Thursday, April 14, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 15Apr2016: my Heart is burdened with the 10 of Batons today and the Feather of Truth has bifurcated itself onto two cards which refused to be separated when I drew the Feather today, the Queen of Swords and VI the Lovers. We all know about synchronicities, so I kept both cards, of course. 
(Today’s deck is the 2nd in my progression of three Egyptian-style decks recently arrived from Spain, all in the same package. Today it is *El Tarot Egipcio* by Guillermo G. Elizarrarás and Martina J. Gabler [cards & book, respectively.] This deck is obviously different than yesterday’s in that 1) it DOESN’T use the 1 – 78 card system, but uses the more familiar majors, pips & Court cards, and 2) the artistic style is more hieratic and geometrically “put-together” than the rather “art-crafts-school” look of the first set of Tarot yesterday. One could easily like them both, for entirely different reasons. These are a very slick production, and if one, for some bizarre reason!!! could only have one continental-style Egyptian deck, this would serve admirably. I await the final deck for a completely unsolicited judgement from me about this one. I will say, however, I DO 
like it.) As soon as I saw the entirety of the draw this morning, I immediately “gestalted” the whole thing into one organic item, because I know EXACTLY of what it speaks. This morning’s reading is addressing the domestic front, which has been under mild stress here for a while; not critical, mind you, but there, like a turd at the bottom of the pool, mucking up the water. This was recently addressed by both my wife and I together, and amicable accord was reached and we have moved on; BUT . . .  there are still little items of detritus lying around, like used condoms after a frat party, and we need to “consciously” clean them up, so that going forward really is just that, going forward. I need to change my perception of “the load,” and look for Truth in this particular situation in the choices we make and in what guise the feminine may be best approached for the complete and total resolution of the aftermath. This is a “Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ma’am! reading, with the vignette so obvious and without subtlety or guile that I don’t need a lot of space to describe it. “Get to work repairing the damaged plaster with your wife AND anima, both. It is an unnecessary load you are carrying in your Heart and there is a way to dissolve it, so do it.” I’m not going anywhere else with this today. It’s short, simple & sweet; nothing to wax profound or write home about; I pray that the Cosmos keep it ALL short, simple & sweet for ALL of us today; it is so much easier to cope.  

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