Monday, April 25, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 26Apr2016: today my Heart is dwelling like a happy camper surrounded by RVs in the 10 of Disks and the Feather of Truth, sly item that it is, has slipped away to rejoin the recovery effort led by IX the Hermit to rescue me from social overexposure and keep me on the Path. (Today’s deck is something of a mystery. It is called, simply, *Illustration and Tarot* by Colleen A. Hardy. There is no blurb, no writing of any sort other than the band of label-paper that slips around the box – and if you lose that, this deck would be COMPLETELY anonymous. No LWB, no advertisement, no box writing, nada, nothing, zilch. Big, oversized, professionally-done (!!) cards and an artistically patterned containing box, with NO script anywhere but on the title of the cards. I feel this must have been an art project or something of that sort, and the artist not necessarily a card reader at all. But the cards work like a dream! A bit ungainly to handle because of their large size, they nevertheless “talk” with ease. I found this out yesterday when I used them for the 1st time for a client reading [which I shall try to post a bit later.] They are in the Thoth/Crowley/GD school of Tarot, and they are marvelously “present” when they show up in the draw. I don’t know that I will use them very much, due to their size, but they are a lovely art deck and can always be used in a pinch for a reading, especially if you have Brobdignagian hands! They are on Etsy if you are interested; it is a limited run of 50, I received #25.)  (Now I’m just a bit discombobulated – it is 06:30 in the morning here, and I just received a call saying, “I need a reading immediately, I’ll be right over.” This isn’t some flake; this person is a friend and a medical professional, and this isn’t like hir at all. I’m curious. So, until s/he shows up, I’ll continue here.) I have to admit I’m a bit surprised to see my Heart luxuriating in the nearly-rotten (over)ripeness of the 10 of Disks. Every time I see the 10 of Disks I do a little mental flash on Arcanum XVI, because THAT much self-satisfaction ALWAYS falls in ruin. I’m not feeling particularly self-satisfied this morning or week, I believe, although I will admit to a feeling of being well in my groove, in a good way. I feel as if things are moving, albeit slowly, my Tarot is continuing to be of inestimable aide in my search for meaning to my existence in this Universe, (yes, yes, I know, here’s where I am supposed to get misty-eyed, unconsciously clasp my hands in a gesture of prayer, and say in a syrupy voice, “It’s all about LLLUUVVV . . .” , but don’t hold your breath) and my 3-D life is generally whirring down the road like a functioning velocipede. One can hope that the card is signifying a continuing state of affairs; it would be nice if the bottom didn’t fall out of my bank or marriage tomorrow. Turning to follow the Feather of Truth, I discover that it is vainly trying to cover the nakedness of IX the Hermit, and she keeps pushing it away as bothersome. Ahaha. I admit to about 1 microsecond of hesitation before the illustration on this card, but I fell into its groove almost immediately, and I like it. 
What appears to be an adolescent girl is our Hermit, and THAT little connection immediately brought to mind the reputed psychic powers of adolescent girls and their penchant for wild & uncontrolled manifestation. PLUS, IX the Hermit is starting to pop up regularly these days, which always signals, “Slower yet, Mark; study, review, be sure. You are going to need to SHINE, buddy, so prepare.” I can do that – but I DO need to be careful because I have a terrible habit of procrastination. I grew up in a state whose motto was “The Land of Enchantment,” which of course was morphed into “The Land of Mañana” because of a prevailing “southern” attitude and large Hispanic population, and now live in another balmy climate of, “Yeah, I’ll get around to it. No Hurry.” The French say it much more succinctly, “Rien ne presse.” You could say it in Swahili and I would have an innate understanding of the concept – ha. It IS one of the dangers of the Hermit – one must be self-motivating to profit from a sojourn atop the pillar. I believe that people in general make the mistake of associating the idea of “hermit” with a state of inactivity. Think about it: if you are “in retreat,” you are actually quite busy, primarily with sustain your existence, (Food? Shelter?) and only secondarily with studying the stars and the scrolls & signs. Famously uncaring about these mundane concerns, our young adolescent is off naked under the sky bringing her Light to the Sea in her unraveling of the warp & woof of mystery. If you can enter into the psychically adventurous spirit of that girl, you will understand what she is doing, the primary role of the Hermit – self-enlightenment. At her age, I don’t know how much success she will have, but I laud and applaud her effort to be there and remain true to her Journey. Her message to me? Yes, I can take it slower while still keeping it in motion; I’m not a celestial mechanic but I have a layman’s grasp of entropy and inertia and the necessity to not let progress on my Journey come to a complete stop at this or any Arcanum. I’ll wrap it up there. . ; in the short time that has passed, I have had another call; it seems it is going to be a busy morning. I ask the Cosmos today to let us ALL profit from our time alone and our efforts to synthesize our knowledge.  

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