Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 20Apr2016 : my Heart today is where I expect it to be, after the advice of yesterday, in IX the Hermit, while the Feather of Truth is taking a short ride on the palanquin of Pharaoh in XLII Preeminence. (Today’s deck is special, because it is touted as being the “best” of all the Egyptian-style decks out there, the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by Iglesias Janeiro, an early 20th-century Argentine occultist. Valhalla knows, it is hard enough to find to merit the suspicion that it is wildly popular because of its deep esotericism, but I imagine that isn’t the reason. It is simply an older deck, but boy! is it a magical deck in the best sense of the word. Technically, the cards are a success, with good art, good cardstock, gold foil leafing, etc. The only real letdown is the lack of a really good, comprehensive BOOK to companion the deck. It does have a LWB which tries, hard, to do the job, but it is, after all, just a LWB. But on to the deck – and it is a beauty!! Clear, pointedly esoteric art, all the symbols you can shake a desire-stick at, handsome production, the glitter of gold leaf, it’s all there. IF you are a fan of Egyptian –style Tarot; if not, then look elsewhere because there are no mutant-eyed sad infants here. Now, if you are the normal perceptive reader, you ask yourself, “But how does Mark KNOW that it’s a good Tarot?” Wait no longer, hungry brain-munchers from beyond the grave! Look at THE VERY 1ST DRAW I got with this deck; The Hermit and something resembling closely the Emperor or the King of Swords, “Preeminence.” Now tell me, go ahead, TELL me that this deck doesn’t already know me and my foibles!! HA! It was the devil to locate, and I believe the copy I finally obtained came from a small bookshop in Columbus, Ohio via eBay . . . I think. At any rate, if you like Egyptian decks, and you can lay your hands on a copy by hook, crook, or sexual politics, grab it!) As I said, Go ahead, tell me that this deck doesn’t work well, after giving me this hand which serves as its “lettre d’accréditation,” and having the nerve to please me aesthetically as well. Grin. My Heart today is in the Hermit, IX, just as it was counseled yesterday by the cards in order to spend time reviewing and recapping my “studies.” Refreshing my knowledge base is being advised before I undertake the grand work ahead. Okay, I can live with that, as evidenced by today’s draw, showing that, indeed, my Heart listened to the advice and hastened to the anchorite’s cave to make it his own. The Hermit is all about Mars & Aries, my natal Sign(s), along with their accompanying behaviors, especially when employed in the curious world of the Hermit. He must spend the majority of his time in solitude & study, but he is also called upon to go out into the world and to “glitter & shine” by the brilliance of his Gnosis. He is to guard the Secrets, yes, but he must transmit them, as well. 
As the Hermit, I’m walking in the same direction as the hitchhiking Feather of Truth on the palanquin of XLII Preeminence, which is a good thing; as Anglophones & westerners we tend to view progression as left to right and regression as right to left, and in this case, I have both my Heart and the Feather of Truth aligned to PROgress in the right direction towards eventual Enlightenment. Preeminence is about Venus, in this case exalted in Writing on the Flight of the Ba bird, an aspect of the soul. Pharaoh depicted as god/goddess isn’t uncommon, and here he is being borne forward by slaves under the fully opened disk of the Solar deity, ‘Fidelity’ his dog at the side of his chair. Those curiously headed staffs you see here and there in an Egyptian Tarot are “uas” staffs and were symbols to signify a member of the aristocracy. Heaven knows, I can remember breaking a number of them on the backs of recalcitrant slaves . . .oops! time-slip, sorry! It has been happening more often these days . . . . If you are into the “What minor Arcanum is this card REALLY?” game, and incorrect may I add, this is the 6 of Swords. In a Thoth deck, the 6 of Swords is “Science”, and is about Mercury in Aquarius. “And THAT, Boswell, is why London burned!” You see? Nothing at all to do with the concept of preeminence, which in the Egipcio Kier is described in VERY King of Swords terms: “An active and determined person. Experience. Authority. Control. Command. A professional man. Someone proficient in his field. Justice. Force. Superiority. A person having many ideas, thoughts & designs.” (The LWB of this deck, by Stuart R. Kaplan.) As you can read for yourself, this is either the Wand or the Sword King, and we KNOW how often the Tarot calls out my self-casting in that role. As for what this reading says for my day, I would have to say that “keeping my head in the books” for the moment is a good idea, because, again, it is preparing me for some sort of presentation of something to the world beyond my walls. That makes this a very favorable daily reading and thusly I can confidently bless it with a soft “So Mote It Be.” I pray that the Cosmos give us ALL the means to advance in preeminence in our chosen journeys today, and the good sense to stay in step with the procession!  


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