Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 14Apr2016 : my Heart today is seeking comfort in the powerful & shadowy embrace of #2 La Sacerdotisa (the High Priestess) whereas the Feather of Truth has flown to a most unexpected location, #53 El Resentimiento (Resentment.) 5Today’s deck is *El Tarot Egipcio y la Magia* by Bartolomé Bioque. If you saw my post yesterday about “the Spanish shipment,” [sounds like “the Usual Suspects” doesn’t it?] this is one of the three decks involved, the one on the far right, and the other two shall follow for the next two readings. I’m going to have fun reading with and comparing the three, and prove to myself along the way whether Guillaume Postel is right about ONE of them being heads and shoulders above the rest. I suspect Guillaume of being a secret Jesuit and an ultra-occulted representative of the Office of the Holy Inquisition, so before one crosses his word one has to be sure of oneself. [Grin.] As for the deck itself, it follows the “0 through 78 tradition” of cards, there being neither “minors” nor “Courts” but the sequence laid out in one l-o-n-g periple. You can identify these cards with pips and Courts if you choose, but you are doing them and yourself a disservice. When I’m working with one of these decks, I like to “mentally” divide them into the Known Majors and the rest I loosely group as the “Lesser Majors.” It blows away any phantom overlay of Waite of Crowley and their constructed systems, as opposed to an evolved one.) My Heart is choosing to hide away with #2 the High Priestess today, and I feel it is significant that she has her back turned to “the action” and is ignoring “reality” to go her own way. “No thank you!” to whatever is going on “back there.” In this deck, the Moon is associated with Cancer, as in astrology (it can vary from deck to deck according to the creator’s intent.) The accompanying hardback (!) book, while giving a lot of information about the goddess Isis and “the mysterious feminine,” in the end offers no more than a traditional interpretation of the Arcanum; we all know the drill, “mysterious feminine knowledge; dark, ‘menstrual’ bonds among fellow seekers of shadowy knowledge here in the palace of the night blahblahblah.  Like all of those kinds of “explanations”   it leaves a LOT of crucial knowledge out, knowledge that is even available on the card but not in the book, if you’re paying attention. 
With the Feather of Truth in #53, Resentment & Betrayal, the train has left the tracks. I have no idea what this is about, nor why Truth would even be here; I have no intentions of betrayal and no one of whom I am aware has any intentions of betrayal concerning me. Of course, the nature of betrayal is that it’s a surprise, but, still . . . it is inserting a doubt where there wasn’t one before, and puts a cloud in my sky. On top of which, after the major Arcana, the cards become flat and artistically dull, lifeless & colorless. I don’t vibe well with them, which leads me to consider stripping this deck down to a Majors only deck, and keeping the gorgeous hardcover book as a low, moderne-style cocktail table for our cats. The issue of which I recently wrote, the loved friend’s unacceptable behavior, has been cleared up with a good talk between the two of us, and last night was very social, with 8 dinner guests & postprandial conversation, so the possibility of “betrayal” seems extremely remote in either immediate event. I’m not planning on betraying any of my principles today; I think I would know about that, so IF this is reflective of that “outside me” then I am clueless. As for “inside me,” I have covered that ground. Betrayal is a tricky word – what constitutes betrayal, for starters? Where is the line between thoughtlessness & betrayal, which must be consciously, deliberately crossed? These are certainly all interesting matters to ponder, but of no value to me personally today. Thus, a misconnect with the cards on this 2nd draw, is how I Must, regretfully, close this session. Luckily, I don’t have anything on the stove today, so Tarot’s helping hand can take a break. So there it is; a not-so-satisfactory Scales of Ma’at today. Sigh. Today I beseech the Cosmos to keep it Zen and clear enough for discernment of what IS and what IS NOT of us.   


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