Sunday, April 17, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my (modified) Scales of Ma’at for 18Apr2016: today my Heart is sharing the grape in XLIII the 3 of Cups while the Feather of Truth has flown, like a homing pigeon (honest! I DO know there are other men in the pack!) to the airy breast of LI the Master of Swords. In the occurrence, I felt the jump between my Heart and the Truth was rather a stretch, so I drew a third card, a “pathway” card, IX The Veiled Lamp. (Today’s deck is one of my very favorites, the *Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka. One remarks right away that he has combined, successfully, the two systems here of the 1 – 78 “Egyptian” system and the structure of a RWS deck, complete with suits of pips & the Courts. It works. I neglected to mention in my 3rd “Tarot Egipcio” posting that Ms. Moscardó also provides a table of equivalencies between the 1 – 78 system and a RWS-style organized deck if one feels compelled to make them. [Can you “feel” the strict thinness of my lips as I cast a steely metaphorical gaze upon you as I write this? Grin.] It’s mollycoddling, I tell you, mollycoddling! J I shall interpret the cards here as more RWS, simply because it’s simpler for a daily draw. I don’t usually start my day with a full-out, pedal-to-the-metal, Hit-the-Hyperdrive! reading. If I need to draw one of those, for myself or another, after 9 a.m. is just fine! But if I DID want to do that, this deck would work equally as well for that as for this.) So, my Heart is off trying to climb into his Cups with the 3. 
This is quite literally the card to signify that golden, glowing feeling of a good cocktail buzz as you meet sympathetic people in a warm & welcoming ambiance, Manhattan or Martini in hand. (If you’re drinking Cosmopolitans, the Howard Johnson’s is down the road. Order some fried clams while you’re at it.)  I don’t know why my Heart would be feeling either cocktail-y or disposed to warm & fuzzy new relationships, but OK on the second; the first is out as I don’t drink, but hey, if we can wax poetic over a ginger ale, I’m in. I’m going to have to adopt a Wait-And-See attitude on this one, at least for the moment; the day has yet to really begin! The Feather of Truth is riding in his accustomed place on the breast of the Master of Swords, which of course isn’t surprising, considering he has been spending an inordinate amount of time over in the Wands Court, the opportunist! We all know about his Majesty King Decisiveness, so I won’t belabor the point here, in the interest above all of brevity: I want to avoid prolixity today if possible.  I can inhabit the Master of Swords easily enough, but the path/connection/relation between the 3C and the KS is hard to 
discern in this early dawn light. Therefore, I have drawn a 3rd card, IX The Veiled Lamp, AKA The Hermit. I’m going to read this as follows: While my day may have opportunity to benefit from a warm emotional atmosphere, with congenial people and/or an intriguing new relationship, but the Truth for today is to remain true to the inner Me, that intellectual King who is forever aiming to be the better man, and approaching it from his own particular Air-oriented standpoint. I like this King, whereas the Knight of this suit is always a bit too “fougueux” for my taste, too prone to macho reaction. How I am to progress from the warm & necessarily numerous company on the Barque of the Orphic Egg to the severe geometrical garden of the Master is evidently most directly accessed by following the Path of the Veiled Lamp, and not only withdrawing from frivolous social intercourse but using my knowledge to make the journey instead of the soles of my feet. 
I’m familiar with the destination, I can teleport, I don’t have to walk it, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this. I believe we tend to forget the Hermit is about Jupiter in Leo, the maker of Jollity in a flaming sun sign, and for me, there is a great deal of joy in the path of the Hermit. I enjoy solitude, and the Hermit allows one to enjoy a respite from the babbling bullshit coming from the unconscious herd around us. Oh stop it; you’ve thought the same thing, too. To “retire to my study,” to “bury myself in many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,” and thereby amuse my mind endlessly with the discoveries to be made in a book, and to “work it out mentally, like a puzzle,” in order to put it into application the next time “I take to the field.” This is good; I can indulge a bit of the IX today without any problem whatsoever. In doing so, I shall try to remember to keep my human fires lit and glowing while nevertheless moving towards picking up my crown and sword again. I ask the Cosmos to give me the patience and the wisdom to make use of today, as I pray for the Cosmos to bless ALL of You, as well!   


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