Friday, April 22, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my daily Scales of Ma’at for 23Apr2016: today my Heart has gone « home, » the sly little devil, to – ta da! - the King of Swords; go ahead, gasp your surprise. Yawn. While my Heart is juicing up at the fountain of his birth, the Feather of Truth has hastened away to be with her inamorata, the 8 of Wands, and who can blame her! He’s quick, he’s fiery and he has no lack of wood on offer (sorry, couldn’t resist.) (Today’s deck is *The Tarot of the Holy Light* by Christine Payne-Towler & Michael Dowers. Yes, yes, you have heard me blather wildly before about the greatness and the coolness of this deck, but today I’m here to tell you about its clone, the New Edition (#2 #3?) which I call mini-, but it isn’t, just in relation to the art deck size of its original, to which I am very attached. Good news! The mini- works! Like re-watching a film, the difference in card size “brings out more” certain elements of the card, elements that aren’t necessarily emphasized in the art size. Otherwise, the deck is intact, thank Athena! so I shan’t have to fly to wherever and upbraid Ms. Payne-Towler nor Mr. Dowers. J [Discipline is necessary, but so fatiguing, you know?] Actually, Christine has become a new friend, and I have great respect for her scholarship. The cards are a marvel in any size.) So my Heart is in ole Kingie, is he? I suspect you must get as tired as I do of seeing this King (or the Wands chief) show up again & again & again. However, let’s just accept it & put it to rest: “Mark, until you get out of this temporary Mirrored Fun House, accept it, dude, you are one or the other of those Kings. That IS your personality, Mark. Damn, dude, live with it, it isn’t that bad!” I have never wanted to be anything else, actually, EXCEPT that naked chick wreathed atop the world, “but I can’t talk about that, the implanted electrodes will punish me.” I have never understood why this Aquarian has such an inbuilt “fit” for me; I am NOT a Solomon. However, there is a passage in Christine’s book which describes me fairly well, I believe, and I can say that without breaking my arm patting myself on the back. Her book (“Tarot of the Holy Light” Christine Payne-Towler, Noreah/Brownfield Press, 2015) gives the King this upright description: “. . . he doesn’t let opinion intrude into his calculations. His objectivity and experiential wisdom have earned him the respect he receives from his community; those who cannot work out their problems seek him out for answers. In family affairs, he is the wise father, not necessarily sentimental or cuddly, but offering a model of rational thought and considered action . . . .” That gives a far graver image to my behavior than I do; I generally hide all of that under the persona of the Garrulous & Very Funny Storyteller. I AM a great storyteller, I know it; and my skill with words and the expression of emotion is a fine and delicate tool that I enjoy using. Vulgarity serves to lighten the mood and then irony or illumination drives the point home. All good stories have a moral quality, and that needs ALWAYS be considered. Yet Solomon I am not, because I don’t really have the personality to be that overweening in my superego; I can’t take myself that seriously. My Purpose, my Journey, my Godliness, those I take dead-seriously, and suffer no interference, ever. My sense of humor is “vast & legendary,” but if you lose it with regards to you, I am implacable. 
Implacability is one of those qualities that I don’t necessarily like, but haven’t jettisoned; I learnt it from my mother and it serves a certain purpose such as no other state of Will can. Feeling implacable and implacably pursuing the implacable Feather of Truth (you see how quickly it becomes meaningless? Ha!) I find him hanging out and smoking a joint with the 8 of Wands. Marijuana never slows down those 8 Wands, but I’m another story! HA. And look at the size of that doobie! Holy heaving Vulcan! We are in the Sun in Sagittarius country, which is like being in “Hurry up before the forest fire catches us!!” country, according to this deck, and I rather like that. It is all fine & good to continually rote-flash on the 8 and drool out, “Swiftness” to your client, but haven’t you ever wondered, WHY?? are things in such a hurry? “What’s with the bum’s rush, Usher?” Ms. Payne-Towler is all about this card containing all the dangers of a flash fire – the forest is tinder-dry, and all it takes is one lightning strike or one fallen match to start the conflagration. I think that’s a valid interpretation, although I’m a “touch” less sure it is quite so Chicken Little-ish (I may be misattributing Christine’s construct), i.e. she’s not offering, as she says, “ a serene and prosaic version” of the 8 here, she’s giving us one that is active as all Hell & working in an emergency.  However, I am completely in line with her conclusion; “There is no remedy but to live with that awareness firmly in mind. We are put on notice: Catch up. Get busy. Do it now. There is literally no time to waste.”  Well, alrighty then!! Get your project running, Mark, in some way, in any way, but running! No time to lose. So with that, I shall ask the Cosmos to give me some good running shoes today, and above all, to give ALL of us an attitude of efficiency & rapidity with which we can accomplish the Great Work of our Purpose.    

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