Saturday, April 16, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 16apr2016 (or for the mathematically inclined, 4²·4·4X5·4²): today my Heart has thrown off all restraint and gone to visit XV El Mal (the Devil, although Mal is more accurately translated “Evil”) while the Feather of Truth, faced with the brazenness of our pro forma approach, has gone to seek solid reassurance from IV El Faraón (the Emperor.) (Today’s deck is *El Tarot Egipcio* by Margarita Arnal Moscardó. This is the 3rd in the 3-deck “check-it-out” of “the Spanish shipment,” three Egyptian-Tarot-themed Spanish decks I received 4 days ago. This lady has some serious knowledge in her quiver! The cards are “just right” [“Yes, Goldilocks?”] in feel, well-made and wonderfully drawn, with a good balance between the “artisanal” and the “computer graphic.” It is obvious these illustrations are a labor of love. Their esoteric message is heavily laden with every possible system you can imagine, mainly because she has wrapped up an entire and whole organic Tarot system, of the 1 – 78 variety [no suits, no Courts]. I am impressed, not merely by the charm of the cards, to which I am unaccountably susceptible, but also with the formidable body of work, or system, that Ms. Moscardó has built around her cards, or that her cards have been built around; it is hard to distinguish chicken from egg here. I shall be working often with these cards; I can tell that I am going to LIKE them & learn from them. One minor side note: The wonderful, 319-page book is in Spanish. The English edition, if it exists, is as rare as teeth from a hen. So, brush up your Spanish, ¡Señors, Señoras and Señoritas! ) Diving in, as I can think of no other rational response when faced with this card, I find my Heart cozying up to that incarnation of the Material, XV El Mal, or in this case “Menkeret,” and here I run into a small problem. I am something of an amateur Egyptologist, and thus I know, beyond doubt, that if a name ends in the –et or –t sound, the person is a woman, exclusively, as well as the fact that Menkeret was one of 8 Sekhmet-goddesses designated to carry the body of the dead pharaoh through the marshes one must traverse in the afterlife. She is a protective goddess.  The image is more-or-less of the god Khnum, a ram-headed Nile river god of ancient lineage, whose nature was literally designated as ‘fluid.’ Now, I can go two ways with this: 1) knowing the card to be completely FACTUALLY incorrect, I lose all confidence in the deck, judge the creatrix a charlatan and weep the loss, OR 2) I go with the flow that this card-mythology need not NECESSARILY match pixel for pixel the reality of Egyptian mythology as we know it from the science of Egyptology, that it is allowed to exist creatively for just this deck. I chose option #2. I can hope that I am not so anal I cannot admit the existence of a divinatory mythology particular to a certain representation of traditional symbols, i.e.; this one deck. So this glaring misconnect is swept under the rug with breathtaking hypocrisy by . . . me. Hey, I bought it, it’s my deck to use or not, to believe or not. I would like to think I’m large enough to skip the faults and go for the gems hidden in the ore.  As to why my Heart is here, it could simply be the echoes of a dance performance we attended last night, and the physical yearnings it awoke in me; all of that freedom, that energy, that vitality and sexual joie-de-vivre that was an everyday beverage during the sadly underappreciated but gloriously exploited years of youth! There, how’s that for trapped in the material, eh?? LOL, even bittersweet memory becomes grist for the mill which fuels the Journey. Here in particular, the darkest meaning can be read as “suffering is how you pay your debts of this world.” (Liberally paraphrased from the deck’s book, by me.) I could wish that had been put differently; the way it stands, it looks like Christian moralizing at its worst, but then again, Christianity IS yet another Egyptian religion, so what can one expect?  Neptune exalted in Leo doesn’t do much for me, either; now had it been Neptune in Aries, THEN we’d be talking astral par-TEE.
 And let me tell you a not-so-secret; I’ve always thought the Devil was 2nd rate to MY act. Ego? Yes. Truth? A lot. I don’t try to compete with the Devil any longer, I gave way on the grounds of his immortal good health and my lack of it, and left the field feeling amply satisfied that I had represented myself well. Happily, as I leave El Mal behind, I can see that mutual backs are turned and the Feather of Truth is having nothing to do with the memories of illusions I am leaving behind. It’s almost comical, isn’t it? El Mal facing Left, and El Faraón facing stolidly Right. Both Fire elementals! But in IV we have Uranus in Aquarius, making for an independence and originality without limits. We can run down all the qualities of the Emperor, but we know them, and there’s no need. The Truth for me today is really fairly Adult Basic 101; “Quit playing around and amusing yourself, Mark. You have serious, 4-square work to do, and time is an illusion, remember?” I’m getting a lot of these simple, clear messages lately; I assume it is because I’m feeling slightly out-of-tune with the Cosmic on a more profound level that I am fixing as I go. I REALLY DO have to let the daydreams & fantasies drift away for a while, for as much as I enjoy them they are distracting me from the real work. I ask the Cosmos today to part the veils and let us ALL see the most direct path to our desired goals, and how to walk it.   


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