Sunday, April 24, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 25Apr2016 : my Heart today is in (y-a-w-n) the King of Wands and the Feather of Truth (he must be hungover from yesterday’s frenzied fête with the 9 of Alembics) only got as far as the 7 of Wands before he pooped out and came to rest. However, I’m not here today for the reading, not really. Anyone who reads me will be bored-stiff-familiar with this draw of cards for myself. That’s me, in a crown worn so long the metal has started to conform to the shape of my skull, and I’m being reminded that there is Combat just ahead, so be prepared. It’s rather standard issue reading, for me, as these things go, so I’m not being told anything new, my Tarot Guiding Spirit is on autopilot today. The only reason I’m posting at all today is that I promised myself I would say a word about this deck, the *Thelema Tarot* by Renata Lechner. This is as slick a presentation of the standard RSW imagery as I have ever seen. It is traditionalist, but with full-size borderless cards, simple titles, classic presentation and an almost shrieking lack of symbology.
 It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the “Thelema” of Crowley & the Golden Dawn and all the rest, here it is in its classic Greek definitions of “what one wishes or has determined shall be done.” (Strong’s Online Greek Lexicon.) I really like this deck ONLY because I think that is as near-to-perfect traditional RWS imagery & system as one can get. The art is strikingly beautiful, and with a basic, memorized factoid “sheet” and even a small talent for weaving a tale, a reading is easily constructed. It won’t be *Mutational Alchemy*, let’s face it, but with this deck it will be lovely & elegant, legally defined & practiced, RWS-based Tarot card reading.( A final, personal note: I find that I don’t really like giving RXS readings any longer, I’ve spoiled myself with all of the arcane decks I enjoy so much. It’s an odd feeling, somewhat akin to being kicked out of your family home and told to fend for yourself. Ha!) I ask the Cosmos today to let the day pass in peace for ALL of us to await further developments on the morrow. Be Zen, people.    

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