Monday, April 11, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my (modified) ‘Scales of Ma’at’ for 12Apr2016: today my Heart is sadly trapped with Phanes in the Orphic Egg with the 10 of Swords reversed (I have posted it upright) and the Feather of Truth is admonitorily fluttering along with the 4 of Wands. I drew a third card today, about which more later, and it is IX The Hermit. (Today’s deck is the *Tabula Mundi Tarot: Nox et Lux Edition* by M. M. Meleen. This is one among my handful of Must-Haves when imprisoned for life in Topkapi Palace for trying to steal the emerald-hilted dagger. It is a Marvelous deck on all levels, and don’t be put off by the B&W look/style – it works FOR these cards, highlighting their esoteric symbolism and meanings. Color would be overkill, here. This deck is “chock full o’ goodness,” and Ms. Meleen, who goes to great lengths to decry any claim to wisdom (as any good magician does,) has produced an esoteric wonder and an ‘objet de beauté.’) Diving in, I knew from the start that my Heart reading today was going to be difficult; I still harbored the last embers of an anger which blossomed like a night-blooming fungus last evening, Why & with whom I became angry isn’t important to the narrative; the fact that I let it exist is. Naughty Mark, bad boy, no spankings for a week. (Grin.) I let the anger blossom in a social setting and harbored it into the night with remaining echoes this morning; all very inelegant and, to be frank, a 
disappointment to myself. I know better than that and can act better than that, thank you. The only redeeming factor to this is the fact that as it is reversed, I could feel a lessening of the energy of the card/concept, a “smallness of force” that was the result of the inversion, not a magnification of the ill effect. Alright enough remonstration, move on. However, before I do so, I need to acknowledge that this little “mini-crack in-the-façade” DID happen, and let it serve as a reminder that there is no such thing as the perfected being, because at that level the quality or state of existence, “beinghood,” can hardly be anything even remotely familiar to our experiences up to that point. In other words, don’t wallow, Mark, just acknowledge & move on. “Will do.” Start again, reboot. As for the Feather of Truth today, she headed straight over to the Wands and got busy with the 4 of said suit. This is right down in the act itself here; bringing about the fulfillment of the manifestation of spirit into matter, down here in Chesed. Aries, our Fire ruled by Venus, everyone happily breathing Atziluth, even more Fire. This is more in line with the previous days’ readings, the accomplishment of the task, but here may be read as not only that, “keeping my eye on the ball,” but also as “get over yourself and get back to the business of what you are supposed to be about, right, Mark?” Right. The united Emperor and Empress, the MA cards behind this minor, are that completion of the cube that is the finalization of the manifestation into matter. So, again, “Get on down the Path and realize your project, Mark.” However, there is rather a large disconnect between my Heart and the Feather of Truth today, and before Ammit can eat my shadowed Heart, I need to find the clearest, cleanest and quickest way to transition out of my Heart and onto the Feather of Truth, so I drew, 
inhabitually, a 3rd card, and received IX the Hermit. Ah –ha, Eureka! (Metaphorically leaping from my bathtub and running nude through the streets of the Greek city-state of Syracuse.) My ticket out!! My winning ticket to get into the chocolate factory! Solitary, inner work is needed to A) deal with & banish any remaining anger from yesterday evening, B) take the opportunity to re-view your goal and gather and “assume the mantle” of your knowledge. Your own Inner Truths are the fastest way back to the Path and to your true mission. This is a VERY brief rundown of what I see in the cards this morning, but to be honest I just didn’t feel like getting into all the effort of “posting” all of the interplay I see in this morning’s reading. I find it to be obvious enough just on sight. So, with that in mind, I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the gift of Brevity of Intention today!  


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