Thursday, April 28, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 29Apr2016 : my Heart is hoping to accompany valiantly today the Page of Swords, while the Feather of Truth is off making a sentimental visit to XXI The Fool. (Today’s deck is the *Egorov Tarot: Gold Edition* by Alexander Egorov. The deck, Orthodox in background, has that icon-ic feel to it that most decks do that originate in countries with an Orthodox Christian past. There is a liberal use of gold, of course, like all good icons, but the illustrations have more in common with Marc Chagall than any Russian icon master. The deck is professionally manufactured (glossy, well-printed) and of Tarot size. It is easy to use and functions as almost all of these theme decks do, more or less well according to how invested the reader is in the presentation theme. I happen to like icons & orthodox art, so this deck works for me. Something based on a Chagall-esque interpretation of RC Church mythology would feel as equally familiar to western Christians. If you run across it, a nice addition to your deck library.) So, my Heart today has stepped down and out of his roles as King or Knight and has decided to march with the troops, the foot soldiers, beside the Page of Swords. “A young and aggressive man.” Um hmm. There is a part of my sexual personality that says, “Oh goody, bring him on!” but the (slightly) wiser part of me that always wins these kinds of confrontations says, rather, “Hmm. Probably not me, so my Heart is with one of my young friends today;” and this is true, on several fronts; one friend’s father has just had an untimely death, and several of “my flock” are going through personality or identity issues at this particular time, at the same time. There is either new psychic pollen in the air or it is the Retrograde or some abstruse alignment of the stars, because a large number of these young men are experiencing “those kinds” of changes. Naturally I’m doing a lot of “Penguin fathering” at the moment – cradling them on my cold and frozen claws and offering them bits of raw fish . . .LOL, no, but I am “being there” for them as they are calling upon me much more at this time for help answering the clue phone. This is good work for me – I not only get to do what I WANT to do, which is help people with exactly these kinds of situations, at the same time I get the emotional satisfaction of helping out my “kids,” and feeling that I play a necessary role in their lives, thus adding meaning to our sometimes improbable friendships. I view the card here today not so much as validation of that situation but simple acceptance of it and the fact that it is happening, with no positive or negative value attached. Interestingly enough, he is facing in the opposite direction to the inhabitant of the Feather of Truth’s card, XXI the Fool. (Our numbering is at the whim of the deck’s creator, of course.) 
The author gives this card a rather somber meaning: being a slave to one’s own illusion. Certainly that is one interpretation, one which he qualifies with, “After every wrong step you feel strong remorse. Consider the point: is the step so wrong and is the voice of conscience quite true?” Wow, that’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? as far as “judgements” concerning the Fool, whether you number him 0, 22, or 21? Nevertheless, I understand the thought behind the somewhat clunky phrasing – don’t be “your own worse critic.” Well, yes, that’s a truism, but again, I’m not sure that’s the Fool’s message, here or anywhere. If MY Feather of Truth is here, it is for a reason that is pertinent to me; and left to me, I would “say” (by that, I mean a combination of verbalization [manifestation: “. . . and first there was the Word,”] and Intuition) that the Truth for me, today, is to NOT be trepidatious about “stepping off the cliff”, to go ahead and take the “step of faith” required to apply myself fully to the task at hand, being of aide to others. I do have a tendency to disengage my Heart and access to more personal emotions when I am actively involved in the mentor/student, older friend/younger friend dynamic, and if driven to the end of the plank would admit that “that” is probably generated by a fear of “lack of respect & deference” on their part, something to which I rather arrogantly assume that I am entitled. That “arrogance of entitlement” is present there, too, breathing fire right below my feet while Temperance is trying to stop me any way she can.  Alright, I get it, “Be the Fool, but be as valiant, as aggressive as your focus and wary of your pride.” Today I pray that the Cosmos gives to us ALL a sense of place and purpose in our lives at this time.   


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