Sunday, April 10, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 11Apr2016: today my Heart is dancing lightly on the tips of the 4 of Swords and the Feather of Truth is mainlining the Material in the 9 of Disks. (Today’s deck is M.M. Meleen’s *The Rosetta Tarot*, as fine a deck as you are likely to run across in the GD/Thoth/Crowley tradition. She’s taken the original “ideograms” or images and ramped & vamped them up to be creations of inspiration in sync with their time, as Lady Harris was with hers. On top of which; Ms. Meleen’s “The Book of Seshet” is a wonderful guide to her deck and the gnostic tradition of the GD brought forward to our time. I like this deck.)  My Heart this morning is dancing along the tips of the 4 of Swords, as apt an analogy for my wife & I as it gets this April morning. It anyone is the 4 of Swords in my Life, the Jupiter in Libra living in Chesed and breathing Yetzirah, it is my wife. Calm and very Jupiterian of soul, I consider her to be a “vast reservoir of calm & acceptance” of whom I profit often and almost always to my benefit. She’s a nice lady, what can I say, I got lucky. (To tell the truth, Luck had very little to do with it. I waited until I was 53 to marry; I saw no reason to share “The Agony & The Ecstasy” of me with anyone up to that point. Oh, I wanted to, but always thought better of it. I wasn’t mature enough to be married until I was 53, and that’s the simple truth.) So, it’s R&R before Truman ships me out to Midway, or Eisenhower to Inchon or Bush to Afghanistan. Or Hillary ordering me to raze the Little Rock School for Girls and scatter its’ students to the four corners of the Earth (that’s a freebie for you FlatEarthers.  And Clinton-haters, although I disagree with you.) To give her her name, Jeanne is a wonderful woman in so many ways, and so maddening to my Wands/Swords side that it can be comical. She is an Ocean of Love for me, but she exists in the “Vaps”, so you have to WANT to be there with her to profit from it, so to speak. In old-fashioned terminology, Jeanne is a “space case.” Reality in its harsher aspects doesn’t have much meaning to her, although she is capable of observing it and even commenting on it. Where she LIVES, however, is pure Court of Cups, and she does so with her critical faculties (Swords) intact. Our malapropisms all spring from the tension of mistranslation between my Wands/Swords drive and her Cups/Pentacles receptivity; she is very much a feminine woman. I can CERTAINLY live with a need to spend time “cocooned in my wife’s loving breast and taking Rest & Relaxation” before my next bout with the Black Knight. Luckily for me, she usually keeps the “Vacancy” sign lit for me when I return home from the wars. Sometimes I wonder what percentage of men is absolutely assured of the existence, genuineness & depth of the love of their wives for them. I’m very lucky, I am. So, after a respite in Jeanne’s arms, we look at the Feather of Truth polishing up the beads on the abacus of the 9 of Disks. I’m not sure Why she is there, locking up my gains with a visible satisfaction in the continued assurance of prosperity, but I am glad she is, and thankful, yes, but still perplexed. This has NOT been a subject of concern for me lately, other than low-level 
worry if I will be able to afford that 3rd private jet or not (LOL!J, ha!) Seriously, I’m not particularly concerned here, but it is good to know that a “continuance” of prosperity is foreseen. (My retirement income is unbreakably locked in with the petrol market. Sigh . . . I’m sorry, but it’s true, I want you to have to pay a Fortune for gasoline! And believe me, if I could get out of that greasy market, I would, but I can’t, my investment there is mandated by the federal government; it’s Screw the citizen, “They’ll have it THEIR way!” When did we stop being the government??)  OF COURSE, this card signifies Inner Gains, as well.   I am deeply content to know that I have adequately furnished the picnic basket with my hard-won snippets & fragments of personal wisdom, and that I feel they are worth guarding in case of future need. I notice that with all of the recent advice to get up off of my sweet cheeks and DO something in line with my spiritual desires/ambitions, comes a healthy does, as well, of “pause, take a breath, relax, count your atouts, and make last minute preparations. The final battle is almost here, the penultimate ascent next, and then we can contemplate the Celestial Arch as a goal. In line with yesterday’s 6 of Pentacles, about knowing my own worth and judging my own value, here I am counseled to take stock of the booty as well as the inheritance; to look at the bigger picture of my resources, and marshalling them in to some sort of useable order. It feels like a Herculean task, akin to cleaning the Stables of King Augeas. It that can be a good thing – it is Spring, after all! And I have been indulging in “counting & cleaning” on other fronts, as well. One of which is a deep triage of my current (open, not stored) Tarot decks, and a look at those decks that fall into the “Will I EVER read with this deck (again)?” I’m considering parading their nakedness in a series of Scales of Ma’at, just to let the full visual-in-presentation make up my mind. On verra, but let’s wrap it up here. All in all an inoffensive and unprovocative reading/draw this morning, downtime with my wife and taking stock of my stocks, so to speak. Good, I can always use a day like that, perfectly suited to puttering around. Ha! Therefore, I pray that today the Cosmos brings us ALL the happy news of some “R&R” when we most need it!   


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