Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 13Apr2016 : my Heart has taken refuge in plain sight, in XXI the Universe, while the Feather of Truth is jauntily braving the waves riding in the bubble of the Page of Water. (The deck today is *The Orbifold Tarot* by Michael Bridge-Dickson, mini-version. I am forcing myself to do this: I dislike mini-versions; I don’t have tiny little fantasy hands the size of Thumbelina, I don’t collect dollhouses, and I don’t carry a handbag from the 1940’s where I would just whip these babies out to tell Mamie Eisenhower’s future. Their cutesy & “precious,” and I hate fuckin’ “precious.” That said, Michael is a friend, and I owed it to him to at least try the mini-version, and surprise! Orbifold works in that format. I STILL dislike minis, but this one is OK, and it simply MUST be the abstract format that makes it work. The adult version is grand, use it, and I suppose if you MUST, the mini will do.) I drew the Scales this morning in frustration, a bit of anger and a perplexity born of not knowing what else to do. All is not happy in my emotional camp this morning, and I need answers beyond soft-pedalled bromides and pat-on-the-back feelgoods and dutchuncles. I am deeply unhappy with the behavior of someone about whom I care very deeply, and as every avenue of approach so far has failed, I am at a loss to explain, AND TO SEE THAT IT IS UNDERSTOOD, to this person that their behavior is unacceptable and will have consequences if continued.
 If it were someone I didn’t care about, I would write them off as unteachable, douse them in emotional kerosene and set them aflame. Fuck them, who cares. But I do care about this person, a great deal, and I am not willing to walk away from the relationship without moving heaven and earth to get this person to understand the subtleties of human interaction, i.e., you aren’t a beloved house pet and all may NOT be forgiven, it doesn’t work like that. I’m not going to belabor a point; I HATE being down here in the emotional muck. And I dislike people who gloat when other people are uncomfortable, so don’t, or I’ll rip your head off and defecate down the hole in your neck. (Not really, but you get the idea! LOL) Here’s what the cards tell me; “It’s a big, emotionally varied Universe, pal, get used to it and get over it. Your Heart is big enough to contain it all, you just have to stop being so small-dicked about it. And second, where is your Page of Water attitude? Why aren’t you approaching this with Love and compassion, instead of the heat of failed expectations? Give someone a break and climb down off of that horse, put IT out there with joy and adventure and a ‘more mature outlook on not being mature.’ Get past it, pal, it isn’t worth this, and the fish you need to be frying right now are so much bigger it isn’t even comparable. Wake up & smell the organic civet-cat-turd coffee, dude.” Thus it is with the cards sometimes, rude fuckers that they can be. But no more rude than me. So, I’m asking the Cosmos to ride low with my attitude today and give me some slack, I’m a bit off my game; I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL slack today.  


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