Thursday, March 24, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to disappointment (I hope you are disappointed !) because there is no Scales of Ma’at today, nor will there be until next Monday, I would venture to say. My annual “mood” is settling in, Withdrawal & Contemplation, where I almost always go three days before I change years, yet again. This year it coincides with Easter Sunday, and you can’t imagine how disappointed I am that I must share my birth day with his comeback to the theater. (On the day, PLEASE feel free to ignore the FB reminder.) It isn’t a particularly significant number, 64, EXCEPT that 64 = 10 = 1, so I’m “back at the beginning,” in a very narrowly defined sense. I am an Aries sun with a Taurus moon and Virgo ascendant, which is ALL very apparent in my daily readings, I believe. Today, I start to indulge the Moon a bit, going “silent running” (any WWII submarine war film buffs out there? It’s a highly specialized genre! J.) I shall spend the next three days in taking stock, seeing how “the merchandise” is holding up, what I need to dispose of and what I need to restock in order to keep the machine running smoothly towards its destination. So, while I may lurk and comment, no posts for a while as I hammer together my “State of My Union” address to myself and sketch out, in the largest, vaguest outlines, what I’d like to put into manifestation for the next year.  A last comment on Hermaphroditus, the severe accident victim; s/he is improving slowly but surely. There is still a long, uphill battle ahead, but it seems that at least s/he will be here to fight it. My heartfelt Thanks to all of you who wrote to express kind thoughts, wishes and prayers for healing; it all really DOES help, you know, they aren’t just meaningless social niceties one employs in a certain set of circumstances. Energy flowing from around the globe to heal you – what a marvelous concept! Well, “I go now, my people, and whenst thou seest me return, I shall glow with a golden light, having just partaken of the smoky Truth with the Burning Bush!” Aside from my silliness, I like to follow an ancient custom for birthdays, GIVING gifts instead of receiving them. We ALL really only have one gift that is worthy enough to be given freely to each other with no reserve: love wrapped in truth. The Goal and The Path to It. With that in mind & heart, I will you well, each and every one of you, and if you follow the Path, I will a Happy Journey for you, and if you are not yet there, I will that you shall find it soon. May the Cosmos bless us all each and every day, and allow us to regard Infinity with an unflinching gaze.   

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