Sunday, March 27, 2016

Good morning & Happy Easter to the Christians & Summer Solstice to everyone else! (Don’t nitpick, it’s a nice day.) For me, however, it is my birthday, and today I decided to do a VERY simple Natal Trinity Projection for 2016-2017: Sun = Aries = # 17, Balance/Equality; Moon = Taurus = #49, Assistance, Help, Support; Ascendant = Virgo = #4, Perspective/Points of View. (The deck is Ciro Marchetti’s *Oracle of Visions*, perhaps one of his most “pure” creations in terms of artistic freedom. I am normally not that “big” on oracles or oracular decks; I’m even very testy when someone fools around with the Tarot, and I insist on “deep” justification, or it goes in the “round filing cabinet.” This Oracle deck, however, is of another dimension entirely. I go “other” places with it, and like today, what comes to me from it feels “so right, so true,” and so direct from the nonverbal centers of my soul that I KNOW that I’m working on all 8 cylinders.) So, this is, in the largest, broadest strokes possible, my year ahead, and this “feels” exactly correct. My Aries Sun is going to be looking to balance things out, from the Macro- to the micro-, and that feels EXACTLY like what 2015 has been ALL about, the preparation for the BIG SHIFT this year. 
My Taurus Moon is going to be looking for, and providing in return, aide, assistance & support from the “lunar realm,” i.e. psychic/astral and more feminine attributes in my being. I can “feel” that I am going to need a LOT of support and perhaps even foundational (as in working on my “inner construction”) aid to continue to erect the edifice, or “polish the lens of the Light,” during this coming year. Finally, my Ascendant Virgo is most profitably perceived as my Personal Vision, as conjuncted with my Solar Vision and Lunar Vision, and is all about establishing a mature, complete, ROUNDED perspective on MY world and the Reality that I have created, and to establish, perhaps for the very first time, an overarching “theme” to the project of Me, one more specific than, “Be the best person that you can be, Mark! Illuminate yourself!” For a very long time, I believed my purpose in the Universe was to be a Divine Fool, a Jester at the Court of the Ridiculously Sublime, and that the secret mission was to provide a punch line for every serious thought or idea that dared to raise its head there. The Jester’s motto was “SOFTOMA!”, and that is SO vulgar that if you want to know it you’ll need to PM me (DON’T if you are easily offended or shocked or grossed out! 
That’s the only warning you’re going to get. And don’t whine & cry later and play the PC virgin; “Don’t make me stop this car and have a ‘talk’ with you!”) That has changed over the years, and while I still intensely and immensely enjoy the role of the Jester, the Fool, I am not nearly as carefree AND careless as it may appear. I’m a long way down the Path, and there is still a ways to go. Therefore I appreciate signposts like today, pointing towards my new purpose of self-fulfillment and thereby making myself of future use to others, because wouldn’t it be nice if we ALL got out of here? May the blessings of the Cosmos Illumine ALL of us today, and guide us to the truths for our advancement!   

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