Friday, April 1, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 02Apr2016 : my Heart is racing along with VII the Chariot while the Feather of Truth is hiding amongst the gorgeous panoply of the King of Wands, acting very independent indeed. (Today’s deck is a special request for someone sitting on the fence about obtaining it and asked to see it “in action.” The deck is the *Crow’s Magic Tarot* by Londa Marks. I like this deck, and while the theme is predominant, it doesn’t interfere, even helps with card interpretation. The cards are professionally produced, so there is no handmade look to them. While remaining a Tarot, they have a very “oracular” feel to them, thus the deck could be used in a pinch as an oracle, taking out the numbered pips, leaving only Aces, Court cards & Major Arcana. It’s a thought . . . hmm, that is actually a technique that could work with a lot of decks with which I am familiar! Hmm . . . .) My Heart today is riding fast & furious with VII the Chariot. I like, a lot, Ms. Mark’s take on VII: “’What seest thou else, in the dark backward and abysm of time?’ – Shakespeare. Undercurrent. Movement. Listening. Understanding something beyond the surface. Hidden actions. Defiance. Provocation. Motivation. Moving through space and time. . . .” (L. Marks, Companion Book.) I like the interpretation; it is much more “Bohemian gothic” than the normal “straightforward, rushing-in-where-angels-fear-to-tread” kind of filler that usually accompanies this Arcanum. Here the charioteer is seen as “the mysterious red man” who may or may not be of this planet. He’s leading the quest; and while the focus is usually on the “sturm und drang” of the Chariot, here the focus is on intent, purpose and metaphysical realities which don’t necessarily have parking facilities. This card couples nicely with my Heart card draws recently; here, rather than “gather your forces, the task is at hand,” I am being told, “Alright, now we must go seek & find the hidden necessities for the quest, and we must make Haste!” I can grok that; a Mars connection with either the Sun or Mercury and Mars “being” enforcement, all dominated by Cancer. The Chariot is actually parked on the Tree between Binah and Geburah, and he splashes passersby by driving through the pools of Water everywhere. The number 7 has NEVER been lucky for me, and this can be seen in the echo of “haste = waste,” something about which I’ve learned hard lessons. I like a stately chariot ride through the Forum as the adoring crowd shouts my name and hails me as a victor; I don’t like rattling down bumpy dirt roads at a breakneck pace to stop a slave rebellion in Apulia. Damned Spartacus. Whatever the case may be, he is being challenged today to take me back to some familiar stomping grounds, grounds where the Feather of Truth has found a real pal in the solitary, regal condor who is the King of Wands. If you read me at all you know that this King is one of four poles I bounce 
between, Knights & Kings of Swords & Wands. I seem to have covered Pentacles in a previous lifetime or other reason, as that is a backstreet concern of little importance throughout the thread of THIS life. The King of Cups is simply too much of a weasel for this incarnation to support, plus I am FULL UP, thank you, on my Hopeless Addictions quotient, I’ve had to conquer those one by one seemingly my entire life. (Boo-hoo, let’s all feel badly for me. Not! I “received” them because I have/had the Strength to deal with them, necessary hurdles for MY growth. Sometimes,”ya jes’ gotta do what ya gotta do.”) I recently saw a video of someone releasing a California condor back into the wild, and I was impressed by its’ majestic presence and solitude. I am often impressed with the King of Wands’ persona, wishing to be even MORE him, but we share a troublesome flaw; we’re not so hot on the follow-up. IF we can’t win the battle in the first go-round with flash, brilliance & verve, regrouping and re-planning are NOT our strong points. We rarely have to face them head-on because we rarely even conceive of the possibility of not winning (notice how I didn’t use the word “losing” – we HATE that word, and all its cognates! {{froth, growl, froth some more}}.) I AM getting better, with age, at injecting some more measured consideration into the king’s persona- where fiery hot at 30, 40 and a bit even at 50, now at 60+ the king is wearier, fatigued, more cautious and considered. He/I has/has finally decided that we would like to die on the throne, not on the battlefield. Frankly, the only battlefield that interests us now is the one where I am waging the “battle” to enlighten myself. It is the longest, most wearying, and most important battle of my reign and my life, and I MUST win. There is No question about that, and here is the King at his finest, at his determination to win through to the desired end (quickly it is hoped – true.) Striding from Scorpio to Sagittarius, this incarnation of Fire itself lives in Chokmah in Atziluth and nothing about him speaks of insincerity, unless he has failed at his task. Then he becomes insincere, a quality I most despise in myself whenever it has shown its’ two faces. The links between insincerity < sarcasm < Fear < Incomprehension are not links I like to follow and will do my utmost to avoid, though with an active and outrageous sense of humor it is hard to avoid the “sarcasm,” I will admit. Oh well, s-i-g-h, into each life a little piss must fall, right? Regardless, the Feather of Truth today resides in one short, sweet sentence: “Climb up to the better you today, Mark. You need to become accustomed to sitting there for a while.”  May the Cosmos bless us ALL!    

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