemet . . The cat of course was a very valuable asset in a desert country that was probably at the mercy of the local rodent population . . .” (LWB) And thus an “assurance of wealth,” as well. There is a plethora of magical information in and around the card, some of which is familiar to most Tarologists and some of which is useful only to practicing occultists, but it IS worth the time it takes to inform oneself  of the “larger picture” of this and every card in this deck. They ARE transformational. 
The 2nd card, Water/Emotional, is the 10 of Staves (Wands), AKA “Oppression” in the GD system. Here again, right on target. After the Great Cleaning of the Fall/Winter of 2015, I can believe that I expected the resulting clean abode to welcome visitors, but I believe I was neither delusional nor overoptimistic, more of a “Well, it’s clean, maybe I’ll have guests!” kind of attitude. Step by grudging, stubbornly-resisted step, I’m moving slowly away from my orbit around the emotional sun of my desires, content with my twin planet and no longer seeking a solar system in which to nestle. But, Oh, My! did I WANT that for a l-o-n-g time, and the tastes of its’ echoes still run across my palate. I love to be loved, period. I have the complete, honest love of my wife, and that has come to reveal itself to be such a mystery and cosmic wonder to me that my needs have diminished greatly in the light of her star. On the card, we have again a real plethora of symbolic significations, all of which I’m not going to detail here, as there is a LOT of it. Suffice to say that with Fire in Earth, the Sun in Sagittarius, residing in Malkuth, this is all about the Tactile, the “physical oppression of self-imposed duty” and the fatigue of extended effort. 
“Malkuth is one of the most precious jewels in the tree, we know this by the attention that is paid to it by Heaven and the Emperor (at least in the corrected Liber-al-vel-legis  version found in The Mutational Alchemy Tarot) Most other authors treat it is as a cosmic toilet bowl of some sort, but it is not. That special attribute belongs to Da’ath alone. The 10’s represent the element taken to its maximum strength.” (LWB, which actually should be LWD, for Little White Download, there is no print version – yet.) Moving on, I have the 3rd card, Air/Intellect, the 7 of Alembics (Cups). AKA in GD as “Debauch.” I had to laugh when I turned this over, a rueful but healthy laugh, as I thought it the perfect card for where I am at the present with the groaning, creaking table before me of all sorts of Tarots and magical & magickal systems and schools and thoughts and it’s all been a wonderful, giddy, moveable feast, but the illusion of “Party” is a longtime gone.  Here’s heresy for you – I’m tired of buying Tarot decks and investigating systems, looking always for another Key. I have ALL the keys I need, I’m sure of it, and having five hundred and one decks isn’t going to be superior to having five hundred. So, enough shopping, decide, Mark, use your Intellect, banish the illusions and choose your vehicle with care & love to get you on down the Path of your Journey. Again, I’m skipping ALL of so much important information for the sake of time & space! (Illusions, too, we are told & can experience.) This is Venus in Scorpio, though, so one should at least know that. The next card, the 4th, Fire/”Creativity”, is yet another 10, the 10 of Alembics, AKA “Satiety.” Yes, again on the mark, I am sated, although I still have new “projects” springing up all the time. The great advantage of living a life where you never said “No,” except to the obviously suicidal, is that you have a grand backlog of experience in creativity and creation, because you have ALWAYS been in the process of creation, much more so than a lot of other, “more cautious” people. I, Me, Mark Miller, I’m MY Work of Art, and I believe that on some level I have known this all my life – I am not here to serve man, I am here to serve the Divine. If the Divine manifests in Man, (not “man” small m) then it’s a different story and I am “on loan.” I believe that is true of a great, great number of the people who are attracted to Tarot and other metaphysical systems that point the way out and up. My creativity is constantly being fulfilled by this, the Tarot, and a bagful of other interests that I keep alive and happy to give my Creativity a full palette of colors. Here, Water of Earth in Malkuth, Mars in Pisces, all speak to me, “Relax! You’ve got a full refrigerator; you can prepare food for days.” 
“Connected with the waters of Malkuth, Kingdom, Satiety features Dôn, the Welsh name of the Mother Goddess. She is the sister of Math fab Mathonwy, a sacred King and later regarded even today as a god of Magick, Sorcery and Enchantment.  Married to Beli, God of Deth, she is not featured in the Mabinogian, that collection of Welsh literature, even though she is an ancestor or relative of many of its actors. She is the penultimate goddess of the concept of Courtly Love.” (LWD) So, I am in a dance of Courtly Love with my Parvati, and we in Creativity are happy campers. Finally the 5th and key card, Spirit/”Forward”, is Atu XVIII the Moon. One notices it is the only Major in the draw, sitting over a fistful of 10s & a laughing 7, It is as if I’m being clued in, “3D is over for you, buddy, the time has come to board the Moon Shuttle and go Deep Mystic now for your answers.” The card itself blows me away – the art is UP FRONT and Out There. Quickly, bones: “Letter: ק Qoph (Q); Number: 100; Proximity: Sephira #7 (Netzach) to Sephira #10 (Malkuth); Ruling Pentagram: Pent #29 "Corporealizing" – Water of (Tui) The Joyous, Lake (Above/Below) Earth of  (Chên) The Arousing, Thunder.” (LWD) I know the argot LOOKS incomprehensible & intimidating, but it isn’t; with a few days application one can begin to tread all those systems a little less warily. There are reams of metaphysical philosophy symbolized on/in this card, and most of us deal with it by thinking, “Hidden, mysterious, go weird to connect, go astral, unconscious, hold your breath and dive in, don’t dip your toe.” Let’s simply contemplate the image, for the moment, knowing that the beating heart of the message of this card is, “Your way forward is through the Moon, Mark; You are going to have to dive and bring back the pearls from the bottom of the Ocean of Endless Night, our mother Nuit. You must be Geb, Mark, you must make union with the Moon to progress.” The image is spectacular, non? I, Count Gilles de Lazyasacrêpe, tell you it is. Here is Ms. Ningishzidda’s (the artist & magician) description, with which I close, after a departing word. “Rather than confine the deck to earth, the literal Terran moon is absent. The texture on the crescent is from a photograph taken by NASA of the surface of Phobos, one of the two moons of Mars. This speaks for the eerier side of the moon card symbology where fear surrounds the subconscious and manifests as paranoia and irrational fears (phobias). One cannot deny one’s own internal nature just as the dog cannot wholly escape its genetic heritage derived from wolves . . . Instinct is ultimately King . . . Rather than depicting a defeated Diana, it depicts a triumphant Hermes. Dionysus, often depicted as an infant in the arms of Hermes, because of the special relationship between entheogens (Dionysus) and inspiration (Hermes). Dionysus is an alternate archetypal association with the moon and his animal is the nocturnal leopard, hunted to extinction in Europe long ago.” There is much, much more. This is scandalously overlong, so let me wrap it by invoking Cosmos, and asking for and Willing that it’s blessings fall upon fertile ground in ALL of our souls today!   

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